Catalogue of Leicester Writers’ Club Archives

Archive Materials

Catalogue of news clippings, programmes, photographs that comprise the Club archives. If anyone has archive material they are interested in contributing to the Club archives, please contact a committee member or complete the contact form. Some members are known by more than one name and this is indicated in brackets, usually the name that appears in the archive material is the first mentioned.

SB – scrapbook; numbers match the number on the scrapbooks.

BF1 – box file held separately to the scrapbooks.

Club newsletters are listed separately.


SB1 7/1961 feature on Club members, Ena Young, Sheila Dalton (Sheila Cyblunyk) and Derek Taylor reading work on BBC Radio.

SB1 1/1963 Photo from buffet supper showing Tom Smith, President, Ellsye Finnie and A E Gardner.

SB1 6/1963 Leicester Mercury Feature Irene Wilson’s broadcast “How did we manage?”

SB1 8/1963 Leicester Chronicle article on A Eric Gardner “Daughter’s Challenge led to Writing Hobby”

SB1 9/1963 Leicester Mercury photo and mention of Irene Wilson “The Priest’s Wife’s Tale”

SB1 27/9/1963 Illustrated Chronicle feature Marjorie Wing, Valeen Marriott, Enid Spurr

SB1 4/10/1963 Illustrated Chronicle feature Kathleen Eyre

SB1 11/10/1963 Illustrated Chronicle feature Nancy Smith

SB1 18/10/1963 Illustrated Chronicle feature Sheila Cybulnyk (Sheila Dalton)

SB1 1/11/1963 Illustrated Chronicle feature Betty Best

SB1 8/11/1963 Illustrated Chronicle feature Una Hurst

SB1 12/11/63 Leicester Mercury feature Ellsye Finnie reading “The Lesson” on the BBC Home Service. Also mentions of Ena Young, Sheila Dalton (Sheila Cybulnyk).

SB1 14/12/1963 Woman’s Realm illustration accompanying Ena Young’s story “Deep Burns the Flame”

SB1 12/1963 Leicester Mercury header for regular feature J C Badcock’s Nature Notes

SB1 1964 Leicester Mercury photo Tom Smith presenting Marjorie Wing with book token as winner of the Christmas competition for story “A Time for Adrian”. Also pictured Susan Vyner (second prize). Not pictured Derek Taylor (third prize).

SB1 3/1/1964 Illustrated Chronicle feature Ellsye Finnie

SB1 10/1/1964 Illustrated Chronicle feature Enid Spurr

SB1 17/1/1964 Illustrated Chronicle feature Marjorie Wing

SB1 27/1/1964 Leicester Mercury articles by Trude Dub “The Painter” “The Writer” “The Sculptor” “The Violinist” “The Producer”

SB1 1964 Radio Listing “Word by Word” by Trude Dub

SB1 31/1/1964 Illustrated Chronicle feature Valeen Marriott

SB1 28/2/1964 Leicester Mercury article by Marjorie Wing “Senior Citizens’ club – at the seaside”

SB1 1964 probably February Undated Leicester Mercury feature on Ena Young “And the Net Menders Too” novel which won the Netta Muskett Award (RNA) and acceptance of radio play “Missing – One Bracelet”

SB1 12/2/1964 Leicester Mercury article “Days of Glory at the Castle” about Leicester’s heritage by Betty Best

SB1 2/3/1964 Leicester Mercury “The Lonely Ones” featured articles by Trude Dub

SB1 16/3/1964 Leicester Mercury mention Warren Graves’ radio play “The Chinese Restaurant”

SB1 3/1964 Ballroom Dance magazine article “Don’t Creak – Dance! by Marjorie Wing

SB1 20/5/1964 Leicester Mercury mention “Indian Summer” radio play by Ena Young

SB1 1964 between March and October Undated BBC Radio Listing “The Clean Break” by Derek Taylor

SB1 18/10/1964 Leicester Mercury “A class, a club – a success” article by Trude Dub

SB1 10/1964 Ballroom Dance Magazine article “A Wallflower’s Philosophy” by Marjorie Wing

SB1 1964 probably November Leicester Mercury “Writers’ Club Trophy” Norman King trophy awarded to Derek Taylor confirms Norman King “the well-known author of stage and television plays” was a speaker who made a donation to the Club

SB1 1964 probably November Radio Listings “Mary’s Dead” Muriel Lamb and “The Rendezous” by Sheila Dalton (Sheila Cybulnyk) stories broadcast in the Morning Story feature.

