Leicester Writers’ Club Newsletters

Club Newsletters

List of each issue with summary of contents. After issue 67 it was no longer customary to include a President’s Message. Generally summary follows the format: Associate Members’ News, Members’ news, Reviews of speakers/events, Programme, List of Committee members (generally in the first available newsletter after the AGM) and any articles. Some members are known by more than one name and this is indicated in brackets.

1 September 1989

President’s Message Alex Milloy
Programme 5/10/1989 Stanley Middleton novelist, 9/11/1989 Susan Gregory YA writer, 18/1/1990 Brenda Courtie, broadcaster and humorist, 8/2/1990 DM Cannell (Mary), biographer
Competitions: beginning of a novel, fifteen minute one act play, commemorative/historical non fiction article to 1500 words, poem for children
Officers 1989/90 President Alex Milloy, Vice-President Alex Patterson, Secretary Chris Worthington, Treasurer Frances Clarke, Jean Carswell, Jean Chapman, Chris d’Lacey, Peter Leech, Valerie Moore, Audrey Willsher. Cilla Shears and Roberta Cassie Librarians.
Annual Subscription Reminder: £15

2 December 1989

President’s Message Alex Milloy
Article introducing Associate Members (agreed at 1989 AGM)
Reviews of speakers Nancy Smith (former member), Susan Gregory, Stanley Middleton
Letter from Margaret Leckie of Aberdeen Writers’ Circle who have 12-15 members attend weekly and were producing a short story anthology of members’ work

3 1990

Editorial Alex Milloy
List of publications: Joanne Makepeace (Margaret York) “The Spanish Prize” (Mills and Boon), Joanna Neil (Leonie Horsley) “A Reckless Loving” and “Wild Heart” (Mills and Boon), Mary Minton (Ena Young) “Every Street” (Random Century), Jean Chapman “The Bellmakers” (Piatkus Books).
Reviews of speakers Brenda Courtie, Mary Cannell (DM Cannell)
Article by Martin Faragher on checking dates in historical fiction
Associate Members’ News including acceptance of Betty Taylor’s article in The Lady

4 Autumn 1990

President’s Report Alex Patterson including obituary for Frances Clarke (a life member and treasurer for 18 years) plus Ena Young’s donation of a Library trolley
Associate Members’ News
Officers President Alex Patterson, Vice-President Cilla Shears Treasurer Chris d’Lacey, Secretary Chris Worthington, Jeanne Carswell, Jean Chapman, Valerie Moore, Richard Barlow, Gill Cecchini and Leonie Horsley (Joanna Neil)
Programme 11/10/1990 David Bell, 8/11/1990 Michael Payne writing radio plays, 14/2/1991 Dr Alan McWhirr editor of Leicester Heritage 22/11/1990 members only visit from Debbie Hicks Literature Officer at East Midlands Arts

5 Winter 1990/1

President’s Report Alex Patterson
Associate Members’ News Marion Pipe has a book of stories and folk tales of Northamptonshire and is commissioned to do similar for Leicestershire, May Burton has articles in Lincolnshire Lift and Heritage, Julia Courtney written 3 children’s adventure novels
Reviews of speakers Debbie Hicks EMA, Simon Brett (not at the Club but written Marjorie Wing with members in attendence), Michael Payne, Margaret Pembleton President of the RNA who was guest speaker at the annual dinner, David Bell.
Programme 14/2/1990 Dr Alan McWhirr, 21/3/1990 Hammond Innes, 24/4/1900 Ian Sommerville Fiction Editor My Weekly

6 Summer 1991

Associate Members’ news
Members’ news: Chris d’Lacey shortlisted Ian St James Award, Ena Young shortlisted Romantic Novel of the Year, Joyce Bell “Italian Masquerade” (Hale), Jean Chapman “Fortune’s Woman” (Piatkus), Leonie Horsley (Joanna Neil) “Touch of Fire” (Mills and Boon), Joanna Makepeace (Margaret York) “Battlefield of Hearts” (Mills and Boon), Jeanne Carswell 2 local history books “Cinema in Coalville” and “My Castle Donnington” Ena Young (Mary Minton) “Paradise Corner” (Random/Century)
Committee: President Cilla Shears, Vice-President Leonie Horsley, Treasurer Chris d’Lacey Secretary Alex Patterson, Joyce Bell, Jeanne Carswell, Roberta Cassie, Martin Faragher, Jennie Morrey, Jane Pearson, Jean Chapman Associate Membership Secretary
Review of guest speakers: Hammond Innes, Dr Alan McWhirr, Ian Sommerville Fiction editor My Weekly

7 Autumn 1991

President’s Message Cilla Shears
Associate Members’ news Melanie Wakely children’s book accepted by Hodder & Stoughton
Members’ news Ena Young (Mary Minton) “House of Desire” (Random/Century), Rob Childs “The Big Hit” (Corgi) and 6 sports stories by Cambridge University Press, Kellsye Finney (Life Member) “William Carey, By Trade a Cobbler” (STL Books).
Programme 17/10/1991 Andrew Pucket crime novelist, 21/11/1991 Dinner speaker John Harvey

8 Spring 1992

President’s Message Cilla Shears
Associate Members’ news Marian Pipe published “Leicestershire Legends” May Burton poem published in Cambridgeshire Life and article in Leicester Topic, Joy Childs article in “Yesterday’s Yorkshire” and Dorothy Vernon novel going into large print
Members’ news Debbie Beck (Melissa Lawrence) article in Freelance Writing and Photography, Martin Faragher article in Leicestershire and Rutland Heritage, Alex Milloy contributing weekly to Leicester Mail, two articles in Seniors Review (Canada), one article in Scots Magazine, Val Moore’s “A Day in the Life of John Makepeace” in Sunday Times, articles in In Britian and Home and Country, Jane Pearson article in the Independent, Avril Richardson article in Cat World, Leonie Horsley (Joanna Neil) “Waters of Eden” (Mills and Boon), Margaret York (Joanna Makepeace) “Reluctant Rebel” (Mills and Boon), Joyce Bell “Summer of a Thousand Roses” (Hale) and “Garden of the Sun” and “Draw Down the Dark Moon” Polish rights sold.
Reviews of guest speakers John Harvey (annual dinner), Andrew Puckett
Programme 2/4/1992 Geoff Sadler westerns, 21/5/1992 Simon Brett
Article on Leicestershire Literature Festival’s Poetry Competition won by member Helen Johnson with Brenda Belcher 3rd, runners-up were Martin Faragher, Arthur Kilby, Cilla Shears and Audrey Shield

9 Summer 1992

President’s report Cilla Shears
Obituary Avril Richards
Associate Members’ News Ann Tate articles in Home and Country, Camping and Caravanning, Birdwatcher’s Yearbook and Diary 1992, Holiday Guides 1992, The Countryman, Leicester Heritage, Alice Odell articles in Upper Room (USA) and Good News (Christian Magazine), Rob Childs “The Big Goal” (Corgi), story for children’s
anthology (Corgi), Beryl Hamilton (Berenice Moore) “a dozen poems in various magazines)
Members’ News Joanna Makepeace (Margaret Yorke) “Corinna’s Cause” (Mills and Boon), “The Spanish Prize” sold French and German rights, “Battlefield of Hearts” German rights, Leonie Horsley (Joanna Neil) “Treacherous Path” and “Touch of Fire” (Mills and Boon), Ena Young “Paradise Corner” and “Every Street” (paperback edition), two short stories sold to Denmark and Norway, Helen Johnson 1st prize “When We Were Young” in Age Concern competition, Debbie Beck (Melissa Lawrence) article in Annabel magazine, Valerie Moore’s feature on Market Bosworth in In Britain, profile of Hammond Innes in Saga, Jane Pearson article in Leicestershire and Rutland Heritage

10 Autumn 1992

President’s Message Leonie Horsley
Obituaries Henry Riley, Val Marriott
Members’ News Huw Watkins won ITV/SHE short story competition, Ena Young “House of Destiny” (Random Century), “Every Street” (Magna Large Print), Leonie Horsley (Joanna Neil) “Flame of Love” and “Devil’s Quest” (Mills and Boon), Helen Johnson award EMA Bursary Award £2000
Associate Members’ news Kellsye Finnie “Beyond the Minarets” sold to USA and article in London Calling,
Committe President Leonie Horsley, Vice-President and Treasurer Chris d’Lacey, Secretary Alex Patterson, Debbie Beck (Melissa Lawrence), Roberta Cassie, Martin Faragher, Jane Pearson, Cilla Shears, Audrey Willsher, Chris Worthington
Programme 1/10/1992 Lucinda Edmonds 29/10/1992 Patricia Wendorf, 26/11/1992 Dinner speaker David Benedictus
Reviews of speakers Simon Brett, Geoff Sadler
Annual Subscription raised to £18

11 Spring 1993

President’s Message Leonie Horsley
Associate Members’ news May Burton article in The Lady, Mike Brewer won Limerick Competition at Swanwick, Ann Tate’s book “Snuffle Holes and Totem Poles: Pages from a Field Centre Journal” accepted, Beryl Hamilton (Berenice Moore) “a dozen poems in print”
Members’ News Martin Faragher 1st prize Isle of Man competition, Helen Johnson won Hastings National Poetry Competition, Highly Commended in both Basingstoke Writers’ Circle and Alfred and Mary Wilkins Memorial Competitions, Roberta Cassie runner-up Bella magazine short story competiton, Debbie Beck (Melissa Lawrence) article in Education Guardian, Jeanne Carswell several articles in County Edition Leicester Mercury, Alex Milloy’s poem “Villanelle” included in Leicester Poetry Society’s 1992 anthology, Kellsye Finnie article in Therapy Weekly, Joanna Makepeace (Margaret Yorke) “The Heart is a Traitor” and “Blood of the Boor” (Thorndyke Press, USA), “Amber Promise”, “Brothers in Arms”, “Strangers in the Village” large print editions, Joyce Bell “Desert Adventure” Swedish rights sold and “Italian Masquerade” (My Weekly Paperback), Ena Young’s “A Tracing of Angels” accepted, Jean Chapman “The Bellmakers” large print edition, Audrey Willsher “A Candle in the Wind” Norweigan rights sold, Jeanne Carswell “Getting the Coal” (non-fiction).
Reviews of speakers David Benedictus (dinner), Lucinda Edmonds, Patricia Wendorf

12 Summer 1993

President’s Message Leonie Horsley
Associate Members’ news Ann Tate two articles Countryside and The Countryman and one forthcoming in Bird Watching Magazine, Rob Childs “The Big Game” (Corgi), 3 sports stories in anthology from Longman Education, Marion Hilton runner-up Poetry Digest Bard of the Year, Jean Chapman “A World Apart” (Piatkus), Joyce Bell “A Summer of A Thousand Roses” American rights sold and “Desert Adventure” sold in Norway, “Girl from the Back Streets” (Orion)
Members’ news Debbie Beck (Melissa Lawrence) article in The Leicester Governors’ Magazine, Ray Blakesley won Leicester Mercury Scroll in Poetry Digest Battle of the Bards, Kath Chalk highly commended in Age Concern short story competition
Reviews of speakers, talk by Alex Milloy and Val Moore
Programme 6/5/1993 Annie Dalton (children’s), 3/6/1993 Christine Michael (poet)

13 September 1993

President’s message Chris d’Lacey
Members’ News Melissa Lawrence (Debbie Beck) articles in The Guardian, Managing Schools Today, Audrey Willsher “The Savage Tide” (Harper Collins), Chris d’Lacey runner-up in Stand short story competition
Committee President Chris d’Lacey, Vice-President and Secretary Jane Pearson, Treasurer Alex Milloy, Alan Tombs, Debbie Beck (Melissa Lawrence), Helen Johson, Roberta Cassie, Cilla Shears, Audrey Willsher, Jean Chapman, Jill Bernhardi
Reviews of speakers Barbara Jacobs, Christine Michael
Programme 7/10/1993 Dominique Jackson editor Guardian Europe, Brendan Murphy novelist dinner speaker

14 January 1994

President’s Message Chris d’Lacey
Associate Members’ news Beryl Hamilton (Berenice Moore) “Eating Peaches” poetry pamphlet published, Frank Marston two short stories highly commended Age Concern competition, Ann Tate “Naturalist Summers: Pages form a Field Studies Journal” (Cassell/Blandford)
Members’ news Ena Young (Mary Minton) “House of Destiny” (Magna Large Print) and “Every Street” (Ebury), Chris d’Lacey “A Hole in the Pole” (Heinemann), Rob Childs two stories, “The Gurgle” and “The Show Must Go On” Ginn Educational Books anthology, Joyce Bell “Silk Town” (Orion), Audrey Willsher “Candle in the Wind” (Ebury Press), Kellsye Finnie “By Trade a Cobbler” Dutch rights sold, Nancy Smith, “Writing Your Life Story” (Piatkus) and radio appearances on Woman’s Hour and The Derek Jameson Late Night Show, Huw Watkins supplementary prize in the Bridport Poetry Competition, Richard Barlow shortlisted in Sheffield Thursday short story competition, Helen Johnson and Clare Sparrow both Highly commended in Writers’ West short story competition
Reviews of speakers Brendan Murphy (dinner), Dominique Jackson
Articles on Quartos and Freelance Writing & Photography

15 April 1994

President’s Message Chris d’Lacey
Associate Members’ news May Burton article in The Lady
Members’ News George Fraser 2nd prize Ashby Writers’ Club Short Story competition, Chris d’Lacey 2nd prize The National Academy of Children’s Writers, Huw Watkins 1st prize (competition not named), Helen Johnson 1st prize Herstory Magazine competition, Jean Chapman “Fortune’s Woman” large print edition, Joyce Bell “Girl from the back streets” accepted by book club and she gave a talk at the Leicester Polish Club, Leonie Horsley (Joanna Neil) a medical romance by Mills and Boon, Audrey Willsher’s “Candle in the Wind” (Soundings) audio edition
Reviews of speakers Deric Longden
Programme 12/5/1994 Neil McKay (TV scriptwriter)
Article on Writers’ Guide

September 1994

President’s Message Jane Pearson
Members’ news Margaret York seven books in large print, “The Spanish Prize” Hungarian rights sold, Leonie Horsley (Joanna Neil) “Smoke without Fire” (Mills and Boon), Jean Chapman “The Red Pavilion” (Piatkus), “The Bellmakers” (Woman’s Weekly paperback imprint), “A World Apart” (Magma Large Print), Audrey Willsher “The Savage Tide” Norwegian rights and large print rights sold, Ena Young “Yesterday’s Road,” “Every Street”, “Don’t Laugh at Fools”, “The Marriage Bowl”, “The Weeping Dove” all sold to Ebury Press
Committee President Jane Pearson, Treasurer Alex Milloy, Secretary Helen Johnson, Vice-President Chris d’Lacey, Allan Tombs, Peter Wilkson, Kath Chalk, Jill Bernhardi, Melanie Wakely, Mike Brewer
Reviews of speakers Annie Dalton, Neil McKay
Programme 17/11/1994 Graham Joyce, 1/12/1994 Barbara Jacobs (dinner), 9/2/1995 John Benton (Writers’ Forum), 23/2/1995 Liza Watts
Article on Freelance Market News

January 1995

President’s Piece Jane Pearson
Associate Members’ news May Burton article in Home and Country, Ann Tate articles in The Lady, Countryside, The Somerset Magazine and Derbyshire Life, Marion Hilton articles in Scarborough News and Huddersfield Examiner, Beryl Hamilton (Berenice Moore) “busy and successful season of poetry readings and workshops”, Debbie Beck (Melissa Lawrence) articles in Writing Magazine, Times Educational Supplement, Kellsye Finnie reports acceptance of book (title not mentioned)
Members’ news Jean Chapman “A World Apart” (Woman’s Weekly paperback imprint) “Red Paviliion” (Magma Large Print), Ena Young signed contract with Severn House for 3 novels, Leonie Horsley (Joanna Neil) “Loving Remedy” (Mills and Boon), Chris d’Lacey “Juggling with Jeremy” (Heinemann), George Fraser short story “Travels with Andy” in The Raconteur
Programme 9/2/1995 John Benton, 23/2/1995 Liza Watts, 2/3/1995 Jay Ramsay and Rosemary Duxbury
Reviews of speakers Barbara Jacob (dinner), Graham Joyce

18 September 1995

President’s Piece Chris d’Lacey
Associate Members’ news Anthea Kenyon article in Home and Country and “Summer Quest” (Ulverscroft Large Print), Sheila Dalton (Cybulnuk) 3rd prize in Writers Forum poetry competition, Ann Tate articles in The Field, May Burton article in Prediction
Members’ news Alex Milloy interview with Lord Mayor of Leicester in Leicester Mail, Helen Johnson short story in Raconteur #5, children’s story “Fasta Pasta” in Scholastic anthology, short story “Stony Ground” in Leicester Print Workshop anthology, Huw Watkins 1st Prize Nottingham Poetry Society Competition, Highly commended in Norwich Poety Competition, Mike Brewer poetry in Save the Children anthology, Arthur Kirby runner-up in Leicestershire Arts and Museums Competition, Ena Young placed another novel with Severn House , Paula McCelland “A Sweet Revenge” “The Lost Princess” and “A Biddable Girl” accepted (publisher unknown), Chris d’Lacey 3rd place Lancaster University short story competition, publications in Panurge and Story Cellar, Jill Bernhardi article in Writers’ Forum and Leicestershire Now.
Reviews of speakers Grace Young, Claire Tomalin
Committee Chris d’Lacey President, Jean Chapman Vice-President, Allan Tombs Treasurer, Kath Chalk Secretary, Jill Bernhardi, Dawn Boyce, Valerie Moore, Jane Pearson, Audrey Willsher, Ena Young, Cilla Shears and Roberta Cassie
Annual subscription £20 (associates £5)

19 January 1996

President’s Piece Chris d’Lacey
Obituary George Thorpe, founder member
Associate Members’ news May Burton article in Prediction, Country Almanac, Beryl Hamilton (Berenice Moore) 14 poems, Helen Johnson 1st prize LOROS poetry competition, 1st prize Leicestershire Mini-words competition, poem accepted by The North
Members’ News Kath Chalk 2nd prize Writers’ Bureau poetry competition, Huw Watkins highy commended Aberystwyth Poetry Competition, 2nd prize in Classic FM poetry competition, acceptance by New Welsh Review, Ena Young “House of Destiny” published in paperback, Joyce Bell novel accepted by Severn House, Audrey Willsher “Inherit the Earth” in large print, Valerie Moore commissioned article by Saga on Fred Dibnah, Chris d’Lacey “Henry Spaloosh!” (Scholastic)
Reviews of speakers Michael Tolkien, Jane Judd, Iain Pattison (dinner)
Programme 29/2/1996 Gwen Grant (children’s), 14/3/1996 Charlotte Hindle (Lonely Planet), 25/4/1996 Iris Gower, 6/6/1996 Sally O’Sullivan (editor woman’s magazine)
“First impressions of the Club” articles by Roderick Maude (Rod Duncan) and Emma Hooper (Emma Lee)

20 April 1996

President’s Piece Chris d’Lacey
Associate Members’ news Elaine Hunt article in Yoga and Health, Melissa Lawrence (Debbie Beck) articles in Bella, Dateline, Everywoman, Leicestershire Business Today, Escape, poem accepted in anthology, Jean Golby “Riders of Apple Tree Farm” published in Norway and Sweden
Members’ news Chris d’Lacey short stories in Raconteur and Visionary Tongue, Emma Hooper (Lee) “Bohemians in Love” in Iota, “Morning” in Red Candle Press, “Lightship” in 10th Muse and prose piece in Sierra Heaven, Michael Forster 3 sets of lyrics used on Week Ending (Radio 4), Mary Mestecky poem in anthology from Cassells, Terry Mattocks runner-up Radio Leicester short story competition, George Fraser commissioned for half hour feature about Irriwaddy Flotilla Company by BBC Radio Scotland, Jean Chapman “Red Pavilion” shortlisted RNA award, Huw Watkins poem in The Countryman
Reviews of speakers Gwen Grant, Charlotte Hindle
Programme 25/4/1996 Iris Gower, 9/5/1996 Iain Pattison
Article “The book that changed by life” Gwyneth Williams

Summer 1996

President’s Piece Jean Chapman
Obituary Matt Kelly
Members’ news Audrey Willsher “So You Shall Reap” (Severn House), Emma Hooper (Lee) “Blood and Violets” short story in Visionary Tongue, George Fraser won Silver Prize for “Barrabus the Witness” in Sony Radio Awards, Michael Forster “The School Boy, the Curator and Time Machine” children’s book accepted (publisher unknown), Helen Johnson “The Boy from the Back of Beyond” (Orion children’s), “The Importance of Puddings” short story on Radio Mansfield, Ena Young “The Blessed Summer” published, Mary Mestecky “Taliesin’s Stone” poem in Nottingham Poetry Magazine, Melanie Wakely article in Guiding Magazine
Reviews of speakers Iris Gower

21 September 1996

Obituary Ena Young
Associate Members’ news May Burton poem in This England and article in Home and Country and Evergreen, Anthea Kenyon travel article accepted by Choice magazine, Melissa Lawrence (Debbie Beck) articles in Bella, Freelance Writing and Photography, Profit and a commission from Hobsons Publishing, Ann Tate article in The Countryman and The Field
Members’ news Joyce Bell “Silk Town” (Chivers Large Print) story in My Weekly, Michael Forster hymn featured in Royal School of Church Music Festival, “To Be Abominable” children’s book accepted (publisher unknown), commission to write “Interviews with God”, Sue Hough story published in Chat, Bead Roberts “Twelve Months for Mother” Quality Woman’s Fiction, Chris d’Lacey “The Snail Patrol” (Scholastic), “Juggling with Jeremy” Italian rights sold, Mary Mestecky won Charnwood Arts Mini-words Short Story
Competition, made regional final of Speak a Poem competition and last 80 of the A E Houseman competition. Emma Hooper (Lee) has a poem in the Norfolk Competition Anthology, Val Moore commissioned to write about Jaguar cars and by Saga magazine, Jeanne Carswell article in Your Cat.
Programme 29/11/1996 Joan Stephens (dinner)
Article Ena Young Competition first 2000 words and synopsis of a novel

22 January 1997

President’s Piece Jean Chapman
Associate Members’ news May Burton articles in Evergreen, Country Quest and Prediction, Beryl Hamilton (Berenice Moore) 2 poems in print, Melissa Lawrence (Debbie Beck) 18 articles accepted
Members’ news Melanie Wakley poem accepted in charity anthology, Huw Watkins 2nd prize and merit award in Queenie Lee poetry competition, 2nd prize Stamford Short Story competition, poem taken by Poetry Nottingham, Jeanne Carswell article in RAC Motoring magazine, Terry Mattocks shortlisted in Chemist and Druggist article competition, Maurice Hart article in Dentistry, Michael Forster commissioned for children’s stories retelling Bible stories, Emma Hooper (Lee), poem “Catch Fire” in Visionary Tongue, “Perfume and Fire” Bloody Quill, story “Romance and Assassination” in Urges, Joyce Bell “The Rebel Son” (Severn House) and short story “The Ghost Caller” in Woman’s Realm, Alex Patterson letter in Daily Mail, Mary Mestecky highly commended in Aberystwyth Poetry Competition, Alex Milloy appointed local correspondent to the Leicester Mercury
Reviews of speakers Luigi Bonomi, Joan Stephens (dinner), Audrey Ardington (community TV)
Programme 16/1/1997 Ann Tate, 6/2/1997 Storm Constantine, 6/3/1997 Linda O’Byrne (Bella magazine), 10/4/1997 Allan Ahlberg
Letter re changes to Poetry Awards Adjudication Procedure from Helen Johnson