SB1 25/5/1964 Leicester Mercury article “Sex and the Teenagers” by Trude Dub

SB1 28/11/1964 Leicester Mercury feature mentioning BBC broadcasts by E B Chapman “Cats”, Ena Young on Regional Extra, “Shire Talk” by Trude Dub and a poem by Sheila Dalton

SB1 1964 Publication of “Blue Fingers” poem by Abigail Fawcett

SB1 probably November BBC Listings “Word by Word” Trude Dub, poem by Sheila Dalton, “Ambush” short story by Terence Cooper, “My Mother’s Linen Cupboard” talk by Trude Dub.

SB1 1964 probably November Leicester Mercury photo award winners Tom Smith President, A Slade from LAEC, Ena Young, E B Chapman, Derek Taylor.

SB1 30/1/1965 Leicester Mercury “Requiem” poem by Sheila Taylor

SB1 27/3/1965 Competitors Journal and Money Matters “Minding the Dog” article by Marjorie Wing

SB1 1965 between April and October Leicester Mercury mention BBC acceptance of Betty M Taylor’s three stories

SB1 1965 between April and October Leicester Mercury mention Ena Young’s “The Shuttered House” second novel accepted

SB1 1965 between April and October Leicester Mercury “Dancing Grandma” small feature on Marjorie Wing

SB1 19/11/1965 Listing BBC radio “Writing to Istvan” by Derek Taylor

SB1 7/1/1966 Leicester Mercury photo award winners Trude Dub, Valeen Marriott, Ellyse Finnie

SB1 17/3/1966 Leicester Mercury mention Ena Young’s sale of “Flamenco Love Song” to US publisher plus “Signposts to Love” UK publication

SB1 23/3/1966 Leicester Mercury BBC broadcast Sheila Cybulnyk’s (Sheila Dalton) poem

SB1 25/3/1966 Leicester Mercury “Cats, cats all the way” talk by E B Chapman and “My Mother’s linen cupboard” talk by Trude Dub to be broadcast on BBC.

SB1 21/7/1966 Leicester Mercury listing “Bach’s Coffee Cantata” talk by Ellsye Finnie to be broadcast on BBC.

SB1 27/7/1966 Radio Listing for Ellsye Finnie on Bach’s Coffee Cantata

SB1 29/7/1966 Illustrated Chronicle “Five Years of Rejection Pay Off for Mrs Young” feature by Trude Dub on Ena Young

SB1 24/8/1966 Radio Listing Trude Dub “Under the Bridge of Prague” talk and Betty Best’s “Going to the Pictures”

SB1 9/1966 Leicester Mercury mention of Betty Taylor’s three stories broadcast on BBC

SB1 29/9/1966 Leicester Mercury mention of BBC anthology of broadcast stories includes stories by Trude Dub and E B Chapman.

SB1 17/10/1966 Leicester Mercury mention Ellsye Finnie’s prize essay in the National Essay Competition of the Archbishop of York “Feed the Minds” campaign.

SB1 7/12/1966 Leicester Mercury feature on Sheila Cybulnyk’s (Sheila Dalton) three stories being broadcast on BBC

SB1 1966 probably December Leicester Mercury mention Ena Young’s two books “Wheel of Love” and “Signposts to Love” accepted.

SB1 6/1/1967 Leicester Mercury photo award winners Valeen Marriott, Margaret Plummer and Derek Taylor

BF1 27/1/1967 Copy Uncredited Clipping Trude Dub feature on Derek Taylor

SB1 2/1967 Notice Ellyse Finnie gave address at Syston Baptist Church for Women’s World Day of Prayer

SB1 18/2/1967 Leicester Mercury feature “Writers Club Edition” short story anthology with stories from Derek Taylor and Mike Brewer’s “City on Trial”.