23 Spring 1997

President’s Piece Jean Chapman with Results of Ena Young Memorial Competition: 3rd Prize Dave Martin, 2nd Prize Malcolm Garbett, 1st Prize Roderic Maude (Rod Duncan)
Associate Members’ news May Burton articles in Prediction, Country Quest, Melissa Lawrence (Debbie Beck) 23 articles in Woman’s Realm, winner in Leicester Comedy Festival Writing for Radio Competition
Members’ news Leonie Horsley (Joanna Neil) “Family Ties” (Mills and Boon), Rosemary Hoggard, article in Choice, short story in The Lady, article in Therapy Weekly, article in Origins and travel article in Scottish Home and Country, Terry Mattocks article in Chemists and Druggists, Mary Mestecky 10 minute spot on BBC Radio Leicester, “Stone Circle” in Nottingham Poetry and “Where to look for a harp” in Iota, Michael Forster spoof carol on Week Ending (Radio 4), “A Lad in a Manger” play sold and the Austrialian Hymn Book committee asked to use one of his hymns, Stan Barrett, 2 play scripts accepted by Heinemann, Jill Lovett short story “Generation Gap” in Bella, Chris d’Lacey children’s football story accepted by Scholastic and “Fly, Cherokee Fly” (Transworld), Allan Tombs article in Writers’ Forum, Audrey Willsher “So Shall you Reap” (Severn House), large print rights for “All Shadows Fly Away”, Maurice Hart article in Woman’s Realm, Emma Hooper (Lee), story “Cats are Brighter than Sheep” Unreal Dreams, “Crashes” and “October” poems in Visionary Tongue, “Beauty Dying in Feedback” poem in Iota, “Lime Street Blues” in Lateral Moves and “Final Score” in Staple, Bead Roberts “Lucky Customer” and “Coming Home” stories to Words, Jean Chapman “The Soldier’s Girl” large print rights sold, Joan Ball 3rd prize in poetry competition, Pam Daniels reviewing commissions from Leicester Mercury for Y Theatre, Little Theatre and De Montfort Hall.
Reviews of speakers Linda O’Byrne, Storm Constantine, Allan Ahlberg, Ann Tate
Letter from Mavis Smith re changes to Poetry Awards Adjudication

24 September 1997

President’s Piece Audrey Willsher
Associate Members’ news Ann Tate articles in The Countryman, Home and Country, Cumbrian magazine
Members’ News Jean Golby “The Apple Tree Riders Again!” German, Norway and Sweden rights sold, Roger Whiteway article in Leicestershire Now, article in Choice, Bead Roberts “The Poet” in Quality Women’s Fiction, “Butterfly” My Weekly, “Perfect Present” Stars and Stripes (USA), “The Man in the House” 3rd in Ian St James competition, Pam Daniels reviews in the Leicester Mercury, Leonie Horsley “Country Remedy” (Mills and Boon), Jane Pearson “Revenge” short story Lochs and article in The Caribbean Week, Stella Smyth book review in the Japanese Learner, Gill Lovett articles in The Property Development Company’s brochure, Maurice Hart articles in Dentistry Monthly and Probe, Chris d’Lacey “The Missing Football”, “Bubble and Float” (Scholastic) story “Lofty” (Orchard Books), “Riverside United” (Transworld), George Fraser 20 mintes on “Internet Relationships” for BBC Radio 4, Roderic Maude (Rod Duncan) article in Baha’i Journal, “The Soldier The General and Armageddon” co-written with his father accepted by George Ronald of Oxford, Michael Forster “God Bless Sleepyhead” and “God’s Wonderful Ways” accepted, hymns in the Church of Ireland Hymnbook, Joan Ball “Headlines” poem inthe Society of Civil Service Authors magazine, Emma Hooper (Lee) “Free Champagne in St Peterburg” in The Journal of Contemporary Anglo-Scandinavian Poetry “Photographs” and “Courtney Love’s first interview after becoming a widow” in Envoi and poetry reading at the Guildhall, Audrey Willsher “So Shall You Reap” (Soundings audio book)
Reviews of speakers Linda O’Byrne
Committee: President Audrey Willsher, Vice-President Jeanne Carswell, Treasurer Allan Tombs, Secretary Emma Hooper (Lee), Gwyneth Williams, David Martin, Pam Daniels, Roger Whiteway, Chris d’Lacey
Programme 16/10/1997 Linda Newbery, 6/11/1997 U A Fanthorpe, 28/11/1977 Lizzie Buchan (dinner), 29/1/1998 Rose Impey, 19/2/1998 Steve Bowkett, 12/3/1997 Diane Pearson (editor)
Article “What I’m Writing now” Roderic Maude (Rod Duncan)

25 January 1998

President’s Piece Audrey Willsher
Obituary Alex Patterson, Sheila Dalton (Cybulnyk)
Associate Members’ news Melissa Lawrence (Debbie Beck) articles in Bella, The Guardian, Executive PA, Woman’s Realm, commended in ‘The Book that Changed my Life’ competition run by Leicester Libraries
Members’ news Bead Roberts “Watching Morse” story to BBC, article in Woman’s Way (USA), Joyce Bell “Garden of Memories” story sold in Norway, Maurice Hart article in Woman’s Realm, Rosemary Hoggard article in Tradition, Pam Daniels reviews Leicester Mercury, Emma Hooper (Lee) “The Worst Kind of Theft” Poetry Monthly, “Retreat” Poetry Nottingham International “Jayne’s Reflection” The Interpreter’s House, Paul Lee “Alpha Male” Envoi, Joan Ball “Heart’s-ease” collection of poems from The Society of Civil Service Authors, Roderic Maude (Rod Duncan) won ‘Book that Changed my Life’ competition from Leicester Libraries Mike Brewer and Lynn Senior were runners-up Michael Forster commissioned to write a hymn for 50th anniversary of Leicester Cathedral, Chris d’Lacey “A Break in the Chain” (Mondadori – Italian Publishers), Terry Mattocks article in Chemists and Druggists
Reviews of speakers U A Fanthorpe, Linda Newbery, Lizzie Buchan (dinner)
Article “What I’m writing now” Melanie Wakley

26 Spring 1998

President’s Piece Audrey Willsher
Associate Members’ news May Burton articles in Prediction and Home and Country, Melissa Lawrence (Debbie Beck) commissions from The Guardian and Bella and Business Opportunity World
Members’ news Gill Lovett house histories in Peterborough, Jane Pearson two articles in The Guardian, Emma Hooper (Lee) “That Song Really is about Me” story to Visionary Tongue, “The Red Chair” story to “Terror Tales”, “Sitting in your chair” poem to The Frogmore Papers, Mary Mestecky poems in Iota and Poetry Monthly, Alex Milloy Diploma for “Within a Week” sonnet in the Scottish International Poetry Competition, Jean Chapman sold Italian rights for “A World Apart” and short story to Best, Chris d’Lacey German rights for “Henry Spaloosh!” and story “The Southfield Elves” to Scholastic, Jeanne Carwell’s story “The Return Visit” in Bella, Michael Forster hymn collection “Heaven is Open Wide” used as resource for hymn book editors and a CD-Rom also produced, The Really Useful Theatre Group using his adapation of “Sense and Sensibility”, Pam Daniels more Mercury reviews, George Fraser’s story “Ghost in 4 Pieces” 2nd prize in Ashby Writers’ competition, Stella Smyth feature article in ESP Newsletter and a review of Silk for Japanese Learner
Reviews of speakers Rose Impey, Steve Bowkett and Diane Pearson (RNA president)
Article “What I’m writing now” Emma Hooper (Lee)

27 Autumn 1998

President’s Piece Jeanne Carswell
Associate Members’ news May Burton articles in Prediction and The Lady
Members’ news Dave Martin 2 book deal with Gollancz, Leonie Horsley (Joanna Neil) “Tender Liaison” (Mills and Boon), Audrey Willsher “The Fruitful Vine” (Severn House) and Norwegian rights sold, “All Shadows Fly Away” audio book, Paul Lee “A Horse Foaled by an Acorn” verse-play performed at Market Harborough Theatre, 6 poems in 3 magazines, Mary Mestecky’s “The Valley” in Poetry Monthly, Emma Hooper (Lee) “Painting the Bedroom” in Smiths Knoll, “Beauty Inside” Other Poetry, “We’re told we don’t deserve you” Poetry Monthly, “A Blue Line” “Ring Damn You” and “Wind Chimes and Doorbells” in Target, Huw Watkins “On the Death of Gianni Versace” in Other Poetry, Mary Mestecky, Emma Hooper (Lee), Huw Watkins, Paul Lee, Alex Milloy and Mike Brewer all had poems in Leicester Poetry Society Anthology, Chris d’Lacey’s poem “Duke” made the shortlist of the Leicester Poetry Society’s Competition, Terry Mattocks article in Chemist and Druggist, Pam Daniels featured in Words on the Waves on BBC Radio Leicester, George Fraser commissioned for a radio drama-documentary on Scott’s Antarctic voyage, Bead Roberts commended in QWF short story competition, “Murder Most Moral” in The Sporting Post and “Many a Slip” in Take a Break, Roger Whiteway shortlisted in Writers’ News competition, Rosemary Hoggard article in Home and Country
Committee President Jeanne Carswell, Vice-President and Treasurer Roger Whiteway, Secretary Emma Hooper (Lee), Gwyneth Williams, Nigel Hewett, Bead Roberts, Pam Daniels, Roderic Maude (Rod Duncan), Chris d’Lacey
Programme 17/9/1998 Chris Thompson (scripts), Sue Bentley & Jo Blackwell, 1/1999 Jacqueline Cameron, 2/1999 Nick Carter (editor Leicester Mercury), 3/1999 Charlie Ellerington
Article about change to Ena Young Poetry Award
Article “What I’m writing now” Dave Martin
Article about Chris d’Lacey’s appearance on East Midlands Today
Subscriptions raised to £22 (£5 associates)

29 Spring 1999

President’s Piece Jeanne Carswell
Associate Members’ news May Burton article in Prediction, Lillias Fegrado article in The People’s Friend, Melissa Lawrence (Debbie Beck) won Writers’ News Freelance of the Year award
Members’ news Jean Golby’s third children’s book accepted, Jean Chapman “This Time Last Year” accepted, Michael Forster 6 hymns in new hymn collection, Nigel Hewett article in Health Service Journal, Bridget Blair article in Disabled and Supportive Carers magazine, Pat Medland training pack for people working with 3-8 year olds published by OUP, Stella Smyth article in Current Issues EAP Writing Instruction, Huw Watkins poems accepted in Iota, Staple, Poetry Nottingham International, Envoi and a commendation in Trowell Open Poetry Competition, Mary Mestecky “Death Wish” in Poetry Monthly, Emma Hooper (Lee) story “Restoration” runner-up Writers’ News Ghost Story Competition, “To Whom it May Concern” story to Unhinged, “Shiver” in Poetry Monthly, “Qualifications for a Medical Secretary” in Krax, reviews for New Hope International, Mike Simpson article in Shivers, interview in Minx, two interviews in Fangoria, article in Star Wars magazine, Ros Adam “Whatever Happened to that Magical Sparkle?” story in Yours and “Wishing on a Star” in My Weekly, Leonie Horsley (Joanna Neil) “This Time Forever” (Mills and Boon), Jean Chapman “A World Apart” (Soundings) audio book, Paul Lee “Charivari”poem in The Coffee House, “Homunculus” in Acumen, “The Disappeared” and “Receiving” to JuJu and “Escapee” story to The Dream Zone, Chris d’Lacey “The Advertures of Snigger the Squirrel” and “The Salt Pirates of Skegness” (Orchard Books), “From E to You” (with Linda Newbery) (Scholastic), “Dexter’s Journey” (Egmont), “Scupper Hargreaves – Football Genie” (Transworld) and had a short story commissioned, a poem “Pigeon” in Poetry Monthly, sold Finnish rights to “Juggling with Jeremy” and “Fly Cherokee Fly” nominated for the Carnegie Medal.
Programme 6/5/1999 Raymond Flynn
Reviews of speakers Jacqueline Cameron, Nick Carter, Charlie Ellerington

30 Autumn 1999

President’s Piece Roger Whiteway
Associate Members’ news poem by Cilla Shears (in the absence of news)
Members’ news Audrey Willsher “The Savage Tide” (Magma audio), Jean Chapman “The Red Pavilions”, “The Soldier’s Girl” and “This Time Last Year” all audio, Nigel Hewett article in the British Journal of Medical Practice, Michael Forster 4 hymns in “Hymns New and Old”, Morag Gornall commended in Chiltern Writers’ Group short story competition, Mike Simpson interview in the Funday Times (Sunday Times’ supplement), Bridget Blair two corporate video scripts, Emma Hooper (Lee) “Every Girl’s Supposed to dream of a white wedding” poem in Slipstream, “Yellow Torchlight and the Blues” in The Journal of Contemporary Anglo-Scandinavian Poetry, “California Farm” by The Affectionate Punch, “Testing” by Aabye and “Key to a Kingdom” by Under Surveillance, “Eternity” story in The Book of the Dead and “Discordant Notes” story in Dark Fantasy Newsletter plus an article in BRV music magazine, Mike Preston “Open Heart Burglary” poem commended in LPS Open Poetry Competition which includes poems by Mike Brewer, Beryl Hamilton (Berenice Moore) and Emma Tindall (Gleadall) in the anthology, Ros Adam “Sharing Laughter” story in Yours, Jane Pearson article in Caring UK, Chris d’Lacey “Fly Cherokee Fly” Dutch rights sold, Rod Maude (Rod Duncan) broadcasting a series of thoughts for the day, Bead Roberts “A Young Lady” story in Take a Break, article in Yours, Huw Watkins and Mary Mestecky have poems in the Leicester Poetry Society’s anthology, Paul Lee “Hypomania” and “Alarmed” poems in The Journal, “Minorities” in Other Poetry, “Her Green Lap” and “The Park” in Poetry Nottingham International, “Illumination” and “You Never Know What’s Hanging until it drops” in Iota.
Committee President Roger Whiteway, Vice-President Bead Roberts, Treasurer Roger Whiteway, Secretary Mike Simpson, Pam Daniels, Gwyneth Williams, Chris d’Lacey, Roderic Maude (Rod Duncan), Mary Mestecky, Bead Roberts, Jeanne Carswell
Programme 16/9/99 John Cunliffe (Postman Pat), 21/10/99 Mark Goodwin, 11/11/99 Joan Marysmith
Article “What I’m writing now” Mike Simpson
Article “A Feather’s breadth away” Chris d’Lacey on his Carnegie shortlisting

31 January 2000

President’s Piece Roger Whiteway
Obituaries Cilla Shears and Nancy Smith
Associate Members’ news May Burton articles in Lincolnshire Life, Norfolk & Suffolk Life, Beryl Hamilton (Berenice Moore) 4 poems published, Rob Childs “The Big Game” audio book sold
Members’ news Paul Lee “Uses for Mummies” Poetry Monthly, “Walk this Way” in The Coffee House, “At the Scene” and “The Good Seed” in Fire, “War Film” in The Affectionate Punch, “On Golden Seas” Orbis, “Take it Easy” Iota, “Swot” in Poetry Nottingham International, “The Wasp Clock” Obsessed by Pipework, 2nd prize with “The Naming of Houses” in Leicester Mercury sponsored poetry competition, “Hindsight” in Envoi, Emma Lee “Containers” “RTA” “Ignorance is not Bliss”, “Dazzle” and “From Leicester to Planet X” in Fire, “Testing” in Aabye, “Loved” in Obsessed by Pipework, “Known as Crow” in Iota, “After the Gig” in Poetry Monthly and “Garden of Remembrance” in Poetry Nottingham International, made final 7 of 154 in Poetry Monthly’s booklet competition, “For the Record” story in The Coffee House and “Primrose” story taken by The Book of the Dead, Mary Essinger article in Yours, 1st prize in Charnwood Arts Mini-words short story competition, Juliana Abel “The Solitude of Sophia White” large print rights sold, Lesley Gleeson “Cleverclogs” story in Girl Talk, “Stress-free Christmas” in Woman, Martin Shaw “Brief Encounter with a Rare Species” story in Box of Dragons, Rosemary Hoggard “Salt of the Earth” story in World of Romance, Bead Roberts “Soul Mates,” “Empty Nest”, “Model Behaviour” and “Leaving Pete” in Woman’s Weekly, “Scratching the Surface” in Take a Break, Ros Adam “Look Your Fear in the Face” story in Woman’s Weekly and article in The Lady, Gill Lovett commissioned for another house history, Leonie Horsley (Joanna Neil) another medical romance Mills and Boon, Jean Golby commissioned for 4th book in the “Riders of Apple Tree Farm” series, Margaret Penfold had a chapter of a novel accepted by Knowledge TV channel, Jean Chapman “Unreasoning Earth” and “Savage Legacy” audio rights sold, Chris d’Lacey “Fly Cherokee Fly” audio rights sold and “Bubble and Float” used in an educational programme for BBC2, Mike Simpson article in The Funday Times and article in Fangoria, commissioned to write episodes of “Manic Monsters” and “Cold Heaven” for cable TV.
Reviews of speakers Mark Goodwin, Joan Marysmith
Programme 17/2/00 Raymond Flynn, 18/5/00 Derek M Fox
Article “What I’m writing now” Paul Lee

32 Spring 2000

President’s Piece Roger Whiteway
Associate Members’ news Joyce Bell article in Bella, “The Calder Boats” (Pan Macmillian paperback), Mike Brewer articles in National Adult School Organisation, May Burton article in Country Quest
Members’ news Mary Mestecky featured poet slot in Poetry Monthly, 8th in Speak a Poem competition, “Last Time” in the Coffee House, “Deprivation” in Poetry Monthly, Emma Lee featured poet slot in Poetry Monthly, “Red” in Quantum Leap, “A Dancer’s Reward” in Poetry Monthly’s anthology of women’s poetry, “An Exciting New Venture” in Obsessed by Pipework, “Autumn Colours” 3rd prize in LOROS poetry competition, “Payload”, “Frost Grit and the Promise of Summer” and “Mark” in Envoi, “Under the Car Park” in Poetry Month, “A Blue Line” in Rebelhead anthology from Target Press, “Yellow Torchlight and the Blues” in Target Press’s jazz anthology, “Wind Chimes and Doorbells” in another Target Press anthology, “You Need Strong Knees”, “Her Vampire Lover” stories in The Book of the Dead, “Tiger”, “Mark” and “Pitch” poems in Let’s Shout About It anthology, Paul Lee “Still” in Rebelhead anthology, “First Time” by Smiths Knoll, “One in a Hundred”, “Tokele” and “Horror Stories” in Poetry Monthly, “The Dead Zoo” in Iota, “Leopards” The Frogmore Papers”, “Chaff” story in The Dream Zone, Paul and Emma have been commissioned to write two poems for Newarke’s Millennium Community Poetry Project, Liz Mackenzie 5 poems in Let’s Shout About It anthology and “On Clouds” commended in Marches Literary Prize short story competition, Lesley Gleeson four stories in Girl Talk, “Becky’s Pony” in Woman, “Ian and Mrs Scrubbit” in Best, “The Bad Penny” in Bella, “Trippers” in Fiction Feast, article in The New Writer, 2nd prize in Peninsular Writing Competition, Terry Mattocks article in Pharamceutical Magazine, Liz Ringrose “Something to Treasure” in Yours, Ros Adam “Owning Up” in Bella and longlisted in Fidler Award, Margaret Kaine “A Romantic Husband” short story Australian rights sold, “Ring of Clay” (Poolbeg), Martin Shaw “Not for Publication” story in Peninsular, “Small Talk” story in Acorn, joint 3rd in World Wide Writers’ story competition, Bead Roberts “Crying Together” and “Walking without Eric” in Woman’s Weekly, Colin Duriez C S Lewis encyclopedia published, Dave Martin “The Chess Men” Greek rights sold also Ottacker’s Crime Book of the Month in June, “Fatal Climate” published in May, Rod Maude (Duncan) travelogue “Horse, Horse, Tiger Tiger” published by George Ronald, 2nd place in Leicester Comedy Festival Radiowriting Competition with “Farewell my Money”, Mike Simpson article in Fangoria and interview in Video Watchdog, Gwyneth Williams “The Pain and the Glory” 21,000 word journal published in Nottingham Evening Post supplement.
Reviews of speaker evenings Raymond Flynn, Derek M Fox
Article “What I’m writing now” Chris d’Lacey

32 Autumn 2000

President’s Piece Bead Roberts
Associate Members’ news Jill Bernardi “The Moment that Changed my life” non-fiction book with memories from celebrities published to raise funds for Headway, Beryl Hamilton (Berenice Moore) 2 poems in Daily Express, 1 in Poetry Nottingham, 1 in Leicester Green News, 1 in the Coffee House, Emma Gleadall (Tindall) poem in the Daily Express
Members’ News Lesley Gleeson “A Girl’s Day Out” story in Take A Break, Margaret Kaine “Fellow Travellers” story Take a Break, Bead Roberts “Leaving Home” Take a Break, “Fateful Meeting” Woman, Emma Lee “Imprints” commended in Roadworks short story competition, article in Poetry Monthly, “Andrew” highly commended Headway Poetry Competition, “The Drowsy Hour” in Black Rose, “Undertone” in Coffee House, “Interview with a Pop Star” and “Crow” in Sepia magazine, Mary Essinger “Grandma’s Grave” in Derby Evening Telegraph, Jean Chapman “Evacuees in Danger” novel accepted article in Writers’ News, Mike Simpson Pocket Essentials book to ‘Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’, three articles and interview in Fangoria, Michael Forster family bedtime book accepted, Margaret Kaine signed 4 book deal, Chris d’Lacey sold Spanish rights to “Juggling with Jeremy”, “From E to You” to be published in USA, sequel to “Fly Cherokee Fly” accepted by Transworld, Liz Ringrose articles in Your Cat and Eplitha (Greek magazine), Bead Roberts “The Man of the House” story taken by BBC, Paul Lee “Sex Shakespeare and The Beatles” commended in Frogmore Poetry Competition, 1st Prize Writing Magazine fable competition for “Bellyup”, “Up the Junction at Farenheit 451” runner-up Bridport Poetry Competition, “Doc Martens” made final 20 in Doc Martens’ poetry competition, “Half Head Dreams” “Tactical Update” and “Banana Dreams” in A Very Rare Thing Upon this Earth
Committee President Bead Roberts, Vice-President and Secretary Mike Simpson, Treasurer Roger Whiteway, Pam Daniels, Gwyneth Williams, Rod Maude (Duncan), Lesley Gleeson, Gill Lovett, Ros Adam, Chris d’Lacey
Programme 26/10/00 Steve Humphries, 9/11/00 Hannah Griffith (Curtis Brown), 8/2/01 Gaynor Davies Woman’s Weekly Fiction Editor, 1/5/01 Jim Hill (scriptwriter)
Article by Bead Roberts on gaining an East Midlands Arts Writing Award

33 Spring 2001

Obituary Marion Hilton
Associate Members’ news May Burton article in Everygreen, Beryl Hamilton (Berenice Moore) poem in Daily Express, poem in Poetry Monthly, George Fraser new BBC play aired on 16/2/91
Members’ news Emma Lee “Sketch during a reading” The Yellow Crane, “Stalking” “Cartwheels” and “Jayne’s Reflection” Oxfordshire Mental Health Anthology, “Miranda” and “Human Resources Advisor” in The Frogmore Papers, “When I Open My Mouth to Sing I’m bigger” in The Journal, “Andrew” and “Mark” in Pennine Poetry Works, “Loved” Roadworks magazine, “Restoration” story in The Book of the Dead, Bead Roberts “Dog Day” story in Take a Break, “Hair of the Dog” in Caribbean Remedies, “Eating with the Enemy” in That’s Life, Terry Mattock articles in Headway, Chemist and Druggist and the Used Bike Guide, Lesley Gleeson “Leaving Home” story in Bella, “The Wall” and “Brave Face Woman” in Woman and “A Christmas Collection” in Girl Talk, Gill Lovett commissioned to write another house history, Mary Essinger won a prize for “Family Matters” in Talking Heads competition and “Taxi Fur” story taken by the BBC, Rod Maude (Duncan) shortlisted in Charnwood Arts Miniwords competition, Martin Shaw article in Acorn, Margaret Kaine “Christmas Spirit” short story to Norway and “Nothing in Common” to a magazine in South Africa
Reviews of speaker evenings Steve Humphries, Hannah Griffth, Judith Cutler (crime)
Programme 8/2/01 Gaynor Davies 3/5/01 Jim Hill
Article on LWC website by Lesley Gleeson

34 Summer 2001

President’s Piece Bead Roberts
Obituaries Dick (Edwin Breckon) Chapman and Kathleen (Kate) Eyre)
Associate Members’ news May Burton articles in Prediction, Alex Milloy diploma in Scottish International Poetry Competition
Members’ news Bead Roberts “Alice’s House” “A Sister” stories in Woman’s Weekly, Chris d’Lacey “From E to You” nominated for the Carnegie and German rights sold, “Dexter’s Journey” Italian rights sold, “Pawnee Warrior” audio book, commissioned for a short story for Federation of Children’s Book Groups anthology, Liz Ringrose article in Bella, Mary Mestecky published a poetry review (no further details given), Bridget Blair commissioned to write two coporate video scripts, Colin Duriez “The Poetic Bible” on C S Lewis published along with other C S Lewis articles, Mike Simpson interview in Fangoria, Lesley Gleeson “Skin Deep” story in Woman, Martin Shaw article in Acorn, “Fragile Beauty” story in Acorn, Terry Mattock articles in Chemist and Druggist and Pharmaceutical Journal, Chris Worthington book “The Hauntings of Harrisonville and Others” (no publisher details), Emma Lee “Imprints” story in The Gallows, “The Wine-red Suit” in House of Pain, “Someone Else’s Wallpaper” in Terror Tales, “A Bascombe Mystery featuring Devonian Apples” in 10th Muse, “When I open my mouth to sing I’m bigger” nominated for Forward Prizes, “Night Shift” “Lilt” taken by Iota, “Echoes” “Rutland Water” in Poetry Monthly, “Toss it to the Fates,” “Snow White’s Stepmother tries to remember their names”, “Gloria” and “The Linden Hotel” in Quantum Leap, “Ada” by Other Poetry, Paul Lee “Corn” in Poetry Monthly, “Silence” in Staple, Emma and Paul Lee 4 poems in the Newarke and Sherwood Poets Are Us Millennium Project anthology
Reviews of speakers Gaynor Davies, Jim Hill
Article “TV Scriptwriting MA” Mike Simpson

35 Autumn 2001

President’s Piece Ros Adam
Obituary Beryl Hamilton (Berenice Moore)
Associate Members’ news May Burton article about Isadora Duncan
Members’ news Colin Duriez “The Inklings” and “Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings” books published, Chris d’Lacey “The Fire Within” published, Emma Lee “Someone Else’s Wallpaper” reprinted in Infinity Junction’s Not Before Bedtime, “Julie” poem published as a bookmark for International Poetry Day, Paul Lee “Afterwards” and “Charlie Ullathorne” in Poetry Monthly, “Stalingrad”, “The Message” and “Inside the Doll Museum” in “The Journal,” “Chaff” story in Not Before Bedtime (Infinity Junction), Chris Sewart “Avocado” “Location” poems in Obsessed by Pipework, “Twice Shy” in Lancaster Literary Festival anthology, “Dignity and Style” in Nottingham Museum Writers, Mary Mestecky “Tea with his Worship” in Iota, Bridget Blair’s “Open Gardens” piece in BBC Audio 2000, Martin Shaw “Phobia” story in Acorn, Bead Roberts “Story Teller” won £100 prize, “Getting There” story in Women’s Weekly, Lesley Gleeson article in Writers’ News, Mary Essinger article in House Magazine, Jean Chapman’s “This Time Last Year” came out on CD.
Reviews of speakers Julian Friedman
Programme 29/12/01 Audrey Willsher (dinner)
Article on Writing Classes by Valerie Moore

36 Winter 2001

President’s Piece Ros Adam
Obituary Jean Golby
Associate Members’ news May Burton article in Prediction, Rosemary Hoggard stories in My Weekly and The People’s Friend, articles in Your Cat and Best of British, 4 stories in small press magazines, Jane Pearson writing regularly for 4 broadsheets, article in Classical Music and a regular column in Business East Midlands,
Members’ news Rod Maude (Duncan) “Remix” accepted by Simon and Schuster (published as “Backlash”), Jean Chapman “And a Golden Pear” (Severn House), Mary Essinger 1st prize in mini-word saga competition, Emma Lee “Chalk Dust” and “The Making of a Myth” in Poetry Nottingham International, Paul Lee featured poet in Poety Nottingham International with “Slow Movement Ahead” and “Fannie Caplan”, “Applying the Many Worlds Hypothesis” in Smiths Knoll, Terry Mattock article in Chemist and Druggist, photograph in Pharmaceutical Journal, “Read the Instructions” short story in Divali 2001 magazine, Chris Sewart script “No Regrets” shorlisted for BBC Talent competition, highly commended in the Mini-words competition
Programme 7/3/01 Judith Spelman
Article “Bead’s Moan” about the lack of audience for the comedy writing competition
Article Website News Lesley Gleeson
Article “Midland Exposure or the Day Job” Lesley Gleeson

May 2002

President’s Piece Ros Adam
Obituary Trude Dub
Associate Members’ news Elaine Hunt poem in Diamond Magazine, Margaret Kaine “Ring of Clay” shortlisted RNA New Writers’ Award, “The Kingfisher” short story in Ireland’s Own, “Nothing in Common” “A Personal Choice” stories in Woman’s Way, “When the Chips are Down” in Fiction Feast
Members’ news Rod Duncan (Maude) sold German and Italian rights to “Backlash”, Paul Lee “Wave Dance” in Smiths Knoll, “Let Me Through I’m A…” Poetry Monthly, “St Denys Churchyard”, “Universal” “The Best Contraceptive” in Iota, “Secular Hall” “Up the Junction at Farenheit 451” in Poetry Nottingham, Emma Lee “Cats are Brighter than Sheep” story in Twilight Times (USA), “Discordant Notes” story in House of Pain, “Moonscape” in Poetry Nottingham International, “Bottled” Poetry Monthly, “Feathers” Other Poetry, Chris d’Lacey contracted for 2 novels, Bead Roberts “Bells” story in Woman’s Weekly, “The Hole” in Take a Break, Lesley Gleeson “Draem Trampling” in The People’s Friend, “Friendly on the Beach” Woman Summer Special, “Not Like in Fairy Tales” to Girl Talk, Mary Essinger 3rd prize “Taxi Fur” Ashby Writers Short Story competition
Reviews of speakers Judith Spelman

October 2002

President’s Piece Bridget Blair
Associate Members’ news Margaret Kaine won RNA New Writers’ Award
Members’ news Lesley Gleeson “Tomato Chutney” story to Woman’s Weekly, “Darren’s New Car” to Interact, won Woman’s Hour ‘Amorous Encounter’ Competition, Melanie Wakley piece in Daily Mail, Chris d’Lacey “Franklin’s Bear” (Heinemann), “The Prompter” (Transworld), Siobhan Logan’s poem “Abbey Park” in the Leicester Mercury, Bead Roberts “Dream Ticket” and “Fond of Flowers” in Woman’s Weekly, “Doctor Doctor” play of American Army Theatre Company, Marianne Whiting “Rhythm and Blues” poem in Peace and Freedom, Rachel Lovett “The Sandcastle Competition” story in Bella, Terry Mattocks articles to Pharmaceutical Journal, Ayrshire Post, Chemist and Druggist.
Article “The Club’s Online Forum” Lesley Gleeson
Subscriptions £25 (£5 associate members)

39 December 2002

President’s Piece Bridget Blair
Obituary May Burton
Associate Members’ news Rosemary Hoggard sold stories to Ireland’s Own and My Weekly, Margaret Kaine “Ring of Clay” and “Rosemary” (Hodder and Stoughton)
Members’ news – not included
Committee President Bridget Blair, Vice President Rod Maude (Duncan), Secretary Gill Lovett, Treasurer Roger Whiteway, Lesley Gleeson, Gwyneth Williams, Margaret Penfold, Ros Adam, Juliana Abel, Siobhan Logan

40 Spring 2003

President’s Piece Bridget Blair
Obituary Lilias Fedrego
Associate Members’ news Margaret Kaine “Fateful Meeting” story sold to Norway
Members’ news Lesley Gleeson “No Sale” to Fiction Feast, “Reflection” to Woman, Emma Lee “Walking Miranda”, “Morella” and “Blotched Notes” in Envoi, “Please Stop Telling Me How Good the Velvet Underground were” to Poetry Monthly, “Snow White’s Stepmother tries to remember their names” Snakeskin, “California Lifeguard’s Summer Blues” “Absence” “Every Girl’s Supposed to Dream of a White Wedding” in Spume “Soft Focus” story to Savage Night, “After the Fact” “Seamstress” to Spume, “Sunlight North Dublin” runner-up Scottish International Competition, Marianne Whiting “Alone in Base Camp” poem to Candelabrum, Rod Maude (Duncan) “Captured” poem in Baha’i Journal, Mary Essinger “A Grave in Munich” story 2nd prize Bank Street Writers’ Competition, Gillian Heggs article (no further details), Rachel Lovell “Life of Riley” Woman’s Weekly, “Countdown” Woman, “A Charmed Life” Fiction Feast, Biddy Nelson “Signed” My Weekly, “The Waiting Room” Woman’s Weekly.
Reviews of speakers Lorella Belli, Steve Skidmore and Steve Barlow

41 Summer 2003

President’s Piece Rod Duncan (Maude)
Obituaries Madge Naylor, Marjorie Wing
Associate Members’ news Margaret Kaine won Society of Authors’ Sagittarius Prize, audio and German rights for “Ring of Clay” and “Rosemary” sold
Members’ news Liz Ringrose “Finding Uncle Harold” highly commended Derby Evening Telegraph short story competition, Leonie Horsley (Joanna Neil) “A Consultant’s Special Case”, “The Doctor’s Family Secret”, “Emergency at Valley Hospital” (Mills and Boon), Chris d’Lacey Children’s book award from Rotherham, Colin Duriez UK rights of “Tolkien and C S Lewis” bought by Sutton Publishing, appearing in documentary on Tolkien’s life and work, Terry Mattocks article in Chemist and Druggist, Rachel Lovell “The Willow Queen” Woman, “The Colour of Money” Woman, “Marty” Woman, “Eve” Fiction Feast, “Working Lunch” Fiction Feast, Bead Roberts “The Matchmaker” story in Take a Break, “Enchanted Evening” in Woman’s Weekly, Rod Duncan (Maude) article “Being a Househusband” in Times, interviews with BBC Radio Leicester, Leeds, Wales and Jersey, Emma Lee “Even amidst the fierce flames the golden lotus can be planted” highly commended Leicester Poetry Society Open Poetry Competition, “Dazed” in Neon Highway
Programme 8/10/03 Jacqueline Wilson
Committee President Rod Duncan, Vice-President Colin Duriez, Treasurer Roger Whiteway, Secretary Gill Lovett, Bridget Blair, Gwyneth Williams, Drew Jagger, Siobhan Logan, Margaret Penfold, Juliana Abel

42 Autumn 2003

President’s Piece Rod Duncan (Maude)
Associate Members’ news Margaret Kaine’s “Ring of Clay” in the bookshops
Members’ news Mary Essinger “Fish Knives” winner University of the Third Age Competition, “Wounded Bird of Paradise” (Jessica Kingsley), Biddy Nelson “The Waiting Room” story in Woman’s Weekly, “Signs” in My Weekly, “Crumbs of Affection” in Sexy Shorts, Colin Duriez article in Christian History magazine, Rod Duncan shortlisted for John Creasey Memorial Dagger, Emma Lee “A Favourite Sad Story” “The sun’s strength left with the holidaymakers” in Fabric magazine, “Oliva” in Rain Dog, “Even amidst the fierce flames the golden lotus can be planted” and “Katherine Parr’s Tomb” on display at Loughborough Library for National Poetry Day, Lesley Gleeson “Overall Winner” in Fiction Feast, Marilyn Ricci “Glove” in The New Writer, “Stowaway” in The Coffee House, Bead Roberts “Giving Fate a Hand” in Fiction Feast, “Telling someone else” 5th in Writers’ Bureau short story competition
Review of speakers Jacqueline Wilson
Programme 1/04 Megan Larkin (Usborne Editor), 4/04 Colin Dexter
Article on Chairmanship of the RNA by Jean Chapman

43 Spring 2004

President’s Piece Rod Duncan
Associate Members’ news Brenda Belcher two articles in Leicester Mercury, shortlisted in Swanley Scribbers Holiday short story competition, Margaret Kaine “A Girl of her Time” (Poolbeg), “Driving Mrs Murphy” story in Ireland’s Own
Members’ news Jean Chapman “Danced Over the Sea” (Severn House), Colin Duriez programme consultant for Songs of Praise special on C S Lewis, Rod Duncan (Maude), “Breakbeat” (Simon & Schuster), “Burnout” accepted in principle, Leonie Horsley “Challenging Dr Carlisle” (Mills and Boon), Chris d’Lacey “Ice Fire” sold in USA and Japan, Emma Lee “Yellow Torchlight and the Blues” full length collection accepted by Original Plus, “Gloomy Sunday” in Dreamcatcher and “The Red Chair” story in Storyglossia, Rachel Lovell “Mistletoe and Wine” in Fiction Feast, “Mr Mortimer” to Woman, “Living with Uncertainty” to Woman’s Weekly
Review of speakers Colin Duriez
Programme Colin Dexter, Clare Littleford and Sally Spedding

44 Summer 2004

President’s Piece Colin Duriez
Associate Members’ news Alex Milloy diploma in Scottish International Open Poetry Competition
Members’ news Emma Lee “Morella” and “Courtney Love’s first interview after becoming a widow” in Subtle Tea, “A True Red Kiss” and “Pump Room Trio” in Cadenza, Rachael Lovell “The Art of Lying” story in Woman, “Storkbite” Fiction Feast, “Lizzy loves Jack” to Woman’s Weekly, Colin Duriez “A Field Guide to Narnia” published in USA, Rod Duncan (Maude) large print and French rights to “Backlash” sold, Leonie Horsley (Joanna Neil) “Her Consultant Knight”, “The Consultant’s Secret Son”, “The Emergency at the Royal” (Mills and Boon)
Review of speakers Colin Dexter, Sally Spedding, Clare Littleford and Rod Duncan (Maude) as part of Interconnected Stories tour sponsored by EMA
Committee President Colin Duriez, Vice-President Siobhan Logan, Secretary Liz Ringrose, Treasurer Roger Whiteway, Gwyneth Williams, Margaret Penfold, Drew Jagger, Ian Allwyn, plus Chris d’Lacey, Dave Martin and Lesley Gleeson as consultants

45 Autumn 2004

President’s Piece Colin Duriez
Associate Members’ news Brenda Belcher article in Leicester Mercury, Bead Roberts “Moving On” in Woman’s Weekly and “Reanne’s Rose” in Take a Break.
Members’ news Lesley Gleeson “Even Fragrant Flowers Fade” story in Woman, Colin Duriez “A Field Guide to Narnia” Japanese, French and Polish rights sold, Emma Lee “The Clever Daughter” in The Coffee House, “Snapshot” in The Frogmore Papers, “Array” “Defence” and “Alternate” accepted by Fire, “Father Ghost” runner-up in ABC Tales Ghosts Competition, Jean Chapman article in Leicester Mercury
Speaker review Path to Publication with Bridget Blair, Colin Duriez, Drew Jagger, Chris d’Lacey, Rachael Lovell, Emma Lee and visitor David Lovell
Programme 18/11/04 Siobhan Campbell, 25/11/04 David Hood (Martin) dinner, 2/12/04 Simon Clark
Article The Club Website by Lesley Gleeson

46 Spring 2005

President’s Piece Colin Duriez
Obituary Alex Milloy
Associate Members’ news Rosemary Hoggard “Candlemas Bells” in My Weekly, Margaret Kaine “Friends and Families” (Poolbeg), “The Girl in a Pink Suit” story in Ireland’s Own, Emma Lee “Crashes” in Poetry Nottingham, “Sunlight North Dublin” Fairfield Review (USA), “Fanfare” (17 poem sequence) in Envoi, “Ada” and “Critics” in Adagio Verse Quarterly (USA) Poetry Nottingham commissioned an article “On First Reading Sylvia Plath”, Ann Tate letter in the Guardian about Oneword
Members’ News Rod Duncan (Maude) launched “Burnout” at the Secular Hall, Chris d’Lacey “Horace” nominated for Carnegie Medal, Colin Duriez invited to “Tolkien 2005” international conference in Birmingham, Mary Essinger won first prize with story “Lady of Westminster” in Nottingham Writers’ Childhood Memories competition, Marilyn Ricci’s play given a run through at the Broken Lace Theatre Company
Reviews of speakers Siobhan Campbell, Simon Clark
Programme Brian Sibley, 19/5/05 Peter F Hamilton

47 Autumn 2005

President’s Piece Siobhan Logan
Associate Members’ news Brenda Belcher articles in Leicester Mercury and Writing in Education, Emma Lee “Amongst the Monochromes” Poetry Monthly, “Snapshot” “Father Ghost” in Poetry Express, 2nd Prize in Leicester and Leicestershire Libraries short story competition with “15”, “Garden of Remembrance” poem in Lily (USA)
Members’ news Chris d’Lacey “Firestar” launched, Mary Essinger “In My Fashion” (Heart of Albion Press), launch at Browsers, extract included in Yours magazine, Siobhan Logan “Body Wrapped” story won a prize in Retina Dance Competition and will be used to create a new piece of choreography, “Black Dog” was commended in Leicester and Leicestershire Libraries short story competition, “The Builder” poem in Body and Soul (United Press) anthology, “Window” won Merit in the Nottingham Open Poetry Competition, Margaret Kaine saw “Friends and Families” published in the UK (Hodder and Stoughton) and large print rights sold, Rachael Lovell “Finding Ruthie” in Woman’s Weekly, “Mrs Montague’s Happiness” in Woman’s Weekly, “Spilt Milk” Fiction Feast, “Match Day” to Woman’s Weekly, “All that Nonsense” Fiction Feast, “The Perfect Catch” to Woman, “Instant Happiness” to Woman, “French Dressing” to Woman, “Toast and Christmas Pud” to Woman’s Weekly, Marilyn Ricci “My Shoe” in The Interpreter’s House
Review of speakers Peter F Hamilton
Programme 1/12/05 Emma Hargrave Tindal Street Press
Committee President Siobhan Logan, Vice-President and Secretary Liz Ringrose, Treasurer Ian Allwyn, Chris d’Lacey, Terri Bradshaw, Gwyneth Williams, Rod Duncan (Maude), Lesley Gleeson, Andrew Bannister, Margaret Penfold
Subscription increased to £30 (£6 associates)

48 Winter 2006

President’s Piece Siobhan Logan
Associate Members’ news Emma Lee “Hip length to Purdy” “All she ever wanted” in Poetry Monthly, “You were her friend, you pay it” in The New Writer, “Yellow Torchlight and the Blues” reviewed in Dreamcatcher and Orbis
Members’ news Rod Duncan (Maude) poetry sequence in Three Cities Poetry Anthology, Chris d’Lacey “Shrinking Ralph Perfect” shorlisted for Solihull Book Award, “Icefire” shortlisted for the Angus Book Award, “Drive” in Young Adult anthology, article in War Child charity anthology, “Firestar” rights sold in America, Japan and Germany, Mary Essinger article in The Guardian, Dave Martin 2nd Prize H E Bates Short Story Competition, Margaret Penfold “A Growing Love” story in Ireland’s Own
Review of events Chris d’Lacey’s launch of Firestar, Emma Hargreaves (Tindall St Press)
Programme 16/2/07 Stuart Hill, 23/2/07 John Gallas

49 Summer 2006

President’s Piece Siobhan Logan
Associate Members’ news Emma Lee “And the Smell…” Dreamcatcher “The Concept of Chip-sharing” and “A Walk in the Park” in The New Writer
Members’ news Jean Chapman “And a Golden Pear” and “Danced Over the Sea” in large print by Severn House and audio by Soundings, “A New Beginning” (Mills and Boon), Chris d’Lacey sold German, Czech and Thailand rights to the dragon books sold, about to sign contract for “The Fire Eternal”, Colin Duriez sold “AD33: the year that changed the world” in Korea and North America, Margaret Kaine “Roses for Rebecca” (Hodder and Stoughton), Maxine Linnell “Inside Claire” story shortlisted for Leaf Books’ children’s short story competition, Siobhan Logan “Traffic Light Girls” in A Slice of Cherry Pie (Private Press) anthology, “A Stone’s Throw” in Current Accounts magazine, “The Dead Walk Box” shortlisted Leicestershire Libraries short story competition, “Auroral Football” poem in exhibition by Jackie Stanley, “Begettings” highly commended in The New Writer competition, “Frog Island Lessons” 3rd prize in Three Cities Writing Competition and appeared in competition anthology with “The Golden Mile”, “Windows” in Poetry International magazine, Cathy Mansell article in Yours magazine, article won Stella Branston trophy in Nuneaton Festival of Arts, Margaret Penfold “Struggling Free” won Midlands Region round of Undiscovered Authors competition and won 3rd in National Finals, Marilyn Ricci “Glove” published in Second Light, “Dust” accepted by Poetry Nottingham, “The Loathing Library” story commending in Leicestershire Libraries competition
Review of speakers Stuart Hill
Article “The Three Heroes of Middle Stanley” three years of Middle Stanley