SB1 11/5/1967 Radio Listing Trude Dub introducing Czech folk music

SB1 6/1967 Daily Telegraph article “When an Accent is a Conversation Piece” by Trude Dub

SB1 3/7/1967 Leicester Mercury feature “The Oleander” Trude Dub’s talk on BBC Radio

SB1 3/7/1967 Leicester Mercury feature Ena Young’s fourth novel “Love on the Wind” accepted for publication

SB1 25/10/1967 Leicester Mercury feature Sheila Dalton (Cybulnyk) short story “Afternoon Tea” on BBC Radio

SB1 12/1967 Leicester Mercury feature Betty Best and Ellsye Finnie won prizes in the “Feed the Minds” competition for essays

SB1 1/1968 Leicester Mercury feature Margaret Plummer’s second children’s book “Rama Returns”, a sequel to “One Rupee”

SB1 5/1/1968 Leicester Mercury photo award winners E B Chapman President, Ellsye Finnie, Marjorie Wing, Pamela Watkins.

SB1 6/1/1968 Leicester Mercury feature on E B Chapman retiring as Club President and Ena Young’s election as President.

SB1 28/1/1968 Leicester Mercury photo of Trude Dub as guest speaker at the Leicester branch of the European Union of Women

SB1 29/4/1968 Leicester Mercury feature on Trude Dub’s talk on her Terezin Concentration Camp pilgrimage on BBC Radio 4.

SB1 15/5/1968 Leicester Mercury profile on Ena Young “Falling in Love has never lost its mystery for me”

SB1 15/5/1968 BBC Radio Leicester listing featuring Ellsye Finnie’s “Thought for the Day”

24/7/1968 Leicester Mercury article on Kathleen Eyre “Stories from someone who understands children”

SB1 7/8/1968 Leicester Mercury feature “Mrs Hilton has plenty to write about” feature on Marion (Cooper) Hilton

SB1 9/8/1968 BBC Radio Leicester listing “Richard at the Seaside” by Kathleen Eyre read during “Listen with Mother”

SB1 9/8/1968 BBC Radio Leicester listing “Indian Summer” story by Marion Hilton

SB1 Undated probably summer 1968 Photo from Swannick Ena Young, Kate Eyre, Terry Cooper, Margaret Plummer, Marjorie Wing, Mike Brewer, Abigail Fawcett.

SB1 6/12/1968 Illustrated Chronicle Feature “The Best Present Ever!” with George Thorpe “In Flanders” “Berlin Christmas” by A T (Terry) Bilson, “Cornish Ghost” by E B Chapman “Silver Wedding” by Margaret (Peggy) Knight, “A Gift at Christmas” by Mike Brewer, “Marvels Never Say No” by Nancy Smith, “The Night Walk” by Sheila Dalton (Cybunlyk)

SB1 3/1/1969 Leicester Mercury photo award winners Margaret Plummer, Ellsye Finnie and Ena Young, President.

SB1 1969 CD featuring 5 programmes from “Poetry is for People” series introduced by Dorothy Sully, Gay Swinton, Larry Greenwood and Mike Brewer

SB1 6/1/1969 Leicester Mercury death notice Tom Smith referred to as First Leicester Writers’ Club President.

SB1 16/1/1969 Leicester Mercury feature “The baddie who was too nice to be killed” profile of Ena Young with news her fifth novel had been accepted and her fourth would be published in Norway.

SB1 6/2/1969 Leicester Mercury feature “City Teacher’s Tale of Love and Passion” Margaret York’s first novel “Divine Son of Ra” published.

SB1 23/8/1969 Leicester Mercury feature on Betty Taylor’s children’s stories being broadcast on the BBC and mention of Dorothy Sully’s story “Storm over the Mountain”

SB1 15/10/1969 BBC Listen with Mother listing “Teddy Bear’s Good Deed” by Kathleen Eyre

SB1 29/10/1969 Radio Times listing “The Widower” Bill Collett’s talk

SB1 28/8/1969 BBC Radio Leicester listing “Storm over the Mountain” story by Dorothy Sully

SB1 8/1/1970 Leicester Mercury award winners photo Betty Taylor, Ena Young President, Margaret York, Jean Chapman

SB1 1/2/1970 Leicester Mercury feature Rosalind Brackenbury’s first novel “Tomorrow is my birthday” accepted

SB1 19/06/1970 Radio Times listing “The Thick of Things” by Marion Cooper Hilton

SB1 11/09/1970 Radio Times listing “The Bat Summer” Sheila Dalton

SB1 29/9/1970 Leicester Mercury feature Abigail Fawcett’s poetry collection “Junior Jingles” published

SB1 2/10/1970 Radio Times listing “The Red Country” by Dorothy Taylor

SB1 3/10/1970 Leicester Mercury feature on Dorothy Taylor’s story “The Red Country” broadcast on BBC Radio.