50 Autumn 2006

President’s Piece Liz Ringrose
Associate Members’ Emma Lee “Using French Knots for Bluebells” Highly Commended Mandy Poetry Contest and published in Mindfire Renewed (USA), “Someone Else’s Tune”, “Pictures of Him” Poetry Monthly and “Put the Baby in the Filing Cabinet” Iota
Members’ news Maxine Linnell “Mirror Mirror” Merit Award in Nottingham Poetry Competition, Cathy Mansell interviewed on Radio Lutterworth and article in The Association of Speakers Clubs, Margaret Penfold “Struggling Free” (Imagination Books), Chris d’Lacey commission for The Dragons of Wayward Crescent series
Programme 5/10/06 Paul Lee, 9/11/06 Bead Roberts (dinner)
Committee President Liz Ringrose, Vice-President Chris d’Lacey, Treasurer Andrew Bannister, Secretary Rod Duncan (Maude), Siobhan Logan, Terri Bradshaw, Gwyneth Williams, Maxine Linnell, Lesley Gleeson, Margaret Penfold

51 Winter 2007

President’s Piece Liz Ringrose
Obituary Terry Mattocks
Associate Members’ news Emma Lee “Gotham Begins” in this poem is sponsored by (Corporate Watch) anthology, “Behind the Headline” in The New Writer, “Waiting for the Storm” in The Select Six
Members’ News Mike Brewer two studies in National Adult School Organisation handbook, poem “City of Choice” in Westcotes community magazine, Rod Duncan contract for “The Mentalist” with Five Leaves, Margaret Kaine sold German rights for “A Girl of our Time” “Roses for Rebecca”, article in Leicester Mercury, “Salem” story in Your Cat, Maxine Linnell “Dressing for Yesterday” and “Looking for Avila” poems in Envoi, Siobhan Logan “The Dead Walk Box” story shortlisted in PCS/WORDS magazine competition, Cathy Mansell article in Link the journal of the National Association of Writers’ Groups, and edited an anthology of work by Lutterworth Writers’ Group, Margaret Penfold interviewed on BBC Radio Leicester and featured in Leicester Mercury, piece in Writers’ News
Reviews of events Colour Catchers Siobhan Logan
Programme 1/3/07 Chris Jones (film maker), 5/4/07 Mark Chadbourne, Graham Joyce and Peter F Hamilton, 17/5/07 Anita Burgh

52 Summer 2007

President’s Piece Liz Ringrose
Associate Members’ news Emma Lee “Final Score” Poems in the Waiting Room, “Things not to say” Orbis, “Why the Family Solicitor changed speciality” and “Nesting” Poetry Monthly
Members’ news Rod Duncan “Bilateral Symmetry” poem in Poems in the Waiting Room, Colin Duriez “The Unofficial Harry Potter Companion” (Sutton Publishing), sold further foreign rights for “AD33” and “Tolkien and C S Lewis, Michael Forster talked about a hymn at the Baptist Union’s Annual Assembly, a column “Rant from the Reverend” in “Woodworking Plans and Projects”, Siobhan Logan 4 poems from Northern Lights sequence in The Journal, Bead Roberts joint 2nd place Blinking Eye Publishing short story competition, Geraint Roberts “Target Red 12-25” 850 word thriller in West Wales magazine, Mahsuda Shah (Snaith) 2nd place Write Space Modern Fairy Story Competiton,
Review of speakers Chris Jones, panel of fantasy writers: Mark Chadbourn, Peter F Hamilton and Graham Joyce, Anita Burgh
Article on Middle Stanley

53 Autumn 2007

President’s Piece Chris d’Lacey
Associate Members’ news Emma Lee “Lizzie’s Baby” story in Sein and Werden
Members’ news Lorraine Buckingham two articles in Leicester Mercury, Chris d’Lacey “Missed” won Leicester Story of the Year Award, 1st two books of “Dragons of Wayward Crescent” accepted, Recipe published in charity anthology, article in IBBY Journal, “The Fire Within” German rights sold, “The Fire Eternal” published in September, Michael Forster’s musical “Getting Real” will be performed at Bushfield School, Wolverton, Maxine Linnell “Rothco” poem in The Interpreter’s House Margaret Penfold entry for Channel Four’s Children of Empire won a prize, Geraint Roberts “A Crisp Morning” story was highly commended in Write 07.
Programme 27/9/07 Sam Hayes 2/11/07 Andrew Sharpe (dinner)
Committee President Chris d’Lacey, Vice-President Maxine Linnell, Treasurer Andrew Bannister, Secretary Rod Duncan (Maude), Siobhan Logan, Terri Bradshaw, Mahsuda Shah (Snaith), Kate Ruse, Sarah Thomson, Margaret Penfold
Article on Middle Stanley

54 Winter 2008
President’s Piece Chris d’Lacey
Obituary Emma Tindall (Gleadall)
Associate Members’ news Emma Lee “Using French Knots for Bluebells” Tripod, “Good Morning Midnight” literaryspot.com, “A Permissible Affair” and “A Gift-boxed Fountain Pen” Moodswing, “Interdependence” and “Bedtower” in Sein and Werden
Members’ news Maxine Linnell “After Jackson Pollock” Tripod, Siobhan Logan’s show “Stories Drummed to Polar Skies” at Attenborough Arts, Mahsuda Shah (Snaith) “The Most Beautiful Gesture” runner-up in Words of Colour competition
Reviews of events Crime Express launch with Rod Duncan (Maude) “The Mentalist”, John Harvey,
Programme 21/2/08 Oliver Munson (Blake Friedmann)

55 Spring 2008

President’s Piece Chris d’Lacey
Associate Members’ news Paul and Emma Lee reading at Polyverse, Emma Lee “Graphology” and “Suspense” in Pennine Platform, Ann Tate articles in U3A newsletter
Members’ news Mike Brewer three studies in National Adult School Organisation Handbook, Lorraine Buckingham “Prepare to Sell Your Company – A Handbook Guide to Exit” (How To Books), Jean Chapman novel based on Bow Street Runners accepted by agent, Margaret Kaine “Ribbon of Moonlight” (Hodder and Stoughton), Siobhan Logan interviewed on BBC Radio Leicester, reading poems at Science Museum London, Members’ Reading for Leicester Poetry Society, Full Northern Lights reading at LPS, panel discussion based on “Frog Island Lessons” for Refugee Week, Marianne Whiting won professional appraisal of work by TLC, Cathy Mansell, Kazia Myers, Mahsuda Shah (Snaith) and Christine Gore selected for One to Ones with Agents at WEM Writers’ Conference
Reviews of speaker evenings Oliver Munson, Robert Hamberger, Rachel Connors, Stephen Booth,

Summer 2008 Making a Mark Supplement

Sponsorship from Creative Leicestershire, and Literature Development Officers Damien Walters (city) and Kerry Featherstone (county). Editorial team Rod Duncan (Maude), Chris d’Lacey, Terri Bradshaw and Maxine Linnell. Maxine Linnell’s write-up of Launch.

56 Autumn 2008

President’s Piece Maxine Linnell
Associate Members’ news Emma Lee “Ada” Sein and Werden “Room of Dolls” Whispers of Wickedness, “Sevenling” “Instead of a Lullaby” Poetry Monthly, “Viewing the Source” “Crumpled Engine” Moodswing, “Nightclubbing” LutonFirst anthology
Members’ news Lilian Butterwick short story in Advent anthology from Bridgehouse Publishing, Siobhan Logan “Cargo” “Hearing Voices” in Poetry Nottingham, invited back to the Science Museum, reading at Secular Society, reading at Polyverse, Original Plus will publish “From Firebridge to Skyshore”, Kate Ruse “The Horse Trainer’s Wife” and “Grodek” poems in The Journal, Andrew Sharpe “Ghosts of Eden” (Picnic Publishing)
Reviews of speakers Nicola Monaghan, Will Atkins (Macmillan)
Programme 09/10/08 Marilyn Ricci, 27/11/08 Richard Barlow (dinner)
Subscriptions raised £50 (£10 Associate members)
Committee President Maxine Linnell, Vice-President Kate Ruse, Treasurer Mahsuda Shah (Snaith), Secretary Rod Duncan (Maude), Siobhan Logan, Terri Bradshaw, Marianne Whiting, Margaret Penfold

57 Winter 2009

President’s Piece Maxine Linnell
Members’ news Emma Lee “Self-portait as a chip and pin card”, “Still life with a static Matrix Screensaver” Haven Books anthology, “Snatched” “Two of these statements are true” The Journal, Dana Bagshaw “Hilda Daughter of Woden” play in Aware Publications book, Lilian Butterwick “Full Circle” “Staying in Touch” “Friends, Romans Countrymen” in the People’s Friend, “A Christmas Tradition” in Leicestershire and Rutland Life, Jean Chapman “Both Sides of the Fence” first crime novel sold to Robert Hale, Gisela Hoyle’s “The White Kudu” (Picnic Press), Siobhan Logan took “Polar Poet” to Bishop Ellis Primary School, Cathy Mansell has an agent, Liz Ringrose made shortlist in Transworld Novel Competition with “Unwrapping Angelo”, Andrew Sharpe article in Travel Africa
Programme 26/3/09 Barry Turner (Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook)
Article on Write Off Competition LWC team were Dana Bagshaw, Kate Ruse, Margaret Penfold, Marianne Whiting, Maxine Linnell, Rod Duncan (Maude) and Siobhan Logan

58 Summer 2009

President’s Piece Maxine Linnell
Associate Members’ News Emma Lee “Why the Family Solicitor change speciality” in The Interpreter’s House, “Select Your Ending” Poetry Monthly, “Father Ghost” Orbis, “An Amber Time Machine” The New Writer, “Painting the Bedroom” “Roses and Rugburns” in anthology “And Again Last Night” (IDP), “Father Ghost” short story runner-up in The New Writer competition and she’s a blogger-reviewer for Simon and Schuster
Members’ news Mike Brewer three further studies in National Adult School Organisation Handbook, Chris d’Lacey “Gruffen” and “Gauge” published, “Dark Fire” due in summer, four poems in anthology for children, Rod Duncan’s film about Chris d’Lacey is now on YouTube and Vimeo, Liz Ringrose “La Belle Madame” story in The Absent Willow Review, “Bill” poem in the Absent Willow Review, Mahsuda Shah (Snaith) “Everybody Says it, Everybody Knows” monologue 1st in Dream Up Competition, Jayne Stanton “Seeing Red” “Tea Time” “Screen Watching and “The Cab Door Closes” in The Journal
Review of speakers and events Barry Turner, LWC Day Out at FMH featuring workshops by Club members, multi-book launch Bail Rai, Ross Bradshaw and Maxine Linnel, Dan Tunstall, Claire Tulloch and David Belbin, launch of Siobhan Logan’s Firebridge to Skyshore
Article The Write Off Competition Finals LWC won
Article Middle Stanley

59 Autumn 2009

President’s Piece Kate Ruse
Associate Members’ news Margaret Kaine story in “Loves Me Loves me Not” anthology to celebrate 50th anniversary of RNA, Emma Lee poet of the week at Poetry Superhighway with “Wood can Tame Metal”, “Katrina Goes to New York” in Borderlines, “Missing: a Motive” Staple, “Hope in Tones of Monochrome” shortlisted in PoetCasting Competition
Members’ news Lilian Butterwick 3 stories in the People’s Friend, story in a Bridgehouse Publishing anthology and 3rd prize in Doris Gooderson Short Story competition, Gisela Hoyle “Homo erectus” poem The Journal, “October” and “September” poems in Roundyhouse, key note address at conference on 21st century novel at Allahabad University in India, Maxine Linnell “Vintage” (Five Leaves)and commissioned ot write three of Hardy’s novels to be suitable for children, Kazia Myers “Stolen Years” (PenPress), Dave Ray “Disillusioned Apprentice” launch at Elizabeth Park Community Centre in Thurmaston, Liz Ringrose “Monk’s Habit” story to Woman’s Weekly, Kate Ruse “Alexander Road” in The Journal, “Displacement 1” in Orbis, “Letters to Felice” in Equinox, “Perceptions of Marriage” in The Interpreter’s House, “The Fire-step” and “Bar Stool Bride” Fire, Jayne Stanton “A Kenning for Kitty” in The Waiting Room
Review of speakers and events Andrew Sharp’s book launch, Kazia Myers book launch
Committee President Kate Ruse, Vice-President Terri Bradshaw, Treasurer Marianne Whiting, Secretary Rod Duncan (Maude), Chris d’Lacey, Siobhan Logan, Mahsuda Shah (Snaith), Jayne Stanton, Margaret Penfold, Maxine Linnell, Gllian Heggs

60 Winter 2010

President’s Piece Kate Ruse
Associate Members’ news Colin Duriez set up a new Tolkien online journal Festival in the Shire, Geraint Roberts “Senghenydd” won Earlyworks Press competiton, Emma Lee “Night is Truer” “A Life Less Ordinary” in Poetry Monthly, “Snowena” story in “Gentle Footprints” Bridgehouse Publishing
Members’ news Mike Brewer, three studies in 100th and final Handbook of National Adult School Organisation, Jean Chapman “Both Sides of the Fence” audio rights sold, June Kearns and Lizzie Lamb have set up as RNA Chapter, Chris d’Lacey “A Good Clean Edge”
will be published as Vincent Caldey, Siobhan Logan readings at Lutterworth Writers, Botcheston WI, Abbey Park Over 50s and Central Library, Space Centre and Ledbury Poetry Festival and launched Polar Poets with Susan Richardson, Yev Salisbury won Short Fuse competition
Reviews of speaker evenings Berlie Doherty, Elizabeth Cochrane (Greene & Heaton)

61 Summer 2010

President’s Piece Kate Ruse
Associate members’ news Emma Lee “I’ll leave while I can still dream” “How to disappear” in The New Writer
Members’ news Lilian Butterwick 3 stories in People’s Friend, “In Dorothy’s Footsteps” in Bridgehouse Publishing anthology, Jean Chapman, second crime novel accepted by Hale, Mary Essinger article in Leicester Mercury, Andrew Sharp “Ghosts of Eden” won Waverton Good Read Award, Jayne Stanton “The Cab Door Closes” in Staple,
Reviews of speaker evenings and events Maxine Linnell’s launch of Vintage, States of Independence, Middle Stanley

62 Autumn 2010

President’s Piece Terri Bradshaw
Members’ news Jonathan Calder article in Harborough Mail, blogging on Millennium Development Goals meeting at UN for Oxfam, Rod Duncan (Maude) digital writer in residence for East Midlands Museums, Mary Essinger articles in Leicester Mercury and BBC Radio Leicester’s history programme, Maxine Linnell “Closer” (Five Leaves), Siobhan Logan reading at Manchester Science Festival, and a talk at Leicester Physics Society, Kate Myers “Last Delivery” story in The Tablet, Yev Salisbury nominated for Arts Foundation Fellowship, Marilyn Ricci’s play “The Road from Baardheere” being produced at Curve, Jayne Stanton “Black Orchids” in Hearing Voices, Audrey Willsher “The House of Hope” (Hale) Members Emma Lee, Maxine Linnell, Terri Bradshaw and Jayne Stanton had poems displayed during Everybody’s Reading
Reviews of speakers and events Glyn Illife launch Gates of Troy, The Lowdham Book Festival panel event with Chris d’Lacey, Siobhan Logan, Mary Essinger and Terri Bradshaw
Programme 18/11/10 Jonathan Calder (dinner), 14/10/10 Graham Joyce
Committee President Terri Bradshaw, Vice-President? Treasurer Marianne Whiting, Secretary Rod Duncan, Jayne Stanton, Chris d’Lacey, Siobhan Logan, Nick Leach, Gillian Heggs, Lorraine Buckingham, Kate Ruse, Margaret Penfold, Maxine Linnell, Yev Salisbury

63 Spring 2011

President’s Piece Terri Bradshaw
Members’ news Jonathan Calder article in the Guardian, Lara Higgins Highly commended Writers’ Forum competition, Maxine Linnell “Naming” “Beach Lessons” and “Magnificence” poems in Soundswrite anthology, Siobhan Logan presented sequence of poems at FMH which will be published by Original Plus and two poems in The Journal, Dianne Noble “The Tin Snap” and “Karma” stories in Pewter Rose anthology, Liz Ringrose “Another Woman’s Face” story in Woman’s Weekly, Kate Ruse 2 poems in Hearing Voices and poem in Pewter Rose anthology, Kirsty Ridge article in Breast Cancer Care, Jayne Stanton “A Kenning for Kitty” in Cat Lines, “If” “Home Edition for Word” in Soundswrite anthology, “Diary” “Bonsai” “Into Battle” “Beech Wood in Late Winter” in Pewter Rose anthology
Review of speakers Graham Joyce, Ed Wilson (Johnson and Alcock), Steve Carroll

64 Summer 2011

President’s Piece Terri Bradshaw
Members’ news Lilian Butterwick stories sold to Woman’s Weekly, Fiction Feast, People’s Friend, Jean Chapman “A Watery Grave” audio book sold, “Both Sides of the Fence” large print rights sold, Glyn Iliffe launch of “The Armour of Achilles” at Kibworth Cricket Club, Maxine Linnells talks at Nottingham Writers’ Club and Derbyshire Independent Publishers, “Vintage” longlisted in Southern Schools Book Awards, Dave Martin’s “Forged Truth” Kindle edition, Kirsty Ridge “Artful Dodging” story and “The Lullaby” poem in Pewter Rose anthology, “Futility Room” play had reheased reading at Curve, Kate Ruse “L’Apres-midi d’un Faun” in French Literary Review, Jayne Stanton read at the Reading Room, “Heat” in Hearing Voices
Article “White Warfare” on Siobhan Logan’s chapbook “Mad, Hopeless and Possible”
Articles States of Independence, Middle Stanley, Great Day Out at FMH workshops

65 Autumn 2011

President’s Piece Margaret Penfold
Members’ news Richard Sheehan symposium on works of Philip Roth, Kirsty Ridge runner-up in children’s poetry competition by Thynks Publications, Lara Higgins won a blurb competition, Jean Chapman “Both Sides of the Fence” North American rights sold, Maxine Linnell “Tess of the D’Urbervilles” and “Breaking the Rules” (A&C Black), Kate Ruse three poems in The Journal, Lilian Butterwick sold four stories to the People’s Friend and “Autumn Raspberries” to My Weekly, Siobhan Logan reading at British Science Festival in Bradford, John Rylands Library in Manchester,, Chris d’Lacey “A Good Clean Edge” published in July as Vincent Caldey
Reviews of speakers and events Glyn Illife’s launch
Programme 26/9/11 Damien Walters 27/10/11 launch Siobhan Logan’s Mad Hopeless and Possible
Committee President Margaret Penfold, Vice-President Nick Leach, Treasurer Marianne Whiting, Secretary Rod Duncan (Maude), Terri Bradshaw, Jayne Stanton, Gillian Heggs, Siobhan Logan, Kate Ruse, Yev Salisbury, Cathy Mansell, Rukhsana Bhatti, Chris d’Lacey
Article on “43 Pounds” by Rod Duncan (Maude)

66 Winter 2011

President’s Piece Margaret Penfold
Members’ news Jayne Stanton “Snowhenge” in Poetry Advent Calendar, “He Came to Me” in Under the Radar, Maxine Linnell’s “Sing No Sad Songs” radio play commended in Sussex Playwrights’ competition, Nick Leach asked by Polly Tuckett to read at Enterprise Arts, “Beltane” poem in Forward Poetry, Lilian Butterwick “The Poet’s Daughter” story in Magic Cat Press anthology (USA), Mary Essinger interviewed on Woman’s Hour
Reviews of speakers and events Everbody’s Reading 2011, Damien Walters, Siobhan Logan’s launch of Mad Hopeless and Possible
Programme 26/1/12 Mark Goodwin, 22/3/12 e-publishing panel with Richard Sheehan, Chris Meade, John Martin and Amanda Grange

67 Spring 2012

President’s Piece Margaret Penfold
Obituary Huw Watkins
Members’ news Rukhsana Bhatti “Mr Right” story in Happy Birthday to Me (Dahlia Publishing), Jayne Stanton guest poet at Pinng…K, exhibiting artist for Galleri Gestur, “Licence” Word! poem of the month, “The Door, Left Open” read at Short Fuse showcase, Kate Ruse “Corridors” collection accepted by Original Plus, Lilian Butterwick five stories to People’s Friend “The Year’s Midnight” to Ireland’s Own, “The Girl in the Pink Dress” shorlisted in Emerald Writing Flash Fiction competition, article to the People’s Friend
Reviews of speakers and events e-Publishing panel, Mark Goodwin, Great Day Out FMH, States of Independence
Article “The LWC visit NWS” Lara Higgins

2015 09

Members’ news Rod Duncan (Maude) and David Wilkinson made shortlist for the East Midlands Book Award, Siobhan Logan read at National Space Centre, Reviews of speakers and events States of Independence, Shindig Crystal Voices launch anthology includes Emma Lee, Carol Leeming, Siobhan Logan and Lindsay Waller-Wilkinson, launches by Rod Duncan (Maude) for “Unseemly Science”, Emma Lee “Ghosts in the Desert”
Programme 1/10/15 Everybody’s Reading, 12/11/15 Annual Dinner, 21/11/15 Advanced Masterclass Narrative Structure Dave Martin, 6-9/5/16 Middle Stanley

2015 12

Members’ news Carol Leeming sat at the Strange Fruit: A tribute to Billie Holiday at City Hall on 25/9/15, publication of “Over Land, Over Sea” (Five Leaves) featuring poems by Rod Duncan, Emma Lee, Carol Leeming and Siobhan Logan
Reviews of speakers and events Jacob Ross (dinner speaker)
Programme 6/2/16 Advanced Masterclass Using Poetic Techniques in Prose Siobhan Logan

2016 03

Members’ News Carol Leeming in discussion with Dorothea Smartt on Black Women Writers: the Arts in Brixton in the 1980s at Leicester University 24/2/16, “Over Land, Over Sea” at Shindig on 18/1 with readings from Carol Leeming, Siobhan Logan and Emma Lee, Cathy Mansell’s “Dublin’s Fair City” published, Margaret Penfold’s “Dalia” published, Rod Duncan launched “Custodian of Marvels” (Angry Robot), and did a Gas-Lit Empire walk on 19/3, Peter Devlin performed the prologue of “A Wee Black Door on Hope Street” at Aye Write Festival in Glasgow, Andrew Bannister launced “The Creation Machine” (Transworld)
Programme 11/3/16 States of Independence, 17/3/16 Lizzie Lamb, 19/5/16 Writers and Social Media Panel