SB1 10/10/1970 Leicester Mercury feature “Thurmaston authoress’s fifth historical novel” profile on Doris Sutcliffe Adams. Novel was “Breed of Wolves” set in 1173.

SB1 15/10/1970 Leicester Mercury award winners photo Margaret York, Marjorie Wing President, Ellsye Finnie

SB1 29/10/1970 Leicester Mercury Woman’s Page feature on Dorothy Taylor

SB1 2/12/1970 Leicester |Mercury feature Doreen Dade’s story “The Good Omen” on BBC Radio.

SB1 4/12/1970 Radio Times Listing “The Good Omen” Doreen Dade

SB1 31/12/1970 Radio Times Listing Bill Collett on BBC Radio Leicester’s Breakfast Club

SB1 14/1/1971 Leicester Mercury “Library Choice” listing 6 most borrowed titles from Leicester Libraries includes Margaret York’s “The Warwick Heiress” at number 6 (listed as Margaret Abbey)

SB1 2/3/1971 Leicester Mercury feature Marion (Cooper) Hilton’s suggestion to rename the Union Jack the “I’m alright Jack”

SB1 20/03/1971 Programme for Leicester Writers’ Club One Day School 9.30am – 6pm at Leicester University with lectures from Nancy Martin, Mrs C M Stott (Mary Stott), Roy Russell, Gerald Pollinger, Joan Stubbs. Accompanying photo shows full lecture theatre and photo of presenters.

SB1 21/3/1971 Radio Times listing Ellsye Finnie Thought for the Day

SB1 22/3/1971 Leicester Mercury feature on Leicester Writers’ Club One Day School

BF1 27/5/71 Copy Leicester Mercury notice for radio programme Audition with a short story “All is Vanity” by Susan Collins and Mike Brewer as studio guest

SB1 8/9/1971 Radio Times listing Ellsye Finnie and Emma Tindall were guests on Audition on BBC Radio Leicester

SB1 12/9/1971 Radio Times Listing Alice Odell’s Thought for the Day

SB1 18/9/1971 Radio Times Listing Alice Odell’s Thought for the Day

SB1 11/11/1971 Leicester Mercury photo award winners Doris Sutcliffe Adams and Betty Taylor.

SB1 26/11/1971 Leicester Mercury feature on Edwin Chapman (E B Chapman’s) retirement from surveying

SB1 30/11/1971 Radio Times Listing “The Lighthouse” story by Betty Taylor on Listen with Mother

SB1 12/1971 Radio Times Listing “Jenny and the Singing Animals” story by Kathleen Eyre on Listen with Mother

SB1 7/1/1972 Radio Times listing “From Jason with Love” Ellsye Finnie’s short story on Morning Story

SB1 7/1/1972 Radio Times Listing Coffee Break with Ellsye Finnie’s talk on the life story of Grace Bell

SB1 7/1/1972 Leicester Mercury feature Ellsye Finnie’s “From Jason with Love” on BBC Radio

SB1 2/5/1972 Radio Times Listing “An Anstey Mum” by Frances Cawrey told by Ellsye Finnie

SB1 6/1972 Radio Times Listing “Days Gone By” by Frances Cawrey read by Ellsye Finnie

SB1 6/1972 Leicester Mercury feature “Poets Galore in Melton District” mentions the Melton Writers’ Club competition had 44 entries from poets

BF1 9/1972 Posters and Correspondence re EXPO 1972.

SB1 9/1972 Leicester Mercury feature “In their own write” Leicester Writers’ Club’s EXPO stand

SB1 9/1972 Melton and Rutland Journal feature Ellsye Finnie took first prize in both poetry and short story sections of the Melton Writers’ Club competition

SB1 17/10/1972 Leicester Mercury feature “Where criticism is a spur to success” columnist Olive Nelson’s visit to LWC.