2016 06

President’s Address Siobhan Logan
Members’ news Yev Salisbury was featured poet at Anerki on 25/2, Emma Lee “Viennese Biscuits,” “The copper tea set” and “Analysis of a radio song” in The High Window Journal, “Ask me what I want from you” in Bare Hands, “It’s a Girl’s Fault” in Keep Poems Alive, “The Queen’s Elephant” in An Anthology of Elephants, “Seven Seven Bleeker Street” in “Delirious” (NightBallet, USA), joined The High Window Journal’s panel of reviewers and was shortlisted for the Saboteur Awards Reviewer of the Year and co-editing “Welcome to Leicester” (forthcoming Dahlia Publishing)
Reviews of speakers and events States of Independence, Lizzie Lamb, Advanced Masterclass on Narrative Drive by Rod Duncan, Social Media and Writers Panel with Rod Duncan, Emma Lee and Siobhan Logan, Advanced Masterclass on Story Mapping with Jacob Ross
Committee President Siobhan Logan Vice-President Emma Lee, Treasurer Rob Bray, Secretary Mary Byrne, Peter Devlin, Yev Salisbury and Gwyneth Williams

2016 09

Members’ news Rod Duncan’s collaboration with Rhys Davies “From Leicester to Hollywood” has a new trailer and Warwick Davies recorded the narration, his poem “but one county” in “Do Something” (Factor Fiction 2016), Emma Lee, Siobhan Logan and Lindsay Waller-Wilkinson were amongst the readers at the launch of “Lost and Found: stories from home by Leicestershire writers” (Dahlia Publishing 2016) which also includes stories form Kate Ruse, Mahsuda Snaith (Shah) and Marianne Whiting, Emma Lee’s “Stop me if you’ve read this one before” in The Journal, “The Shoemakers’ Walk” in Proletarian Poetry, “A Shiver of Rain” in Well Versed The Morning Star, “I saw lifejackets left on the beach” in “Do Something” (Factor Fiction 2016), “6 August 1945” in Keep Poems Alive, “Docked in a Flannel Shirt” Your One Phone Call, “It was impossible to exit stage left” Ink Sweat and Tears, “Viewing a Morris Minor” The Interpreter’s House”, “Shakespeare at the Guildhall” Silver Birch Press (USA), “Jade watched the bubbles rise” and “She wore bubblegum pink cowboy boots” in Inbetween Hangovers, “An absence of flowers” in poetic diversity (USA), “Shakespeare at the Guildhall” in New Walk magazine, “A Shiver of Rain”, “You don’t really get eureka moments”, “Diary from Holloway February 1907”, “Shakespeare at the Guildhall” and “The Shoemaker’s Walk” selected by Ambrose Musiyiwa for “Welcome to Leicester” (Dahlia Publishing 2016) and her story “Caught up in the Middle” podcast during the Story City Festival (15-23 July), compere for “Over Land, Over Sea” poetry reading at the Poetry Cafe in London and recorded an interview on Sanctuary Radio about “Over Land, Over Sea” and “Welcome to Leicester”, Mahsuda Snaith signed a two book deal with Transworld, Andrew Bannister sold German rights to “Creation Machine”, Siobhan Logan’s “Leather” in the Interpreter’s House, “Dawn” and “On a Letter” in The Journal, Ros Adam interviewed by Sanctuary Radio about “Jewish Voices: Memories of Leicester in the 1940s and 1950s”, Kazia Myers interviewed on Sanctuary Radio about her books, Gwyneth Williams “Echoes in the Sand” Serbian rights sold, Marianne Whiting signed a deal with Accent Press for her “Shieldmaiden” trilogy, “Welcome to Leicester” features poems from Ros Adam, Mike Brewer, Carol Leeming, Siobhan Logan, Yev Salisbury and Julia Wood.
Reviews of speakers and events A Community of Words: Writers at Work held during Leicester Writes festival featuring Julia Wood, Michelle Houghton (Muessel), Liz Ringrose,
Programme 6/10/16 Everybody’s Reading Writers breaking out of the box, 3/11/16 Farhana Shaikh

2016 12

Members’ news Carol Leeming’s filmpoet “Enchanter” screened at Phoenix Square, Yev Salisbury “Rejection of a Transition: the Necessary Philosophy of the Screwed Transboy” poem in Here Comes Everyone, Rod Duncan signed three book deal with Angry Robot for next three titles in the Gas-Lit Empire, a second Gas-Lit Empire walk was held during Everybody’s Reading, Rod Duncan and Emma Lee were on a panel at the “Do Something” (Factor Fiction) launch in Firebug on 3/12, The Journeys Poem Pop-up Library at Leicester Railway Station featured postcards of poems by Rod Duncan, Emma Lee, Carol Leeming and Siobhan Logan, Kazia Myers was invited to speak at Rugby Girls’ Schook, Marianne Whiting “Shieldmaiden” (Accent Press) publised on 2/12 and Marianne headlined at Novel Exchanges, Julia Wood secured a free critique from TLC for “The Spectre’s Cut”, Emma Lee’s poems “A Flag in Sonoma Square” and “The Egret Plate” were published in poetry magazine Bluepepper. Her poem, “The Bronze Cricketer Speaks” was read by actor Kenton Hall on BBC Radio Leicester on National Poetry Day and was subsequently published in I am not a silent poet. “Remember to Breathe” was accepted by South African poetry magazine Aerodrome, “Not even trees should grow there” was accepted by Mexico City-based, English-language poetry magazine The Ofi Press, “A boy’s text message in headlines was accepted by Picaroon Poetry, “Calgary still talks about the 1988 Winter Olympics” was published in Bluepepper, “I should drive away” and “His mother was told to leave him out to die” were both accepted by Algebra of Owls, “Welcome to Leicester” launched at the African Caribbean Centre with readings from Ros Adam, Mike Brewer, Carol Leeming, Siobhan Logan, Yev Salisbury, Julia Wood and Emma Lee. Emma Lee also read poems during an interview on Leicester Community Radio, at the Secular Hall, at the Race Equality Centre, at Shindig and with Ros Adam at Yev Salisbury at The Synagogue on Avenue Road.
Reviews of speakers and events Everybody’s Reading writers breaking out of the box with Kazia Myers, Peter Devlin, Yev Salisbury and Marianne Whiting, Farhana Shaikh, Awards Dinner with Carol Leeming
Programme 21/1/17 Advanced Masterclass on Point of View and Characterisation by Dave Martin, 26/1/17 Chloe Seager (Diane Banks agency)

2017 03

Members’ News Leicester City Libraries started a new series of events under the banner Leicester Writers’ Showcase January featured “Welcome to Leicester” with readings from Emma Lee, Carol Leeming, Siobhan Logan and Julia Wood, February featured “Lost and Found: stories from home by Leicestershire writers” with readings from Siobhan Logan and Emma Lee, March will feature Carol Leeming, Siobhan Logan article in European Space Agency’s ebook, “Red Feet” story in “Mrs Rochester’s Attic” (Mantle Lane Press), Jean Chapman “Deadly Zeal” (Harlquin), Rod Duncan “The Bullet Catcher’s Daughter” now availalbe in a Braille edition and did a talk at Loughborough Library, Yev Salisbury “Highfields” poem reprinted in local history book, Ros Adam commissioned to write a poem for Literary Leicester 2017, Andrew Bannister invited to take part in a panel at a Sci-Fi conference in Hong Kong, Chris Williams shortlisted in Earlyworks Press Fiction Competition, Marianne Whiting speaking at Lutterworth Writers and at the Leicester Writers’ Showcase in April, Emma Lee “Recipe: Tomato Soup Cake, Mood: Adele’s ‘Set Fire to the Rain’” was accepted for Picaroon Poetry’s Troubadour edition, “Undercover Colours” was published by I am not a silent poet, three poems, “Flowered Symbols,” “A pair of boots lightly worn” and “A carer’s last wish” were accepted by morphrog (magazine published by The Frogmore Press), “And ‘Beautiful Splinter’ is the next track on shuffle”, “The grass outside the Whyte Museum is particularly tasty” both accepted by 50GS (Edinburgh University), “The Burn of Clean Eating” will be included in “A Face in the Mirror, a Hook on the Door: an anthology of urban legends and modern folklore” forthcoming from Three Drops from a Cauldron, “The Job Stealing Ghosts” was published in New Boots and Pantisocracies, “Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me” was accepted for a new anthology being published in America as part of the Ella@100 Project seeking to celebrate what would have been Ella Fitzgerald’s 100th birthday in April 2017, “The Dorothy Hammill doll came with a Gold Medal and her own rink” was accepted by Cake magazine and “Why didn’t you create me from mechanical parts?” was accepted by a forthcoming Frankenstein theme anthology being published by Rosemont College in Philadelphia, USA, guest blog at Help for Writers,
Reviews of speakers and events Chloe Seager, Advanced Masterclass on Overcoming Marketing Inertia for Writers by Emma Lee, States of Independence
Programme 1/4/17 Advanced Masterclass Authors at Work Pitching Networking and Reviewing by Siobhan Logan

2017 06

Obituary Martin Shaw
Members’ news Marianne Whiting “Save a Kingdom” (Accent Press), “Metropolis” story shortlisted in Leicester Writes Short Story Competition, Julia Herdman published “Sinclair, Tales of Tooley Street Volume 1” on Kindle and read at Leicester Writers’ Showcase, Siobhan Logan did 3 poetry readings during the day at the opening of Watch This Space Gallery in St Marting Square, Rod Duncan was interviewed in Great Central, read at Rothley Library and Shindig and took part in a panel Ex Libris in Oxford, “Museum of Unlikely Survivors” story in “Clockwork Cairo” (Twopenny Books), Liz Ringrose invited to talk at Glenhills Library on running a creative writing group, Andrew Bannister at the Leicester Writers’ Showcase in May and launched “Iron Gods” in Waterstone’s and sold USA rights to The Spin trilogy, Mahsuda Snaith will launch “The Things we Thought We Knew” in June 2017, Alison Mott ran 2 writing workshops, Karen Ette gave a ‘Cultures of Commemoration’ talk at Houghton on the Hill, Yev Salisbury had a poem included in Moat Community College’s anthology and is editing an anthology of short stories by the children who attend his creative writing group, Emma Lee essay “Spoken Word as a way of Dismantling Barriers and Creating Space for Healing” will be published in “Verbs that Move Mountains” (Sabotage, 2017). Her poems “Turn up the Volume”, “All Emmas have a tragic end” and “Butterflies at Breakfast” were accepted by Clear Poetry magazine along with podcasts of the three poems; “Before Our Meal” was accepted by London Grip magazine; “Staircase of Knives” was published by the Morning Star; “Whatever you method, you can’t murder someone who doesn’t exist” was accepted by Hobo Camp Review (NY, USA); “Metallic butterflies can’t fly” was accepted by Atrium Poetry; The Journal accepted two poems, “Perhaps you could learn to love in prose” and “Friday Night Rescue” and The High Window Journal took three poems, “Formations”, “I See You” and “The door that opened to nowhere”, Emma Lee and co-editor Ambrose Musiyiwa were invited to hold a “Welcome to Leicester” event at the World Book Night celebrations on 23 April 2017 organised by Whatever It Takes (the company behind Everybody’s Reading) which included a reading from Carol Leeming, Carol Leeming read at the Surrey University Poetry Festival and directed Pamela Roberts’ play “A Scholar and a Stateman” at Attenborough Arts, Maxine Linnell read at Knighton Library,
Programme 5/10/17 Everybody’s Reading
Committe President Emma Lee, Vice-President Yev Salisbury, Secretary Mary Byrne, Treasurer Rob Bray, Judith Cooper, Michelle Houghton (Muessel), Siobhan Logan

2017 09

Members’ news Mahsuda Snaith launched “Things we thought we knew”, Karen Ette and Alison Mott read at Great Glen Community Library, Dave Martin was longlisted in the TLC Pen Factor Awards, Judith Cooper won the Stonewood Press Prize in the Aurora Competition with her story “Hope, Endings and Salvation”, Rob Bray had an honorable mention in the same competition, Siobhan Logan was on BBC Radio Leicester, Leicester Writers’ Showcase and her story “Metronome” was runner-up in the Leicester Writes Short Story competition, Yev Salisbury is now Artist in Residence at Moat Community College, Margaret Penfold read at Soundcafe’s Tapestry of Life Festival at Leicester Cathedral, Maxine Linnell had a guest blog post at Writing School East Midlands, David Wilkinson’s second novel accepted by Inspired Quill, Marianne Whiting “Honour is All” (Accent Press), Ros Adam won Artbeat Festival Poetry Competition, Michael Lane will have a short film shown during the Short Film Festival at Phoenix Square, Rod Duncan “The Queen of All Crows” (Angry Robot) has a publication date of 2/1/18, Andrew Bannister was guest speaker at Hardwired SF Club in Waterstone’s in Bath, Carol Leeming appointed Live Music Director and Recording Producer at 2Funky Arts, Emma Lee poems “Dating Advice from Radio Songs” and “Analysis of a Radio Song” were accepted by “Under the Radar” magazine, “Back on the Black Track” was accepted by Amaryllis, “Put a Spell on those February Blues” was accepted by the Ofi Press (Mexico), “Spiderling, hobbled” was accepted by Picaroon Poetry, “He wanted a hand, not a hook” was accepted by Prole poetry magazine, “Uniforms Contain People” was published by WineDrunk SideWalk Advertures in Trumpland (USA) and “We have plenty of matches in our house” published in an anthology, “Inking the Unthinkable” (Lagan, 2017), “Not even the trees should grow there” was accepted by the University of Regina (Canada) for a forthcoming anthology. She also read “Like a bucket of water spilling over cold rain” and “At Scarborough Castle” at Soundcafe’s Tapestry of Life Festival on 8 July. Emma is also judging the ESPO Short Story Competition for Key Stage 2 Children which will be launched in September and will close in November this year.
Reviews of speakers and events Nicola Monaghan, The British Council Roadshow, Insitute of Physics panel at Leicester Writes featuring Rod Duncan and Siobhan Logan
Programme 23/9/17 Advanced Masterclass The Macro-structure of Plotting a Novel Siobhan Logan, 5/10/17 Everybody’s Reading, 7/10/17 Local Writers’ Book Fair at Central Library LWC will have a stall, 23/11/17 WEM, 11-14/5/18 Middle Stanley

2017 12

Members’ news Carol Leeming and Siobhan Logan were judges at the East Midlands Heat of the Superheroes of Slam, Carol Leeming now writes music articles for Great Central and performed at Ella @ 100 event at Leicester Writers’ Showcase, Lee Wright reviews and interviews on Everybody’s Reviewing, Marianne Whiting gave talks at the Great Meeting Chapel in Hinckley and at Ashby Writers’ Club, Alison Mott gave a talk at the Loughborough Historical Association and NAWE, Ros Adam read at Soundswrite’s Everybody’s Reading event, Margaret Penfold Leicester Writers’ Showcase, Journeys In Translation featured readings from Rod Duncan, Emma Lee, Carol Leeming and Emma Lee has translated some of the poems into German. Carol Leeming, Emma Lee and Michele Whitthaus read at Ella @ 100 Leicester Writers’ Showcase, Rod Duncan and Siobhan Logan have founded The Writers’ Shed, Angry Robot are bringing out an ebook boxset of The Gas-Lit Empire series, Andrew Bannister commissioned to write 10 articles on what the world might look like in 2023 for a consultancy, Emma Lee poem “The Velvet Jacket Problem” was published in Riggwelter; four poems, “She could have stepped out of ‘Beetlejuice’”, “There was no creeping fog or looming storm,” “This book will never be dusted” and “Getting Close to Yosemite’s Nature” were published in Anti-Heroin Chic (USA) in October, “How do you rehearse for this?” was accepted by Eyewear for their forthcoming “Dark Tower” anthology, “Veterans on #takeaknee” was published by Winedrunk Sidewalk Adventures in Trumpland, “The lotus foot dance and the splinter in the binding” was published by Apricity magazine based at the University of Texas, “Reptiles of Texas” was taken by Riggwelter, “Not Talking about the Weather” was included in the Nottingham Peacebuilders anthology “Small Acts of Kindness” which was launched at Waterstones in Nottingham on 25 November. Four of her poems will be included in a The High Window Journal supplement in the New Year, guest article in the New Zealand Poetry Society’s magazine and was filmed talking about “Over Land, Over Sea” for a symposium at Goldsmith’s College
Reviews of speakers and events Everybody’s Reading with Ros Adam, Gwyneth Williams and David Wilkinson, Local Writers’ Book Fair at Central Library, Long Standing Members’ Afternoon Tea, Annual Awards Dinner Marianne Whiting speaker, WEM visit
Programme 10/2/18 Advanced Masterclass: the Russian Doll of Chapters Dave Martin, 14/4/18 Advanced Masterclass How Contemporary Poets tell Stories Emma Lee, 21/6/18 Carys Davies

2018 03

Members’ News Karen Ette passed her proof-reading course, Alison Mott had a poem included in the Famous 50 exhibition in Coalville and read a poem at the Needle and Pin on 27 February, Yev Salisbury was shortlisted in the Institute of Physics 2017 Poetry Competition, Michael Lane’s short film “Meditations During a Lunch Hour” maybe featured in the Phoenix Short Film Festival and has been accepted for the Newcastle Film Festival. His short film “Hands” will be featured at the Short Film Festival in Italy at the end of April. Andrew Bannister’s article “My 10 Favourite Scientists” was published in Concatenation. He spoke at Birmingham Sci-Fi Club on 9 February. Marianne Whiting gave a talk at Sapcote Library, Jean Chapman’s latest crime novel “Deadly Odds” is published by Robert Hale in March 2018, Rod Duncan poem accepted for Leicester University’s forthcoming pamphlet on paternosters, interviewed on BBC Radio Leicester, Leicester Writers’ Showcase launch of “Queen of All Crows”, Kibworth Bookshop launch of “Queen of All Crows”, read “Tricks of Light” at Buzzwords, Michele Witthaus read a poem as part of Leicester Friends of the Earth’s Tree Festival on 20 January in Orton Square and was shortlisted in the Poetry Kit’s Summer Poetry Competition, Carol Leeming’s choreopoem “Love the Life You Live, Live the Life You Love” featured at Curve on 29 January, interviewed Jazzie B for Great Central, performed opening set for Mica Paris at 2Funky Arts, Maxine Linnell’s “Breaking the Rules” is being published in a new edition by Bloomsbury with a new cover and illustrations. Maxine is also running a WEA course called Literature: Poetry Appreciation – 101 Sonnets and more, based on Don Paterson’s anthology, Dave Martin’s story “The Dog Walker’s Family” was shortlisted and “The Walker” won the 2017 Words with Jam Short Story competition, Rob Bray and Mary Byrne did a reading at the Needle & Pin in Loughborough on 27 February. Both read extracts from their novels. Emma Lee read poems from “Mimicking a Snowdrop” in the first half. Emma Lee’s poem “It’s not in a magpie’s best interests to give road safety lessons” was accepted by The Interpreter’s House. “Echoes of Journeys” and “Wishing Not to be Stalled” were accepted for Leicester University’s pamphlet on paternosters. “Thoughts in the Blue Hour” and “Imagine a Pebble” were accepted by poetic diversity (USA). “Lyrics” was taken by New Contrast (South Africa). “The weight of snow” was taken by 50GS. “The Quilt of 598 Squares” by Atrium Poetry. “He Did/She Did”, “Diary from Holloway Jail 1907” and “Gone Midnight and I needed somewhere to press reset” by Winedrunk Sidewalk (USA). “Blood is Thicker” was accepted for a forthcoming anthology from Picaroon Poetry to raise funds for Leeds Cardiac Unit. Winedrunk Sidewalk also asked for more poems for their special Women’s March feature and accepted “Today’s Lesson Misses the Target” and “Wishing Not to be Stalled”. “The question I could only answer with a question” was taken by the Ofi Press (Mexico). “ADA” will be displayed in Leicester University’s library on International Woman’s Day (8 March). The Journeys in Translation blog, featuring poems by Rod Duncan, Emma Lee, Carol Leeming and Siobhan Logan, is now live.
Reviews of Blind Reading, LWC at Leicester Writers’ Showcase Literary Activity in Leicester/shire event, Advanced Masterclass on the Russian Doll of Chapters (Dave Martin), Literary Agent James Wills
Programme 14/04/18 Advanced Masterclass How Contemporary Poets tell Stories by Emma Lee, 10/05/18 Gav Thorpe guest speaker, 11-14 May Middle Stanley, 21/06/18 Carys Davies guest speaker, 30/06/18 Advanced Masterclass with guest tutor Richard Sheehan.

2018 06

Members’ News Beth Gaylard and Carol Leeming’s poems on display at Leicester University’s International Women’s Day, Carol Leeming interviewed on WEM Gem and EVAVA FM and chair of a Women in Music at Festival 2Funky, Dave Ray’s talk on William Morris and the Silk Route, Michele Witthaus’ poem “Benediction” published in Same Pictures Different Stories art by Georg Sfougaras, Rod Duncan’s talks at DMU and Ashby Writers’ Club, Andrew Bannister’s novel “The Stone Clock” will be published September 2018 and novella “According to Novac” (NewCon press), Cathy Mansell’s talk at Oakham Library, Dave Martin’s story “The Cabinet Maker” published on Words with Jam, Marianne Whiting’s talk “Shieldmaidens in Myth and Reality” at the Æthelfæd and Women’s Worlds: Reconstructing Early Women’s Voices in Fiction event for Tamworth Litfest, Colin Davies reached the shortlist of 10 writers in the BBC Writers’ Room one minute monologue, Ros Adam’s “Children’s Book of Richard III” now in paperback, Lee Wright’s story “V” accepted by This Head Stuff and a second by Fairlight Books and a poem by Peeking Cat Magazine, Maxine Linnell joins Soundswrite’s editorial panel to work with shortlisted entrants in their mentoring scheme for 3 women poets to work towards a first full collection, Emma Lee’s poem “#EmilyMatters” was published in the Pocket Book of Suffrage anthology (Paper Swans, 2018). “Naming the Colours” was accepted by Picaroon Poetry. “The Significance of a Dress” was accepted for “A Scream of Colours” anthology forthcoming from Poetry Space. “These were someone’s shoes” was taken by London Grip. “Standing on Ice” and “Those Roses in Alabama” were both accepted by Domestic Cherry magazine. “A French Jet Necklace” was accepted by new poetry magazine Marble. “The Wrong Fairytale” was taken by Three Drops from a Cauldron. “A Shiver of Moonlight” was accepted for “Gondal Heights, a Tribute to the Brontës” forthcoming from Sybaritic Press (USA). “He would have celebrated his birthday” was published by Winedrunk Sidewalk (USA). Prole magazine accepted “How Rapunzel Ends.” Her short story, “Since Yesterday” was published by Fairlight Books. Emma was Longlisted for the Saboteur Reviewer of the Year Award. She was judge for the ESPO Short Story Competition for Key Stage 2 children and did a reading at Express Yourself Ladies at the City Retreat.
Review of Speakers and events States of Independence, Advanced Masterclass on How Contemporary Poets tell stories, Gav Thorpe, Middle Stanley, Leicester Writers’ Showcase in March 2018 featuring Emma Lee.
Programme 2/6/18 Advanced Masterclass by guest tutor Richard Sheehan, 7/6/18 AGM, 21/6/18 Carys Davies, 5/7/18 – 31/8/18 Summer Open Evenings, 4/10/18 Story Sparks Leicester Writers’ Club’s Everybody’s Reading event, 8/11/18 Annual Awards Dinner.

2018 09

Members’ News Both Rod Duncan and Emma Lee were reading poems as part of Leicester University’s Poetanoster event with poems about the former paternoster lift in Attenborough Tower featured in a souvenir publication. Rod Duncan’s “Queen of All Crows” won the inaugural Leicester Book Prize Book of the Year during the Leicester Writes Festival. Rod was also involved in two panel discussions and ran a workshop at Edge Lit in Derby on 14 July. He was also on the panel for the second Literary Activity in Leicester/shire event on 11 July, a follow-up to the one held in December 2017, a write-up of which is here. From 20-25 July, he ran workshops at the Dazzling Sparks Foundation Arts Retreat at the Burnlaw Centre in Yorkshire. Four of his poems will appear in an Irish poetry anthology. Michael Lane’s short film “Hands” will be shown at the Canadian Diversity Film Festival and has been selected for the Hollywood based, Kapow Intergalactic Film Festival in late September/early October.  Ros Adam won the 2018 G S Fraser Prize awarded by Leicester University for her poem “Fresh Canvas”. Miranda Lee’s poem “Is it like the Movies?” was accepted by The Journal. Robert Donarte has signed a book deal, the first book will be “jACK 1: jASPER”. Marianne Whiting has a new column in Aspect magazine serving Hinckley & Bosworth. Morag Edwards’ novel “The Jacobite’s Wife” has been published by Bookline and Thinker. Dave Ray had an article published in a motorcycling magazine. Beth Gaylard and Lee Wright both had poems published in Leicester University’s New Luciad magazine. Dave Martin’s poem “Reasons why I don’t close my eyes” was longlisted in the Yeovil Poetry Competition. Carol Leeming was commissioned to write and perform a poem for Curve’s 10th anniversary on 26 August. Yevgeny Salisbury had two pieces of flash fiction accepted for “Leicester 2084AD” anthology forthcoming from CivicLeicester. Michele Witthaus’ poem “Eclipse” was also accepted. The USA audio book of Andrew Bannister’s “Creation Machine” has been produced. Emma Lee’s poems “Welcoming Honey” and “Make it Stop” were published in “All a Cat Can Be” anthology (Eithon Bridge, 2018) and Emma read them at the launch at Hatherley Manor near Cheltenham on 4 August. “There’s more than one kind of death” was published in London Grip magazine. “The Fridge Door Problem,” “No One Speaks of It,” “When Skinny Tastes Good,” “It took a heart attack” were all accepted by Nottingham University’s Hungry for Words project, exploring eating disorders from a male perspective, for publication on their website. “He walked in through the exit,” “22 reasons to be like Ariana,” “I’m suspicious of anyone who’s cheerful in January” were published by morphrog magazine. “Viewing a Morris Minor” and “Butterflies on New Walk” were accepted by Bonnie’s Crew online anthology. “Roses and Rugburns” will appear in bilingual magazine “Persian Sugar in English Tea” (USA) with a Farsi translation alongside the original English. “Where no one operates the lights” was published in Winedrunk Sidewalk (USA). “The importance of a story’s viewpoint” was accepted by Anti-Heroin Chic (USA). Scottish magazine Laldy took “The Doctor from Aleppo’s Book Keeping”. “I like how all the circles are different” and “The Cedar Tree” were accepted by The Seventh Quarry. “The Golden Gate Bridge minus fog” was taken by Ghost City Review (USA). Two poems, “The Same Deep Water as You” and “All those days in between” were accepted for Other Voices; The Cure at 40 anthology featuring 40 poems. “The Egret Plate” was accepted by the Poetry Shed. “Stitching America,” “The Undeniable Voice” and “When you said you’d wished you’d met me sooner” were all accepted by The Blue Nib. “I don’t normally blame the parents, but” was accepted by The Ofi Press (Mexico). Her short story “When you’re told holly berries are sweet” was accepted by Fairlight Books. Her poem “How do you Rehearse for This?” was described as “courageous” and quoted from in the review of “Poems for Grenfell” titled “Call for a Scriptwriter” published in the Times Literary Supplement. Emma was invited to join The Migration and Refugee Crisis panel discussion at Leicester Cathedral on 13 July organised by Leicester University’s Media, Communication and Sociology Department to talk about “Over Land, Over Sea: poems for seeking refuge” and Journeys in Translation projects. She wrote an article on “Over Land, Over Sea: poems for those seeking refuge” for the Blue Nib and joined The Blue Nib’s review team.
Reviews Carys Davies, Summer Open Evenings, LWC featured on EAVA FM and BBC Radio Leicester, David Wilkinson at Leicester Writers’ Showcase, The Hybrid Writer during Leicester Writes featuring Rod Duncan and Siobhan Logan.
Programme Garden Party, Story Sparks and Local Writers’ Fair both part of Everybody’s Reading, Annual Awards Dinner, Middle Stanley,
Committee President Yevgeny Salisbury, Vice-President Judith Cooper, Membership Secretary Mary Byrne, Treasurer Emma Lee, Rob Bray, Michelle Houghton, Siobhan Logan and Ros Masterson, all committee members.

2018 12

Members’ News Marianne Whiting gave a talk on Anglo Saxons and Vikings – Cousins at War at Oadby Library on 5 September. Cathy Mansell was Tirgearr Publishing’s Bestselling author for August. Morag Gornall’s “The Jacobite’s Wife” eBook, published under the name Morag Edwards, was to be featured on Bookbub. She also wrote a blog article for the English Historical Fiction Authors’ blog. Alison Mott’s “Songster the story of Loughborough’s own war horse” story book for children illustrated by Liz Waddell was published on 1 September and Alison and Liz were both on BBC Radio Leicester to talk about it. Rod Duncan will be a mentor on The Middle Way Scheme created by Farhana Shaikh for BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) writers. He was also commissioned by De Montfort University for a short piece which was recorded to accompany an exhibition about the weaving industry. Siobhan Logan read at the Leicester Writers’ Showcase on 19 September and at the Leicester Writes Short Story event for Everybody’s Reading on 29 September at the Leicester Adult Education College. Lee Wright was guest editor at NewMag published by Newman University in Birmingham. Lee and Ros Adam both read poems at the launch of Leicester University’s The New Luciad magazine in September. Ros Adam achieved a Distinction in her MA in Creative Writing (University of Leicester). Yevgeny Salisbury was invited to be a judge at Slut Slam, which clashed with an LWC meeting. He read his flash fiction at the launch of “Leicester 2084AD”. Chris Williams has become a trustee for a literary festival in Cornwall. Sarah Barrett had a piece of flash fiction, “ET sends a letter home” in the Leicester 2084AD anthology. Carol Leeming was name-checked in a Leicester Mercury review of “Memoirs of an Asian Football Casual” at Curve where she was voice coach. She has been invited to chair a panel at Oxford University exploring how historical contributions from people of ethnic minorities are acknowledged. The invitation came via Pamela Roberts, author of “Black Oxford” (Signal Books), whose play “A Scholar and a Statesman” Carol Leeming was dramaturg for at Attenborough Arts in 2017.  Andrew Bannister has been invited to be a Guest of Honour at Picocon 36 at Imperial College’s Annual Science Fiction Convention in London in February 2019. Michael Lane’s short film “Hands” has been accepted for the Apulian Web Fest film festival in Italy and he has been invited to be one of the judges at next year’s festival. “Hands” is also be featured in another Italian film festival. At the end of last year, Emma Lee was set the challenge of getting 60 poems accepted during Leicester Writers’ Club’s 60th anniversary. Her poem “How a Dress Lost its Sparkle” was published by The Bosporus Review. Two poems, “Learning to Speak” and “Another Isolated Incident” were taken by The High Window Journal. “The image that changed everything” was taken by The Journal. “#WhyIDidNotReport: look at Arachne” was published by Winedrunk Sidewalk (USA). “Wishing for a Woodcutter” and “Saving Grace” were accepted for a new anthology, “You are not your rape” from Rhythm ‘n’ Bones (USA). These plus earlier acceptances got her to 59.  Her 60th acceptance was “The Significance of a Dress”, a full collection of 27 poems over 48 pages, which will be published in 2020 by Arachne Press.  Since reaching 60, “Boléro on Ice” accepted for an anthology of poems on classical music being published by the Fort Worth Poetry Society (USA) to raise funds for the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. “The Doll without Blue Eyes” was accepted by Atrium Poetry magazine. “Watching the Waves” accepted for Apricity magazine published by the University of Texas for their Spring issue. And Other Poems accepted “Tableau of Gilt” and “When Your Name’s Not Smith”. “Not talking about the weather” and “All Emmas have a tragic end” were published by Winedrunk Sidewalk, “Rabbit and Frost” was taken by Bangor Literary Journal (Ireland).
Tribute to Margaret Penfold
Review of Andrew Bannister’s launch “Stone Clock” on 7/9/18, Photos from the Garden Party on 08/09/18, review of Story Sparks event 4/10/18, Leicester Writers’ Showcase Local Writers’ Fair 6/10/18, Annual Awards Dinner 8/11/18 with speaker Chris d’Lacey Award winners: Norman King Fiction Award – Morag Edwards, Penfold Media Award – Rod Duncan, Jean Chapman Children’s Writing Award – Chris d’Lacey, Doris Adam Short Story Award – Lee Wright, The Trude Dub Non Fiction Award – Andrew Bannister, Siobhan Logan Spoken Word Award – Carol Leeming, Ena Young Poetry Award – Emma Lee, Chris d’Lacey Endeavour Award – Rob Bray and Nick Leach Award – Margaret Penfold, Dialogue in Poetry masterclass on 17/11/18.
Programme Blind Reading and Social event on 13/12/18.
Poem “After You Mr Willoughby” by late member Gabrielle Swinton donated to the Club  by Katharine Lewis

2019 03

Members’ News: Carol Leeming was awarded an MBE in the New Year’s Honours List for her contributions to art and literature in the Midlands. An extract from “Love the life you live, live the life you love” and the poem commissioned for Curve’s 10th anniversary were accepted for “An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Leicestershire” (Dahlia Publishing, 2019) edited by Jon Wilkins, likely publication in October this year. Carol also joins a panel event on Diversity in Publishing at States of Independence. Karen Ette published “A Second Christmas Truce?: Christmas on the Western Front, 1915” in time for Christmas 2018. Julia Wood was featured in a Leicester Mercury article and in a video for BBC Radio Leicester on her Edwardian/Victorian lifestyle. Her story “Oscar Wilde in Leicester” will be included in “An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Leicestershire” forthcoming from Dahlia Publishing. Ros Adam’s poem “Youth” was published in The Ekphrastic Review plus two Kelzmer Men poems were published in the Jewish Literary Journal. “The Ballad of the Turkey Café” will be in “An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Leicestershire”. Mark Lee’s poem “A Different Kind of Thief” was accepted by Picaroon poetry magazine. A poem, “You Can See Me”, will also be featured in the Wondering Souls exhibition at Leicester Cathedral by the Methodist Art Collection. Rod Duncan launched “The Outlaw and Upstart King” at Loughborough Students’ Union on 9 January and at Leicester Writers’ Showcase on 23 January. His article “The Mirror World of the Dyslexic Novelist” was published on Tor.com (click on link to read) and another article “Five Books that Influenced my Writing was published at Fantasy Hub. He joins a panel on Dyslexia and Creative Writing at States of Independence. Ros Masterson’s marketing textbook, “Marketing: An Introduction”, has just gone into a 5th edition. Marianne Whiting’s short story “Equinox” was highly commended in the Southport Writers’ Circle Short Story Competition and will be published on their website. Her Postcards from the Baltic is still a regular feature in Aspect magazine. An extract from “To Save A Kingdom” will be included in “An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Leicestershire” (Dahlia Publishing). She is also giving a Shieldmaidens talk at States of Independence. Cathy Mansell has signed a two book deal with Headline. Michele Witthaus has a poem, “An Hour of Sunshine in Early March” in the forthcoming “An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Leicestershire” anthology and will have a poem, “A troubled joy”, featured in the Wondering Souls exhibition at Leicester Cathedral by the Methodist Art Collection. Siobhan Logan has a poem in the forthcoming “An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Leicestershire” anthology. Yevgeny Salisbury has a short story in the forthcoming “An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Leicestershire” anthology. He also joins a panel on Dyslexia and Creative Writing at States of Independence. Alison Mott did a poetry reading at the Needle & Pin in Loughborough on 5 March. Martyn Carey will join fellow Grimalkin writers for “Grimalkin’s Ghastly Hour” at States of Independence. Lee Wright will be co-editing The New Luciad magazine for Leicester University students in summer 2019. Emma Lee’s “A French Jet Necklace” was published by Winedrunk Sidewalk (USA). “Describe an Absence” was accepted by Verve Press for their online anthology “84”. “A Peaccock’s Display” was accepted for a new English language poetry magazine published in South Korea, “Absence of Sound,” “Father Ghost” and “Stars Fade” were published in Levure Littéraire. “An apple falls” was accepted by Moonchild (USA). “A Middle-Lands Hero” was accepted by The Kindling. 2018’s final totals were 74 individual poems plus a collection or 101 poems in total. Her flash fiction “The City’s Heartbeat” was accepted for “Story Cities” an anthology from Arachne Press in partnership with the University of Greenwich. “How to Make a Snow Angel” was commended in the Against the Grain Poetry Competition. “He Chose this Track” was accepted by Dear Reader a new poetry magazine edited by the team behind the Dear Listener spoken word nights in Worcester. “The Bridal Dresses in Beirut” and “Don’t name your daughter after a song” were accepted by Oceans & Time (USA). “Litter Pick at Scraptoft Hall”, “The Window in the Angel Gateway” and “Untowered” were accepted for “An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Leicestershire” anthology forthcoming from Dahlia Publishing. “Understanding Ghosts,” “A Small Halo of Consistency,” “A smudge of cinders” and “The Colours of a Panther” were all accepted by The Blue Nib. “Stitching America” was accepted by Scintilla. “Hope as Ghost” will feature in the Wondering Souls exhibition at Leicester Cathedral. “Bridal Dresses in Beirut” was accepted by Red Earth Review published by Oklahoma City University (USA). “ADA” and “Tears dry on their own” were published by Winedrunk Sidewalk (USA). She was interviewed by Robin Houghton for an article on poet bloggers in Envoi magazine.
Review of Blind Reading and social event on 13/12/18
Programme Masterclass on Psychology for Writers 13/4/19 and Middle Stanley 10/5/19–13/5/19.
Articles on Phoenix 2020 and Leicester Writers’ Showcase.

2019 06

Members’ News: Mary Byrne’s short story “The New Boy” won the Leicester Writes Short Story Competition 2019. Her story will be published in the competition anthology which will be launched in October 2019. Mary was on BBC Radio Leicester on 22 May to talk about the competition. Lee Wright’s short story “We’ll have you there by Noon” was published by Fairlight Books (click on link to read story.) Lee’s poem “The People v Sid Vicious” was published on the Burning House Press website. “Father” will be featured as part of National Flash Fiction Day. A second poem, “The Safe Cracker” was published by Burning House Press. Cathy Mansell’s new novel “A Place to Belong” is due to be published in November 2019. Mark Lee’s poems “Shadowing” and “Afterwards” were published at Winedrunk Sidewalk (USA). Carol Leeming will take up a new post as Resident Assistant Director at Curve in August 2019. Peter Devlin and Julia Wood both read at the University of Leicester’s Centre for New Writing’s Fiesta event in May. Michael Lane’s short film “Hands” was awarded the Peace Prize at the Apulia Web Festival in Italy. Michele Witthaus had two poems published in the “Bollocks to Brexit” (CivicLeicester) anthology. Rod Duncan is due to do a talk at the Magna Carta pub as part of Lincoln’s Steampunk Weekend on 22 August. Emma Lee’s “Put the Baby in the Filing Cabinet” was published at Winedrunk Sidewalk (USA). “You didn’t name this storm” and “The Library’s Blue Curtains” were accepted by The Lake (Italy). “Bridal Dresses in Beirut” was accepted by Dreamcatcher. “I’m here, wherever that is,” “Maligne River” and “The stigma of being incomplete,” were all accepted by Poetica Review. “The Ice Mannequin” was published by Eunoia Review (an English language poetry magazine in Singapore). “Burn the Bloodsteam” was published at Burning House Press. “Wrapping the Hedges” published on I am Not a Silent Poet. “Over a Far City a Rainbow” was published in the San Antonio Review (USA). “A Wrap of Ice” was accepted by Atrium Poetry. She read “Hope as Ghost” at the Wondering Soul Exhibition closing event at Bishop St Methodist Hall. Her short story “The Aqua Skating Dress” was shortlisted in the Leicester Writes 2019 Short Story competition so will be included in the competition anthology. Emma was interviewed on the Wombwell Rainbow blog. The Blue Nib promoted Emma to the Reviews Editor role. With huge thanks to everyone who voted, Emma won the Saboteur Awards Reviewer of the Year 2019.
Reviews of Masterclass in Cause and Effect led by Dave Martin, States of Independence, Masterclass on Psychology for Writers, Middle Stanley and Alison Moore.
Programme: AGM – 13/06/19, A Voice in Time Masterclass led by Siobhan Logan 22/6/19 and Summer Open Evenings 4/7/19-29/8/19.

2019 09

Members’ News Holly Webster’s story will be in “Songs for The Elephant Man” from Mantle Lane Press. Julia Wood’s short story “Ostrich Sized” will be in “Songs for The Elephant Man” from Mantle Lane Press. Siobhan Logan has two short stories in the Speculators’ 2019 anthology. Emma Lee’s poem “A House Contracts” was published in Fresh Air Poetry. “A Long-awaited Angel” was accepted by The Stare’s Nest. Her short story “A Prayer for Roses in Alabama” was accepted by Fairlight Books. Another short story “Weblines” was published by CafeLit.
Reviews 22/6/19 Short Story Masterclass led by Siobhan Logan
Programme 10/10/19 – Story Sparks for Everybody’s Reading, 12/10/19 – Local Writers’ Fair at Central Library (Bishop Street). LWC will have a stall, 12/12/19 – Blind Reading and Social Event, 21/11/19 – Annual Awards Dinner at Taste Restaurant Leicester College, 12/12/19 – Blind Reading and Social Event, 1-4 May 2020 – Middle Stanley – note this is on the first weekend in May this year because the bank holiday has been moved to 8/5/20 for the V E Day celebrations.
New Committee: President Judith Cooper, Vice-President Michelle Houghton, Treasurer Emma Lee, Membership Secretary Ros Masterson, Committee Members Rob Bray, Mary Byrne, Phil Irving, Michele Witthaus.

2019 12

Members’ News Mary Byrne, winner Leicester Writes 2019 Short Story Competition, and Emma Lee, shortlisted Leicester Writes 2019 Short Story Competition both read from their stories at the Crossroads Short Story Day Festival at Curve. Laura Coleman won the Ilkley Literature Festival Short Story Competition with “Obsession: A Compulsive Love Story”. David Wilkinson involved in a series of talks on Physics in Science Fiction at universities in the East Midlands. Rod Duncan’s words written to accompany Ben Judd’s art installation (previously displayed at DMU) will be revived for a second installation in 2020. Alison Mott read from “Songster” during the interval of “War Horse” at Curve. Beth Gaylard appeared on Martin Ballard’s show on BBC Radio Leicester on 11 October to talk about writing sci-fi and her novel “Firebrands”. Yevgeny Salisbury was commissioned to write a children’s book aimed at 7-11 year olds about the experience of being trans for an American publisher. Carol Leeming read at Speech Bubble at Loughborough University on 9 December. Karen Ette’s book “Don’t Be Late in the Morning”, written from original, unpublished letters and diaries, was published by Goldcrest Publishing November 2019. Mary Byrne’s story “Zenobia Girl” was published on the Loughborough Museum Website (click link to read). Emma Lee’s poem “Sprechen Learnen” was accepted by Triëdere : Zeitschrift für Theorie, Literatur und Kunst, an Austrian magazine for their issue featuring poems in German by non-native speakers of German (the English translation of the poem has been published in The High Window Journal). “My globe lies on the floor, shattered” was accepted by Moonchild Magazine (USA) and the editor also asked for a recording of the poem to use in a podcast. “The Cut of those Cold, Sharp Stars” and “Violet Marked my War” were included in London Grip magazine. New poetry magazine Broken Spine accepted “It’s too quiet in here.” “Tracing a Love Song” was accepted by Rhythm ‘n’ Bones (USA). Members took part in various readings for “An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Leicestershire”: Emma Lee, Carol Leeming and Cathy Mansell all read at the poetry launch at Upstairs at the Western on 15 September. Carol Leeming, Cathy Mansell, Yevgeny Salisbury and Julia Wood read at the main launch at Prana Café on 30 October. Emma Lee and Cathy Mansell read at Kibworth Library on 21 October. Emma Lee and Marianne Whiting read at Kirby Muxloe Library on 2 November.
Reviews 8/9/12 Garden Party hosted by Rob Bray, 10/10/19 Story Sparks for Everybody’s Reading featuring Mary Byrne Peter Devlin Michele Witthaus and Michael Lane, 12/10/19 Local Writers’ Book Fair at Central Library, 31/10/19 Mahsuda Snaith, 21/11/19 Annual Awards Dinner with speaker Gwyneth Williams, 12/12/19 Blind Reading and Social event.
Award winners: Norman King Novel Award Rod Duncan, Trude Dub Non-Fiction Award Siobhan Logan, Penfold Media Award Emma Lee, Doris Adams Short Story Award Mary Byrne, Siobhan Logan Spoken Word Award Rod Duncan, Ena Young Poetry Award Emma Lee, Chris d’Lacey Endeavour Award Julia Wood, Nick Leech Award Dave Martin.
Programme 25/1/20 – Masterclass Planning and Tracking Your Novel with Dave Martin, 30/1/20 – Confessions of a Literature Professional Alex Davis, writer, editor and tutor visits the Club, 21/03/20 – States of Independence DMU – LWC will have a stall, 26/03/20 – Thriller Writer Mark Edwards. 1-4 May 2020 – Middle Stanley.