SB1 23/11/1972 Leicester Mercury award winners photo Trude Dub President, Betty Taylor, Ellsye Finnie, Margaret York

SB2 18/5/1973 Leicester Mercury feature on the Long Eaton Advertiser’s short story competition. Richard Sherwood 1st prize, Grace Goodwin won 2nd, 3rd and 4th prizes. Gay Swinton won the poetry section.

SB2 8/6/1973 Leicester Chronicle feature Margaret York’s 10th book “Etain of the Red Hair”

SB2 25/7/1973 Leicester Mercury feature Doris Sutcliffe Adams’s novel “Red Adam’s Lady” published under pen name Grace Ingram. Publishers did not want “Adams” duplicated on book cover so asked either the title changed or author used a pen-name

SB2 11/9/73 Smith’s Trade News feature on “Red Adam’s Lady” by Grace Ingram (Doris Sutcliffe Adams)

SB2 21/11/1973 Leicester Mercury feature award winners with photo of Doris Adams

SB2 6/12/1973 Leicester Mercury feature on winners of East Midlands Arts Association Dialect Competition. Poetry 1st prize Mollie Bosomworth, 2nd G H Dexter and George Crane. Short story 1st prize Rosemary Hoggard,

SB2 7/2/1974 Leicester Mercury “Books to Borrow” feature mentions “Young Winter’s Tales 4” featuring a poem by Sheila Dalton (Cybulnyk)

SB2 8/2/1974 Leicester Chronicle feature “Everybody’s happy at the Wheelchair School” article written by Trude Dub

SB2 8/2/1974 Leicester Chronicle “Tales from terraceland” profile on Rosemary Hoggard

SB2 5/1974 Leicester Mercury feature Margaret York’s 13th novel “The Bridgetown Maid”

SB2 4/5/1974 Leicester Mercury feature Long Eaton Festival of Music and Arts Best Short Story Award won by Sheila Dalton (Cybulnyk) and her daughter Linda won Poet of the Year Cup. Other members placed were Gay Swinton 1st prize poetry section, Elizabeth Farrant 2nd, highly commended: Ron Foster, Ann Tate and Shiela Cybulnyk. Highly commended stories: Frances Clark, Terry Cooper, Ena Young and Elizabeth Farrant.

SB2 21/11/1974 Leicester Mercury photo award winners Marjorie Wing, Betty Taylor President Joan Stubbs and Ena Young

SB2 16/12/1974 Leicester Mercury feature on LWC officer elections: President Betty Taylor, Vice Trude Dub, Secretary Huw Watkins, Treasurer Frances Clark, Committee Members Kate Eyre, Marjorie Wing, Dorothy Taylor, Ena Young, Jean Chapman, Terry Cooper, Ellsye Finnie, Gay Swinton, Mike Brewer

SB2 Undated beginning 1975 Leicester Mercury feature “Disappearing Cheese Elbows” written by Marian (Cooper) Hilton

SB2 31/5/1975 Leicester Mercury “Today’s Children need to be taught how to play” feature by Elizabeth Farrant

SB2 31/5/1975 Leicester Mercury feature “They too must eat who fill the library shelves” by Margaret Abbey (York)

SB2 19/7/1975 Leicester Mercury Kate Eyre voted Speaker of the Year by Whitehall Townswomen’s Guild

SB2 Undated summer 1975 Leicester Mercury profile of Margaret York “Teacher quits school to write novels”

SB2 Undated summer 1975 Leicester Mercury Long Eaton Festival of Music and Arts prize winners 1st prize poetry Gay Swinton, commended Elizabeth Farrant. 2nd prize short story Jean Chapman 3rd Ann Tate, 4th joint Rosemary Hoggard and Elizabeth Farrant.

SB2 Undated summer 1975 Leicester Mercury feature “The Conceited Red Balloon” by Angela Pickering, previously broadcast on Listen with Mother will be read by Wendy Craig on a compilation record. Angela’s story “The Hippotamus who Yawned” will be broadcast on Listen with Mother on 2 January 1976.

SB2 20/11/1975 Leicester Mercury award winners photo Betty Taylor, Ena Young, Sheila Dalton (Cybulnyk) and Jean Chapman

SB2 29/3/1976 Radio Times Listing Ellsye Finnie’s Thought for the Day

SB2 14/4/1976 Radio Times Listing “Jenny and the Singing Animals” children’s story by Kathleen Eyre

SB2 7/9/1976 Leicester Mercury feature on Phoenix Theatre Company led by Dennis Sharman

SB2 Undated September 1976 likely Leicester Mercury feature “To write for Australians” Ann Palmer of LWC appointed as British correspondent for The Australian Horse and Rider

SB2 16/10/1976 Leicester Mercury report on LWC’s Poetry Contest 1st Jean Chapman 2nd Sheila Dalton (Cybulnyk) 3rd Gay Swinton judged by Jean Downer from Nottingham.

SB2 9/1976 Leicester Mercury feature Kate (Kathleen) Eyre takes over as Club secretary from Huw Watkins

SB2 1/11/1976 Leicester Mercury profile on Katie (Kathleen) Eyre, romantic short story writer and grandmother.

SB2 18/11/1976 Leicester Mercury photo award winners Jean Chapman, Sheila Dalton (Cybulnyk), Ellsye Finnie, Ena Young.

SB2 20/1/1977 Leicester Mercury “Denmark visit brought a surprise 58 years later” feature on Herbert Orton a former RN surgeon who wrote to Danish museum in the hope of obtaining a photograph from a ceremony in 1918.

BF1 22/4/1977 Copy Leicester Mercury clipping Dennis Sharman playwright spoke at Leicester Writers’ Club

SB2 13/5/1977 Leicester Mercury journalist Joan Stephens speaks at Leicester Writers’ Club whose member Jean Chapman has just won both short story and poetry competitions of the Long Eaton Arts Festival

SB2 7/1977 Leicester Mercury feature Grace Goodwin 1st novel “A Way to His Heart” published

SB2 10/8/1977 Leicester Mercury feature Margaret York’s “The House of the Enchantress”, her 17th novel, published

SB2 1977 Undated Leicester Mercury feature on Matt Kelly’s sponsored swim at St Margaret’s Baths. Also mentions he writes short stories and is a member of LWC.

SB2 21/10/1977 Leicester Chronicle feature on Abigail Fawcett written by Trude Dub

SB1 17/11/1977 Leicester Mercury photo award winners Doris Adams, Elizabeth Farrant, Jean Chapman President, Ann Tate.

SB2 17/11/1977 Leicester Mercury photo award winners Doris Adams, Elizabeth Farrant, Jean Chapman President, Ann Tate.

SB2 2/1978 Leicester Mercury feature “Novel way to remember” “The Heart is a Traitor” by Margaret York published to coincide with a launch of a memorial fund by the Richard III Society. Margaret York was Chair of the Leicester Branch.

SB2 1978 Leicester Mercury feature “Gilded Spurs” by Doris Adams is published under pen-name Grace Ingram Pen-name came about because her first book “Red Adam’s Lady” would have meant two “Adams” on the cover and the publishers wanted either title or name to change.

SB2 3/1978 Leicester Mercury feature on LWC’s One Day School

SB2 4/1978 Leicester Mercury feature on Grace Goodwin

SB2 4/1978 Leicester Mercury feature Margaret York’s 19th book “Queen of the Dark Realms”

SB2 24/5/1978 Leicester Mercury obituary for Barbara Henderson

SB2 20/5/1978 LWC’s One Day School 9.30am – 5.30pm Leicester University. Lecturers Constance Heaven, Martin Jenkins (BBC), Rosemary Gould (Laurence Pollinger literary agency), John Smith (editor Poetry Review)

SB2 22/5/1978 Leicester Mercury LWC celebrating 25 years with One Day School at Leicester University

SB2 1/6/1978 Leicester Mercury obituary Margaret Knight

SB2 23/8/1978 Leicester Mercury feature Marjorie Wing “The Morning of the Ball” play published in “Three Costume Plays for Women”

SB2 13/11/1978 Leicester Mercury feature Grace Goodwin’s 1st novel “The Way to his Heart” published.