2020 03

Members’ News Carol Leeming was included in “Sisterhood & After: An Oral History of the UK Women’s Liberation Movement” (OUP, 2019), Chapter 5, in her role as co-founder of Leicester Black Sisters Group, that used to meet in her house in Cedar Road Highfields Leicester. She also read and sang at the launch evening for Boho Muse, Oasis café bar in Leicester on 2 March. Carol has a new job: part-time lecturer at De Montfort University in performing arts and theatre studies. Terry Blythe won a short story competition with “Le Shuttle 2044” to celebrate 25 years of Eurotunnel, winning £520 in cash plus a 2 night stay at a Hotel in Holland with Flexi Plus Travel on Eurotunnel. Mary Byrne was shortlisted in the H E Bates Short Story Competition. Her story “Valentina” is in Space Cat Press’s Space Race Anthology. Sarah Davies performed two ten minute slots during Leicester’s Comedy Festival: at Firebug on 11 February and Some Antics on 14 February. Karen Ette’s book “Don’t be Late in the Morning” has been featured in the Loughborough Echo and she’s done some booking signings in Syston and Barkby. Cathy Mansell held book launches at Kibworth Library and at Central Library for “A Place to Belong”. Michael Lane has been invited back to judge an Italian Film Festival after winning with his short film “Hands”. Rod Duncan took part in (Re)Writing Leicester at Cultural Exchanges on 26 February and also hosted a web launch for “The Fugitive and the Vanishing Man” (Angry Robot) on 16 February. Rod’s first book, “The Servant, The General and Armageddon” is being translated into Italian. Rod also has a piece, “On the Path of Comets” in Space Cat Press’s Space Race Anthology. Rob Bray’s “One Small Step” is in Space Cat Press’s Space Race Anthology. Yevgeny Salisbury’s “The Chequered Flag” is in Space Cat Press’s Space Race Anthology. Michele Whitthaus’s “Visible Spectrum” is in Space Cat Press’s Space Race Anthology. Emma Lee’s essay “Spoken Word as a way of Dismantling Barriers and Creating Space for Healing” in “Verbs that Move Mountains” (Sabotage) was quoted in Pete Beader’s academic survey of spoken word poetry, “Stage Invasion” (OutSpoken Press, 2019). Her poem “The Same Deep Water As You” was published by Ghost City Review (US), “Natural Neighbours” was included in “Rebel Talk” anthology. “Moonlight is Web-coloured” was accepted for Arachne Press’s 8th anniversary anthology. Her story “When you’re told holly berries are sweet” will be broadcast on Heartlands FM who is running a pilot of 8 short stories with a view to broadcasting a weekly short story programme. “The dark should be safe”, a prose poem, was accepted by Burning House Press. Her poems “What we were hired to do” and “What became of the girl who counted” are in Space Cat Press’s Space Race Anthology. “City Stencils”, a piece of flash fiction, was published in Ellipsis Zine #7. Her short story “Winterlust” was accepted for an anthology Among the Faded Fields forthcoming from American publishers Dusk & Shiver. She was interviewed for the Spoken Label Podcast which went live in March. The title poem of “The Significance of a Dress” was featured on The Sunday Tribune. She read two poems from “The Significance of a Dress” at the launch evening of Boho Muse at Oasis café bar in Leicester on 2 March. Arachne Press organised a launch at the Stephen Lawrence Gallery in Greenwich on 8 March and a Feminist Book Fortnight event at Manor House Library in Lewisham on 21 May. Her Leicester launch had to be rearranged with less than 24 hours’ notice to Scraptoft Community Hub. A review she commissioned for The Blue Nib by David Schmidt (a bilingual translator) of “American Dirt” got 10,000 hits within 48 hours of being published and mentioned in The Guardian, the Huffington Post and Medium (the latter two with links to the original review). Emma wrote the blurb for Laura Besley’s forthcoming short story collection “The Almost Mothers” (Dahlia Publishing, March 2020).
Reviews 31/1/20 Alex Davis
Programme 26/3/20 Mark Edwards, 1-4 May Middle Stanley – both postponed.

2020 06

Members’ News Hazel Stuart’s children’s book “Where the Cat Lead” (Grosvenor House Publishing) is now available It was inspired by Watermouth Castle and theme park in Ilfracombe. Michele Witthaus’s poem, “Musical chairs for the end of an age”, was published by Pendemic magazine and “Reflections” was accepted for a forthcoming Left-handers anthology. Three poems, “Three smiles on my morning walk,” “Self, contained” and “Emergence” were published at Strands Lit Sphere. “I stole this spoon from a magpie” and “Lockdown dreamscape were accepted by Richie McCaffery’s ‘Lyrical Aye Poems’ blog. ‘Radio Silence’ was accepted for “Plague 2020” anthology from Magazine of Arts and Humanities. Extracts from her Greenham Common screenplay were featured at Scary Little Girls. “Alternative History” was accepted for the 81 Challenge anthology edited by Chris Fielden. Another poem “Fever Dream” was accepted for 100 Words of Solitude. Rod Duncan has sold some foreign rights to USA and Spain. Julia Wood had two short videos accepted as part of Word!’s Every Brilliant Thing video series, a piece of flash fiction, “Storm Porch” and “Morning has Broken But Not Like Before” were published in Pendemic magazine. Her short story “Written in Soup” was accepted for Dahlia Books’ forthcoming kitchen themed anthology. A fictional pandemic diary was published in Journals of a Pandemic. “Cobweb with Rabid Owl Stranger” was shortlisted in the Hastings Writers Room Competition and “Gaia’s Lament” accepted for the 81 Challenge anthology edited by Chris Fielden. A series of journal entries were published at journalsofapandemic.org. Julia has also created a YouTube channel for a series of Julia’s Novelty Bloomers, short films humorously musing on the current situation, one of which features a piece by Michael Lane. Siân Williams’ poem “Key” was published in Pendemic magazine. Michael Lane’s short film “Hands” was used by the Bishop of Bari, Italy as part of his message of hope on 16 May. “An Invitation” was accepted for the 81 Word Challenge anthology edited by Chris Fielden. His poem “With Us” was published in Pendemic magazine. Rob Bray’s “Letter Found in a Dry Stone Wall” was accepted for the 81 Challenge anthology edited by Chris Fielden. Siobhan Logan had a poem from her sequence about her late father accepted by The Journal and four poems, “Another North”, “Google Man in the Sky”, “Story Man” and “Co. Clare in Black and White”, accepted by The Blue Nib for issue 42. There’s an interview with Siobhan at Conversations with Writers. There was a virtual twitter launch for the eBook of “Desert Moonfire: The Men Who Raced to Space” on 28 May. Sarah Davies did a ten minute slot at Tickled Pink Comedy Night on Zoom on 14 May. Laura Coleman’s creative non-fiction short “Old New Shoes” was published in Pendemic magazine. Morag Edwards now has a German agent for “The Jacobite’s Wife” to handle foreign translation rights. Holly Webster’s “Pumpkins” was accepted for the 81 Challenge anthology edited by Chris Fielden. Gwyneth Williams’ “Isolation” was accepted for the 81 Challenge anthology edited by Chris Fielden. Ros Masterson’s “They Met By Moonlight” was accepted for the 81 Challenge anthology edited by Chris Fielden. Ivan Richardson’s “Cursed” was accepted for the 81 Challenge anthology edited by Chris Fielden. Emma Lee had two poems, “A Blackwork Heart in Coral” and “Remember to Breathe” accepted for a forthcoming charity anthology from Printed Pages. “The Shade of Wind Chimes” was accepted by Atrium Poetry. “When the Teacher was Wrong” was accepted for a forthcoming anthology about left-handedness. “The Grace of a Metal Blade”, a poem in response to C E Turner’s illustration “On the Rink”, was published by by the Mary Evans Picture Library. “The exit was murder or suicide” was accepted by Detritus magazine (USA). Dear Reader took “How things fall between gaps.” Four poems, “Is our digital side our best?”, “The Consequences of Not Listening to Girls”, “I’m too afraid to keep on living” and “Wearing Midnight’s Sorrow” were published at Strands Lit Sphere. “When an Image Trumps Words” was published at Winedrunk Sidewalk (USA). Her flash fiction “The Man with Blue Hands” was published at Pendemic. Emma was interviewed about “The Significance of a Dress” at Conversations with Writers. A second interview was done with Gill James, editor of CafeLit. A third with Michelle Penn at Arachne Press. “The Significance of a Dress” will be featured publication at Atrium Poetry magazine in August and got a Special Mention in the Saboteur Awards. Emma won the Saboteur Award for Best Reviewer for the second year running, the first reviewer to win the award more than once. Pendemic magazine, which has published several pieces by members, has reached an agreement with the University College of Dublin for Pendemic to be included in the university’s special archives.
Committee: President Michelle Houghton, Vice-President Phil Irving, Treasurer Emma Lee, Secretary Holly Webster, Committee Members Laura Coleman, Michael Lane, Ros Masterson, Siân Williams.
Programme: Weekly meetings moved online to Zoom video conferencing. The Club donated the room hire that would have been paid in April and May to Phoenix Square. Mark Edwards and Middle Stanley events postponed. 19/9/20 Masterclass by Rod Duncan: How Good Books Don’t Get Published.

2020 09

Members’ News Cathy Mansell’s novel “The Dublin Girls” was published by Headline in July. Michele Witthaus has a 28 poem pamphlet, “From a Sheltered Place” accepted by Wild Pressed Books. Her 1400 word booklet on marketing was published for a development bank. Her poem “Retirement Planning” was longlisted in the Write Out Loud competition to support the NHS. “Everyone everywhere” was accepted for The Lockdown Anthology forthcoming from Dare to Create. Three poems, “2020 vision”, “Life on hold” and “After the separation”, have been accepted for publication in the World Jam Coronavirus Anthology. Simon Stevens’ short story “Somewhere Knew” was published by Pendemic. Julia Wood’s short story “The Naughty Step” was published by Pendemic. Another short stories, “Sitting on My Husband” and “A Plague of Kindness” have been accepted for the Lockdown Lit anthology. Sarah Davies’ “Last Chance Salon” collection of short fiction and poetry is available from Sarah. Mary Byrne’s short story “Vintage Heaven” was longlisted in the Segora International Short Story Competition. Yevgeny Salisbury was commissioned to write a monologue for a character with a partial Russian heritage, Alexander Schmorell, for a musical about the White Rose German Resistance. Morag Edwards’ “The Jacobite’s Wife” was a featured publication at The Book Quill. Rob Bray’s “The Milkman” was shortlisted in WEM’s Aurora Short Story Prize. Emma Lee’s poem “When Popcorn Leaves a Salty Taste” was accepted by Sonic Boom magazine (USA). “Soft Fur Hides Teeth” was accepted for Purrfect Poems”, an anthology to raise funds for the Cats Protection League. A drabble “Prayer from a Lifeboat” was published by Fast Flash Fiction. “A Guinea-pig’s Suspicion” (about the Leicester Lockdown) was accepted for a poetry anthology “Lockdown and After 2021” forthcoming from Shoestring Press which was only taking submissions by invitation. “Waiting for the Applause” was accepted by The Journal. “The woman in the pink is not a local” was accepted by Dust magazine. “How to make a Snow Angel” was accepted by Australian magazine Not Very Quiet. “The Warehouse Packer’s Family Shop” was accepted for a Pandemic Anthology forthcoming from Gloucester Poetry Festival team. Her short story “A Keyworker’s Smudged Handprint” was accepted for “Flashes of Hope” fund-raising anthology. Emma recorded an interview with Arachne Press talking about “The Significance of a Dress” as part of the press’s 8th anniversary celebrations, and recorded a reading of “Remember to Breathe” as part of the “Words to Remember” anthology launch on 14 September. She also read the second poem, “A Blackwork Heart in Coral”, from “Words to Remember” (Printed Pages) at the launch. Her poems “The basement bar’s carpet” and “My Season: Winter” were accepted by Anti-Heroin Chic (USA). She provided a recording of her poem “How Do You Rehearse for This?” which was included in Poems for Grenfell will be included in a sound installation on the Grenfell estate where people who have downloaded an app can scan a QR code at locations on the estate and listen to a recording of the corresponding poem. Space Cat Press launched “Uncharted Constellations” with a panel discussion featuring members Siobhan Logan, Rod Duncan and Michele Witthaus plus two others. In the run-up to the launch, the Space Cat press website featured readings from Rob Duncan, Mary Byrne, Rob Bray and Emma Lee amongst others and guest blog posts from Emma Lee and Michele Witthaus. Click on the link to go to Space Cat’s YouTube Channel where you can view readings and the launch.
Write up of Rod Duncan’s Masterclass on Why Good Books Don’t Get Published.

2020 12

Members’ News Julia Wood’s “Student Séance” chapter from “Julia’s Novelty Bloomers” was included in Phoenix Square’s “Shared on Screen” project broadcast on 25 September. She read from her story “Written in Soup” from the Dahlia Books anthology. She is also involved in Phoenix Square’s “Shared on Screen” project on 17 December. Michele Witthaus had a poem “Overview” published on The Poetry Kit. “This Rage” was included in the Black Lives Matter anthology from CivicLeicester. Two poems, “Malaise” and “Distance Education” published at Bounds Green Book Writers website. Her poem “Invocation” printed on a photograph was included in the Art in the Chapel exhibition hosted online by Bishop Street Methodist Chapel. Rod Duncan was commissioned by Writing East Midlands for their High Street Tales project to produce a short story and photographs celebrating Leicester’s high streets. Siobhan Logan’s poetry pamphlet “The Seasons of Your Going” was shortlisted in Prole’s Pamphlet Competition judged by John McCullough. Mary Byrne judged the Lutterworth Writers’ Short Story Competition 2020 and gave feedback on the entries at a Zoom presentation. Emma Lee’s poem “Blurred Borders” was accepted by The Raven Review (USA). “Vegas Heat” was accepted for the Climate Matters anthology published by Riptide Journal/Cultures Matter. Her short story “The Deceptive Nature of Sales” was published by The Daily Drunk magazine. The video she made of her reading her poem “An Iconic Photograph” was accepted for The Poetry Archive’s World View 2020 series on YouTube. “When Chicken Pox Saved the Day and possibly a marriage” was longlisted in the Strands International Flash Fiction Competition. The High Window Journal accepted three poems, “Who remembers the common daisy?”, “The Long Reach of a Shadow” and “Her reflection isn’t a match” for the spring 2020 issue. Her poem “Red was All About You” was accepted by Anthropocene magazine. “The Primrose Witness” was accepted for The Morning Star’s Poem of the Week feature. “Mary-Sue breaks her silence” was published by The Daily Drunk. Her collection “The Significance of a Dress” has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Leicester City Libraries ran some social media promotions for National Poetry Day (1 October 2020) featuring Emma Lee’s poem “Diary from Holloway Jail, February 1907” for “Welcome to Leicester”, the “Leicester 2084AD” anthology which includes poems from Sarah Barnett and Michele Witthaus, Michele Witthaus’ collection “From a Sheltered Place”, Space Cat Press’ anthology “Uncharted Constellations” (contributions from Rod Duncan, Rob Bray, Mary Byrne, Emma Lee, Yevgeny Salisbury, Michele Witthaus; Siobhan Logan was co-editor) and Emma Lee’s “The Significance of a Dress”.
Reviews Dr Tiffani Angus 19/11/20, Michael Lane’s Masterclass Scriptwriting in a Time of Zoom.
Annual Award winners: Norman King Award for Fiction Rod Duncan, Jean Chapman Children’s Writing Award Hazel Stuart, The Trude Dub Award for Non-Fiction Laura Coleman, The Doris Adams Short Story Award Julia Wood, The Ena Young Poetry Award Michele Witthaus, The Penfold Media Award Michael Lane, The Siobhan Logan Spoken Word Award Emma Lee, Chris d’Lacey Endeavour Award Michele Witthaus, The Nick Leach Award Dave Martin.
Programme 31/1/12 deadline for the LWC Short Story Competition judged by Chris d’Lacey, 11/2/21 Blind Reading, 7-10/5/21 Middle Stanley.

2021 03

Members’ news: Hazel Stuart signed the contract for her second children’s book “Smuggler’s Dungeon”. She also published her MA thesis, “Mark Z Danielewski’s ‘House of Leaves’ and Deleuze and Guattari’s Rhizome Theory”, on Kindle Direct Publishing. Sarah Barrett’s article, “Nick Spencer’s New Spider-Man Twist Literally Demonizes The Mentally Ill” was published in The Mary Sue. Alison Mott’s book for children, “Daniel and Biscuit” was published by Charnwood Creatives. Michele Witthaus’ poem “Our Separation” was accepted for Plymouth University’s Poetry & Covid project. The fifth edition of Ros Masterson’s “Marketing: An Introduction” has been published. Kris Freer’s novel “Imperilled”, based on her Polish mother’s life-story during the Second World War, has been self-published on Amazon Kindle and in paperback. Siobhan Logan’s poem “A Quiet Man” which was published in The Journal magazine has been nominated for the Forward Single Poem Prize. Shortlisted poems are included in the annual anthology published on National Poetry Day. Laura Coleman’s story “When is a Horse Not a Horse” (re-purposed from the Blind Reading evening) was published by The Daily Drunk magazine. JournalsofaPandemic.org are donating the archive of their publication to the Wellcome Trust which will include Julia Wood’s pandemic journals. Cathy Mansell was interviewed on the “Books and Entertainment” programme on a Florida radio station. Rod Duncan’s “All the Secret Postcards” written for the WEM/High Street Tales Commission is now available as a podcast. Emma Lee’s poem “What a Dream Triggers” was accepted for “Denmark” an anthology of poems inspired by “Eyes Wide Shut” edited by Kirsten Garth. Three poems “The Size of a Cow”, “The Castle in the Photograph” and “I Swapped Numbers for Nutrition” were accepted by The Poet magazine. “You had a House to Live In, You were Fed” was published by Janus Literary Review (USA). “A Prayer for Light”, “The Park’s Irregular Visitor” and “A New Breed” were accepted by Common Breath magazine. “A Split Pomegranate Seed” and “On which side is shame?” were accepted by Alien Buddha Zine (USA). The Journal accepted “Who can’t admire a lyricist with a poet’s approach” and “Silver is the Light of Ice and Frost”. Her flash fiction “Failing to Learn Life Lessons from Penguins” was accepted for the anthology “Pandemic Love” from Icefloe Press (Canada). Dreich Poetry Magazine accepted “Creating Comfort Food to Taking Over Me”, “To Counter Gas Lighting”, “The Comfort of Discord”, “Reality Bites” and “Lyrics,” for their pop music themed issue. “It was Red and White” was shortlisted in the Match Girls 1888 Memorial Competition and will be included in the anthology. “The Sea’s Prompt” was accepted by The Kindling. “She Never Thought about Sleep Before” was accepted by Amsterdam Quarterly. “A Dolls’ House as an Infinity Mirror” (inspired by Mary Byrne’s painting “Dolls House II”, credited in the epigram) was accepted by Sonic Boom (India). She read as part of The Broken Spine’s online event on 28 February 2021, broadcast live via Zoom and also recorded for The Broken Spine’s video channel. Her poems “Honey in the Morning” and “Lockdown Blooms” were accepted by Burrow magazine (Australia). “May’s Onion Moon” was accepted by The Coachella Review (USA). The Alchemy Spoon accepted “Incantation for Lost Love” for their spells themed issue. The Seventh Quarry accepted “Narrative Arc” and “The Unfinished Jigsaw” for February 2022. The Poets’ Republic accepted “A Lack of Drama in Skegvegas.” The 81 Word Challenge Anthology, currently available online, will now be issued as a print edition and will include Rob Bray’s “Letter Found in a Dry Stone Wall”, Michael Lane’s “An Invitation”, Ros Masterson’s “They Met By Moonlight”, Ivan Richardson’s “Cursed”, Holly Webster’s “Pumpkins”, Gwyneth Williams’ “Isolation”, Michele Witthaus’ “Alternative History” and Julia Wood’s “Gaia’s Lament”.
Tribute to Kate Ruse
Reviews: Blind Reading 11/2/21, Short Story Competition Judged by Chris d’Lacey Results First: Morag Edwards, Second Michele Witthaus, Third Dave Martin
Programme: States of Independence 24/4/21 online this year will feature LWC..

2021 06

Members’ news: Phillip Irving’s flash fiction “In Aeternus’ was included in the Flametree Publishing newsletter. Michele Witthaus’ poems “Her Way” and “Metamorphosis” were included in Dear Reader, “The Things that Didn’t Go into the Van” was included in Atrium Poetry. “Talking to Houses” was published in The Journal. Ivan Richardson’s “Three Moons” novelette was selected for “Sheer: A Dark Fantasy Anthology” (The Writer’s Block). Liz Chell’s poem “Calliphora Vomitoria (Blue Bottles)” was published in Ink Pantry, “Ephemera Danica (Common Mayfly)” and “Listen” were published in Prospect magazine from Hamby Stem Publishing and “Unsaid Words” was published in Otherwise Engaged. Her reviews of Laura Beasley’s “100neHundred” short story collection and Liz Lefroy’s pamphlet “Great Master, Small Boy” were published at Everybody’s Reviewing. Julia Wood’s story “Three’s a Crowd” was accepted by Bridgehouse Publishing for their anthology on the theme of resolutions. Hazel Stuart’s “Smugglers Dungeon” children’s book has now been published. Siobhan Logan’s poetry pamphlet “Seasons of Your Leaving” was longlisted for the Erbacce Competition. Her poem “Virgil 7 Across” was published in Dempsey & Windle’s anthology “Horses of a Difference Colour” and Siobhan was due to read via Zoom at the launch on 10 June. Liz Byfield’s “Shifting Stones” self-published collection of 65 poems is at the printers. Tim Relf’s poem “Molehills” was poem of the month at Ink, Sweat and Tears. Emma Lee read at The Broken Spine’s poetry event on 28 March, 23 April and 30 May, all three of which were recorded and available on The Broken Spine’s video channel, and at the launch of “Poems for the Year 2020” (Shoestring Press) on 30 March. Her flash “The Skill of Blending Flavours” will be published as part of Flash Flood magazine’s National Flash Fiction Day (#NFFD) on 26 June. Her poem “Tracking Sounds, Crossing Borders” will appear in Arachne Press’ “What Meets the Eye” anthology of D/deaf and hard of hearing poets which will be published in September. “Shaded Days” was accepted for “Cry for the Poor” forthcoming from Culture Matters and edited by Fran Lock. “That Movie Moment” was accepted for Fragmented Voices. “Ashes with Hindsight” was accepted by The Citron Review (USA) for their summer issue. She made the shortlist for the Saboteur Awards Best Reviewer. “Invisible Cuts are the Deepest” won 3rd Prize in the Welshpool International Poetry Competition where judge Steve Pottinger commented, ‘There were several excellent poems which looked at the issue of domestic violence. But what of a relationship where it’s the small things which wound? Where there are no bruises? Control isn’t always physical. Gaslighting is real. This poem forces us to look at them, and perhaps examine the well-meaning reassurances we reach for. A necessary and uncomfortable read.’ She prerecorded her poem “And not even the trees should grow there” for the video to launch “Resistance in the Age of #MeToo” by the University of Regina Press for broadcast on 17 June. Emma was featured writer at the University of Leicester’s Creative Writing blog. The 81 Word Challenge Anthology, currently available online, will now be issued as a print edition by Victorina Press (Peru) and will include Rob Bray’s “Letter Found in a Dry Stone Wall”, Michael Lane’s “An Invitation”, Ros Masterson’s “They Met By Moonlight”, Ivan Richardson’s “Cursed”, Holly Webster’s “Pumpkins”, Gwyneth Williams’ “Isolation”, Michele Witthaus’ “Alternative History” and Julia Wood’s “Gaia’s Lament”.

Reviews: States of Independence

Committee President Phil Irving, Vice-President Dave Martin, Secretary Holly Webster, Treasurer Emma Lee, Committee Members Morag Edwards, Michael Lane, Ros Masterson, Sian Williams.

2021 09

Members’ News Helen Cooper’s short story “Sharp” was published on the Crime Readers’ Association website. Julia Wood’s “The Resurrection of Oscar Wilde: A Cultural Afterlife” (Cambridge, 2007) was cited in Nicholas Frankel’s “The Invention of Oscar Wilde”. She will be reading a piece of creative non-fiction (CNF) on bullying at The Complex Hollywood theatre via Zoom. Mel Beynon won a free Writing East Midlands Writer’s Critique worth £100. Mary Byrne’s short story “Finishing Touches” was Highly Commended in the Frome Short Story Competition. “Vintage Heaven” was long-longlisted, i.e. reached the top 50, in the Brick Lane Short Story Competition. Michael Lane’s short story “To Share a Dawn” was featured on Reesdyprompts contest website. His script, “Strewn Porcelain Dolls”, was given a reading at the Los Angeles Feedback Film Festival. His story “One Day” was taken by Wild Sound Festival. Rod Duncan’s photos were featured along with Mark Goodwin’s poem in response on the Harpy Hybrid Review. Michele Witthaus had two poems in the Cybipoets anthology to fundraise for the Save Penrhos Campaign. Three poems “Home Affairs”, “What was Left Behind” and “When My Cover was Blown” were accepted for the “Settled Status or Indefinite Leave to Remain” anthology. Ivan Richardson’s “The Web” was published in The Sanitarian magazine. Andrew Sharp’s novel, “The Chef, The Bird and The Blessing” follows Mozzy, who dreams of escaping a struggling safari business to become a head chef in an upmarket restaurant in London. Available via Troubador as an e-book or paperback. Yevgeny Salisbury had a paid commission for a tattoo design. Tim Relf ran a workshop “Pitching Articles to Rural-Themed Magazines” for Spelt Magazine in September. Fiona Wilde’s novel, published as Iona Kane, “Sleepless Nights” is now published and available via Amazon. Celtria Wakenarrow (also known as Dill) had piece of flash fiction shortlisted in August’s Writers’ Forum. Ruler’s Wit announced the winners of its short story competition on the theme of ‘Light and Dark’. In 1st place was Emma Lee with “Even a Candle Flame can Brighten a Cellar”. 3rd place Mary Byrne with “In the Night”. 4th place Ivan Richardson with “Four-Legged Angel”. Julia Wood’s “Daisy and Dolly’s Amazing Lockdown Adventure” made the shortlist. All four stories will be included in the forthcoming anthology. Emma Lee’s poem “Ashes with Hindsight” was published by The Citron review (USA). “Centre of the Rink” was published by The Pangolin Review (Mauritius). Her article on Five Leaves bookshop for Independent Bookshop Week was featured on Arachne Press’s website. A poem, “A Ring of Yellow” was published by Re-Side (Cardiff University). “Finding a Voice I’m not sure is mine” was published by Ghost City Review (USA). “My Dream Fireplace” was accepted by Marble Poetry magazine. “No Numbers Included” was published in the inaugural issue of Spoken Worlds. “Drawing Parallels Through a Double Rainbow” will be included in ‘Remembering the Rainbow’ anthology. “Seventy-Three Folds” and “Adjusting the Recipe” were accepted by the Eunoia Review (Singapore). She read at Curve Theatre on 28 August and at The Broken Spine’s contributors’ event on Zoom (recorded for The Broken Spine’s video channel) on 5 September. On 23 September she’ll be reading her poem “Shaded Days” for Culture Matters’ launch of “The Cry for the Poor”. on 30 October, she’ll be reading as part of Arachne Press’s event at the Gloucester Poetry Festival. “The Significance of a Dress” recently had 2 further reviews. From Tears in the Fence, “The vision is broad and profound; it breaks boundaries and borders, leaving a sense of globalism regarding both injustices and hope… The poems of the collection give a voice to people who cannot articulate the hardships they endure.” ARTemis describes it as “Hard to read, but hard to put down.”

Reviews/News Laura Coleman’s interviews with independent bookshops: Five Leaves, Kibworth Bookshop and Fox Books. Leicester Writers’ Club goes hybrid with in person meetings at the Belmont Hotel and virtual connection via Zoom. The Garden Party was held on 5 September.

2021 12

Members news: Space Cat Press’s “Aliens and Otherness” anthology longlisted the following pieces by members: “The Phantasm”, “Twitching” Rob Bray, “Bronius” Mary Byrne, “What the Worry Monster Knows” Sarah Davies, “Live Specimen” Alex Harwood, “Translation” Phillip Irving, “A Sentinel Observes”, “Tales of Bipeds” and “The Ying of Mars, the Yang of Venus” Emma Lee, “Following the Lines”, Ivan Richardson, “Adam’s Apples” Yevgeny Salisbury, “Mask”, “Side Effects May Include”, “Undiagnosed” Michele Witthaus. Making it through to the shortlist were “Twitching” Rob Bray, “Bronius” Mary Byrne, “What the Worry Monster Knows”, Sarah Davies, “Live Specimen” Alex Harwood, “Translation” Phillip Irving, “A Sentinel Observes”, “Tales of Bipeds” and “The Ying of Mars, the Yang of Venus” Emma Lee, “Following the Lines” Ivan Richardson, “Adam’s Apples” Yevgeny Salisbury” “Side Effects May Include” and “Undiagnosed” Michele Witthaus. Mary Byrne’s story “Aftermath” was longlisted in the Historical Writers’ Association Short Story Competition. Her story “The Day the Man in the Straw Hat Visited” was in Leicester Literary Review. Helen Cooper led a workshop with tips for writing a novel at Beaumont Leys Library on 7 October for Leicester’s libraries week. Her story “The Uninvited Caller” was published in Woman magazine. Julia Wood read her short story from “In the Kitchen” at the Dahlia Books’ event at Hamilton Library on 7 October for Leicester’s libraries week. Tim Relf’s poem “Reading Banville” was published on The Friday Poem. Ivan Richardson’s story “The Dragon Slayer’s Mentor” was in “A Hero of a Different Stripe” (Hemelein) and “Flight of the Black Swan” will be published in “Star Treks” (Starry Eyed Press). Cathy Mansell’s novel “The Dublin Girls” now available in large print and audio editions and was a Kindle special deal for November with social media promotions from Headline. She was Tirgearr’s Best Selling Author for November 2021. Morag Edwards’ story “Alice Emily Frances Harriet Cooper” was in the Leicester Literary Review. Michele Witthaus’s story “The Visitors” was in the Leicester Literary Review. She also read at the Poetry and Settled Status for All anthology event via Zoom on 4 December. Rod Duncan is now Senior Creative Writing Lecturer at DeMontfort University and was awarded “Best Student Support” by the DMU Teaching Awards 2021 with the Creative Writing Department as a whole winning the “Best Research Team”. Yev Salisbury’s poem “To the River” was in the Leicester Literary Review. Emma Lee’s poems “The Penalty for Trespassing”, “What You Hear/What I hear”, “She says she sleeps well at night” were taken by The High Window Journal. “How not to build a girl” was taken by Westerly (Australia). The Citron Review (USA) nominated “Ashes with Hindsight” for the Best of the Net Awards. “The Misted Lynx” was shortlisted in the Ghosts of the Landscape competition organised by Writing East Midlands in conjunction with Derbyshire Wildlife Trust and will be included in the competition anthology. “What the Dust Left Uncovered” was accepted by new magazine After…, “Tracing a Love Song” was republished in Fevers of the Mind (USA). “How did she become the woman who couldn’t win” was accepted by Red Fern Review (USA). She read her poem “Natural Neighbours” at the launch of the “Rebel Talk” anthology on 27 November and will be a headline reader at the Organ Grinder, Nottinghamshire on 4 January 2022. As Above So Below magazine took “Amusia” and “Unhelpful Captions (I heard one sine)”. Culture Matters included “The Cut of Those Cold, Sharp Stars” in their Bread and Roses Anthology. Journalist Roger Mills has published a book, “The Queen Mother’s Rebel Cousin: Lilian Bowes Lyon and the East London Blitz”, currently available on Kindle and a print publication is planned, which references Emma’s reviews of Lilian Bowes Lyon’s poetry and her collection “Mimicking a Snowdrop” which features poems inspired by Lilian Bowes Lyon’s life.

Reviews masterclass on How Writers Break the Rules and Get Away with It by Dave Martin, Annual Awards dinner: The Norman King Fiction Award Fiona Wilde, The Jean Chapman Children’s Writing Award Hazel Stuart, The Trude Dub Award for Non-fiction Ros Masterson, The Doris Adams Short Story Award Ivan Richardson, The Penfold Media Award Rod Duncan, The Ena Young Poetry Award Siobhan Logan, The Siobhan Logan Spoken Word Award Emma Lee, The Chris d’Lacey Endeavour Award Ivan Richardson, The Nick Leach Award Ros Masterson.

2022 03

Members’ News: Tim Relf won Second Prize in the McLennan Poetry Competition. Yevgeny Salisbury performed a rap for James Coles’ Nurseries Christmas function. His poem “Herald” was published by the Evington Echo (which has a circulation of 6,000). Michael Lane’s Drabble “Away Day Ticket” and short story “What Did You Do On Your Holiday” were published in Secret Attic. Another Drabble “Sanctuary?” was third in the Secret Attic’s February Competition. Helen Cooper’s novel “The Downstairs Neighbour” has been chosen as the Crime Readers’ Association’s “Read of the Month” for January. Chris d’Lacey’s “Fly Cherokee Fly” is now available in a Japanese edition. Amy Dobson had a short story accepted for the Bi-Visibility anthology. Julia Wood’s short story “One Green Bottle” was published in CafeLit. Morag Edwards’ novel “Broken” (Goldcrest Books) is now available. Michele Witthaus’ poem “Home Improvements” was published on the “The Girl You Need for Self-Esteem” website which led to a podcast interview on 3 March. “Seeing Stars” was published on Atmos.Earth Love Songs for Nature’s Kind project. “Barometric Pressure” was published on the Walk Listen Create website. Peter Devlin’s article “What it was like to live in St Andrews in 1984” was published in St Andrews in Focus. Emma Lee’s poems “A Syncopated Cha Cha” and “Caught in a Song that Describes my Life” were accepted by Mycelium magazine for their music-themed issue. “Making Data Memorable” was published by Dear Reader. “When I wished my name was Anna” was accepted by Janus Literary (USA). “Unhelpful Captions: Dramatic Music” was accepted by The Pangolin Review (Mauritius). “A Pale Fire of Roses” was published by Ink Sweat and Tears. Her short story “When Your Name Means Snow” was accepted by Epoque Press. Poems “Understanding Ghosts”, “The Colours of a Panther” and “A smudge of Cinders” were published by Fevers of the Mind (USA). “A Splash of Colour” was accepted by London Grip magazine. “Butterflies on New Walk” was accepted by the Evington Echo. “A Library in Syria” was published in Hope, Rage and Sunflowers – poems for peace an anthology with proceeds going to Ukraine Hilfe. Flash fiction “The Gold-wrapped Parcel” (originally written for a Blind Reading) was accepted by The Broken Spine.

Reviews: Blind Readings, split event with Gwyneth Williams hosting an in-person event and Ros Masterson hosting the Zoom event. Winners were Yev Salisbury, Holly Webster and Michele Witthaus. Hellie Ogden, literary agent from Janklow and Nesbit.

Article on Trude Dub feature at the Special Collections of the University of Southampton.

2022 06

Members’ News: Helen Cooper’s “The Downstairs Neighbor” American edition was published in March 2022. She was in conversation with Kim Slater at Five Leaves Bookshop during Feminist Book Fortnight. “Where’s Your Argument?”, part of Bloomsbury’s Pocket Skills series and designed to help students with their academic assignment writing process, co-authored with Michael Shoobred has gone into a second edition. “The Other Guest”, her second novel, is due out in July 2022. Julia Wood’s story “One Green Bottle” was Highly Commended in the Anansi Archive Short Story Awards and “The House Whisperer” published in the competition anthology. “Why Can’t I?” was published by Writers Foundry Review (USA). Beth Gaylard read three poems at the Creative Writing Student Showcase during Literary Leicester in March 2022. Her review of Judith Allnatt’s “A Mile of River” was published on Everybody’s Reviewing (University of Leicester) website. Tim Relf interviewed Frank Skinner about his poetry podcast (planetradio.co.uk/podcasts/frank-skinner-poetry-podcast/) which features contemporary poets, e.g. Caroline Bird, alongside classes such as Milton for the National Poetry Society’s Poetry News. His poem “Brave” was published in 1 Hand Clapping and “Not even October” was in the Spectator. “Sorry, Barber” was published in The Frogmore Papers. “Long Lines” was published in Acumen. Mary Byrne and Yevgeny Salisbury attended the launch of the Leicester Literary Review, edited by Tim Grayson, at Fox Books on 14 April. Morag Edwards and Michele Witthaus also have stories in the review but weren’t able to attend the launch. Mary Byrne was commissioned to produce artworks on the servants of Nanpantan Hall held by the Pagets (a name chosen for a character in Mary’s novel) and these were on display from 13-15 May 2022. Rod Duncan read at Loughborough University’s Behind the Mask event on 4 June 2022. Ivan Richards was interviewed by Starry Eyed Press. Siobhan Logan’s proposal to run an event based around “Philae’s Book of Hours” and the Rosetta mission as part of the British Science Festival hosted by De Montfort University in September has been accepted and will go ahead. Mel Read’s “The Vacant Space: The Journal of an Ageing Feminist” has been published to raise funds for Women’s Aid Leicestershire. Marianne Whiting gave a talk on her Shieldmaiden trilogy at Ashby Writers’ Club on 24 May. Morag Edwards’ novel “Broken” was a finalist in the National Indie Excellence Awards. The “81 Word Stories” anthology, featuring stories from several members, won the Saboteur Awards Best Anthology. Emma Lee was shortlisted for the Best Reviewer Award. Emma Lee’s poems, “Joy in a Waltz”, “This will be an American Smooth” and “The Non-fatal Gas Leak” were accepted by Bindweed for their June issue. “A Fashionable Samba” was accepted by Acumen. “A Hurricane’s Bluster” was published by Dear Reader. “Crackle and Drag” and “Phonics were no use to me” will be included in Southwark Libraries’ Map of Reading project along with audio and video recordings. “You sent me a Playlist” was published at Rare Swan Press. “Building a City with No Heart” was accepted by the Mechanics Institute Review published by Birkbeck College. “The Balance of a Skater’s Tongue” was accepted by the inaugural issue of the Instant Noodle Literary Review edited by Sean Wei Keung. Emma was requested to take part in an interview by a BSc student in Media Production at DMU. The student had seen that Emma had been awarded the Siobhan Logan Spoken Word Award and thought she might be a good subject. The interview was filmed in Queen’s Building for the student’s portfolio on 29 March and will go live on YouTube later. She was also interviewed on Matt Leach’s Poetry Blog

Reviews: States of Independence, Short Story Competition winners 1st place Amy Dobson, 2nd place Chris d’Lacey, 3rd place Mary Byrne. Amy McCulloch’s talk, Middle Stanley.

Committee: President Dave Martin, Vice-President Morag Edwards, Secretary Helen Cooper, Treasurer Emma Lee, Committee Members Rod Duncan, Stephen Holloway and Phil Irving.

2022 09

Members’ News: Phil Irving’s short story “In Aeturnus” was included “Best of British Science Fiction 2021”. Phil was also on the BFS short story judging panel. Michele Witthaus’s “Road Trip” accepted for a forthcoming anthology, “Out of the Dark” and “What Comes at the End” in a new Victorina Press anthology. “Sustainable Maritime Interiors”, a 20,000 word white paper, written for a client. Her poem “The Boy Who Loved Water” was accepted by The Other Side of Hope magazine. “Flow” was longlisted for Lucent Dreaming. “Arboricultural Assessment” was longlisted in WEM’s Aurora Prize. Hazel Stuart was interviewed on YouTube featuring her research on Robert Kirk. Rod Duncan gave a talk on “Imagined Worlds” via Zoom at a Building Bridges event on 26 June 2022. Mary Byrne ran a Creative Writing Workshop, “Trailing Words” at the Outwoods Sculpture Trail on 25 June. Tim Relf’s article “The Big Break” about crucial turning points in six poets’ careers was published in the Poetry Society’s members’ newsletter. A review of the Cheltenham Poetry Festival, “Poetic Justice”, was featured in Cotswold Life. Julia Wood’s monologue “A Plague of Kindness” was performed at Monologue Monday and will be performed at Telford Warehouse Chester on 21 September. Her short story “The Sea Child” was published in CafeLit. The first chapter of “Jenny Bean” was longlisted in the Fiction Factory First Chapter Competition. Amy Dobson had a short story included in an anthology from Black Cat Press. Another short story “Kinder Downfall” was published in CafeLit. Dave Martin’s story was shortlisted for the Bath Short Story Award. Ivan Richardson’s “Before the White Elephant” won 3rd Prize in the Leicester Writes Short Story Prize and will be included in the competition anthology. Yevgeny Salisbury was asked to contribute a poem to Evington Echo’s autumn issue. Michael Lane’s short film “Hands” was an Award Winner at the Tokyo Film Awards and has been selected for inclusion at the Golden Wheat Festival in Turkey. Emma Lee read at Some Antics on 17 June and 15 July. Her poem “Why Doesn’t She Just Leave” was accepted for the “Under Her Eye” anthology due from Black Spot Books (USA). “When Summer Love Songs dominate the airwaves” (a ghazal), “Searching for Musical Authenticity” (a ghazal) and “How Clean is Your House?” (a sijo) were accepted by Eastern Structures (Canada).  “Editing the Poem” and “The Velvet Queen” Snow Leopard Conservancy were both finalists in the Snow Leopard Conservancy Art & Poetry Competition which had over 10,000 entries. “The Velvet Queen” was awarded an Honorable Mention and “Editing the Poem” 6th Place. “Unhelpful Captions: Speaking a Foreign Language”, “It’s just a bunch of flowers” and “I wanted him to look at me the way he looks at her” were accepted by Live Encounters (Indonesia). “About the Party” was accepted by Black Nore Review. “No One can Lift Her” was accepted by Al-Khemia magazine (USA). “Seven Seven Bleeker Street”, “A Syncopated Cha Cha” and “Purple Lights over the Mediterranean” were published in Fevers of the Mind (USA) for their Prince themed issue.  Her blog was listed as one of the Top 10 Poetry Review Blogs on Feedspot.

Photos from the Garden Party

Programme: 6/10/22 Mark Edwards, 10/11/22 Annual Awards Dinner.

2022 12

Members’ News: On 26/11/22 was the Space Cat Press launch for both the “Uncharted Constellations” and “Severed Souls” anthologies, which featured readings from Rob Bray, Mary Byrne, Phil Irving, Emma Lee, Yev Salisbury, Ivan Richardson and Michele Witthaus with Siobhan Logan introducing and wrapping up the event. Rod Duncan read “Secret Postcards” at BetaX on 13 September. His poem “But One Country” was featured in an interpretative dance event at DMU on 5 December. Geraint Roberts’ book on the Aberystwyth to Carmarthen Railway is due from Lightmoor Books in 2023. Morag Edwards’ short story “Cold Cuts” was shortlisted in the Wells Short Story Prize. Mark Brandon joined The Tiny Bookcase podcast with a writing challenge and interview which was broadcast in October. Julia Wood read an extract from “Jenny Bean” at Word!’s Pride Event in September. Her flash fiction “Clownangel” won an Honorable Mention in the Global Soup First Sentence competition and “The Girl Who Tried to Haunt Herself” was shortlisted in the short story competition. Her monologue, “Sandcastles” was performed at Telford Warehouse on 23 November. “Jenny Bean” was longlisted in the Comedy Women in Print Competition. Kathryn Moores had four poems published. Hazel Stuart’s “All Eyes Were on Him” was published in “Other Lives in Samuel Pepys’s Diary”. Olivia Petris had a short story shortlisted in the Global Soup short story competition. Amy Dobson had a piece accepted for The Leicester Literary Review. Michele Witthaus’s poem “The New Shape of Fear” was published in the Journal of Therapy. Three poems were shortlisted for the forthcoming “Welcome to Britain” anthology (final decision still pending). Stephen Holloway’s short story “Post-apocalyptic Media” has been accepted. Emma Lee’s poems “Even amidst the fierce flames the golden lotus can be planted”, “Like a child forming itself finger by finger in the dark”, “Reading her Letters”, “Crackle and Drag”, “A Contemporary Visit to 3 Chalcot Square”, were published in the Fevers of the Mind (USA) feature on Sylvia Plath. “When a small forgery might be justified,” “Treading Water,” “Did You hear the one about…” and “(Emotional) Blackmail” were accepted by Epoque Magazine. “We apologise no subtitles are available for this programme” was accepted by Poetry Scotland. “When the bridge cracked”, “I wished I could hug the Zamboni Machine” and “Rain-darkened Day” were accepted by The High Window Journal. The Leicester Literary Review’s editor asked if they could include her poem “Yellow Torchlight and the Blues” in their 2023 issue. Wildfire Words accepted “Unhelpful Captions: Ambient Music”, “The Melt of a Foxtrot” and “Even small flames can be fierce”. During a Zoom meeting to record the three poems for the magazine, the editors asked if they could reprint “Even small flames can be fierce” with the audio for their remembrance themed issue. She performed at Some Antics in October and November. Her story “The Thread back to Charlotte’s Basement” was published in Al-Khemia magazine.

Review Mark Edwards. Annual Awards dinner: The Norman King Fiction Award Helen Cooper, The Jean Chapman Children’s Writing Award Chris d’Lacey, The Trude Dub Award for Non-fiction Emma Lee, The Doris Adams Short Story Award Ivan Richardson, The Penfold Media Award Michael Lane, The Ena Young Poetry Award Emma Lee, The Siobhan Logan Spoken Word Award Siobhan Logan, The Chris d’Lacey Endeavour Award Julia Wood, The Nick Leach Award Rod Duncan and Emma Lee.

Programme: 19/1/23 Jacob Ross, 28/1/23 Masterclass Contemporary Poetry Structures and from Submitting Poems to Promoting Poems