SB2 16/11/1978 Leicester Mercury award winners photo Ena Young president, Grace Goodwin, Gay Swinton, Elizabeth Farrant, Ellsye Finnie

SB2 30/12/1978 Leicester Mercury profile on Margaret York

SB2 Undated position suggests 11/1978 Leicester Mercury awards photo Ann Tate, Gay Swinton, Ena Young with President Richard Sherwood

SB2 16/11/1979 Leicester Mercury award winners photo Gay Swinton, Margaret York, Ann Tate, Elizabeth Farrant, Ena Young President

BF1 19/11/1979 Copy Leicester Mercury Clipping Michael Bartlett of the BBC gave a talk at Leicester Writers’ Club

SB2 30/1/1980 Leicester Mercury Jean Chapman’s 1st novel “The Unreasoning Earth” published.

SB2 2/2/1980 Leicester Mercury feature Margaret York “Pandora’s Box” published. Also lists Margaret’s pen-names Elizabeth York, Joanna Makepeace, Margaret Abbey and Margaret Lovell.

SB2 12/04/1980 Leicester Mercury feature Rob Childs “Soccer at Sandford” children’s book published

SB2 6/1980 Radio Leicester Short Story Competition won by Richard Sherman – photo and letter from sponsors Rediffusion

9/7/l980 Official First Day Cover Leicester Writers’ Club postage stamps featuring the Brontes.

SB2 22/10/1980 Leicester Mercury feature “Dark Street” short story by Peter Emmett to be broadcast on BBC Radio

SB2 21/11/1980 Leicester Mercury award winners photo Doris Adams, Rosemary Hoggard, Ellsye Finnie, Jean Chapman

SB2 1980 Leicester Mercury feature on Elizabeth Farrant

SB2 23/3/1981 Leic

SB2 10/1981 Unnamed Press Clipping ‘L.T.’ profile on Jean Chapman

SB2 8/10/1981 Leicester Mercury Ena Young profile mentioning pen-names Mary Minton and Jayne Joyce

SB2 20/11/1981 Leicester Mercury award winners photo Ann Tate, Elizabeth Farrant, Colin Wiltshire, Ena Young

SB2 5/12/1981 Leicester Mercury feature LWC committee elections President Richard Sherwood, Vice Doris Adams, Secretary April Arnichellum, Treasurer Frances Clark.

SB2 11/1982 Leicester Mercury feature new novel “Love’s Raging Fires” by Joanna Makepeace (Margaret York)

SB2 19/11/1982 Leicester Mercury award winners photo Richard Sherwood President, Elaine Hunt, Gay Swinton, Margaret York

BF1 September 1982 Leicester Writers’ Club copy Gay Swinton’s “Unexpected Wonder”

SB2 Undated probably September 1982 Leicester Mercury “Unexpected Wonder” pamphlet of 14 poems by Gay Swinton published

SB2 Undated probably summer 1983 Leicester Mercury feature Marjorie Wing retires from teaching

SB2 Undated 1983 Leicester Mercury feature Alan Sewart, author of 35 crime novels, spoke at LWC.

SB2 3/10/1983 Leicester Mercury obituary for Abigail Fawcett

SB2 18/11/1983 Leicester Mercury award winners photo Ann Tate, Gay Swinton, Ena Young, Richard Sherwood President.

SB2 9/12/1983 Leicester Mercury obituary for Kenneth John Stimson

SB2 19/12/1983 Leicester Mercury feature “My Lord Enemy” published by Joanna Makepeace (Margaret York)

SB2 26/4/1984 Leicester Mercury profile on Jean Chapman “The Unreasoning Earth” due out in paperback

SB2 3/6/1984 Leicester Mercury obituary Margaret Plummer

SB2 5/7/1984 Leicester Mercury feature profile of Ena Young.

SB2 15/9/1984 LWC One Day Seminar 9.30am – 5.30pm Leicester University. Lecturers Mary Wibberley, Dorothy Houghton (Laurence Pollinger Literary Agency), Gillian Fairchild (features editor Good Housekeeping), Roy Russell.

SB2 18/10/1984 Leicester Mail profile Margaret York

SB2 11/1984 Writers’ Monthly featured Leicester Writers’ Club with photo of Jean Chapman, Ann Tate, Elizabeth Morris, Marjorie Wing and Ena Young

SB2 17/11/1984 Leiceter Mercury photo award winners Marjorie Wing President, Jean Chapman, Ann Tate, Elizabeth Morris, Ena Young.

SB2 22/1/1985 Leicester Mercury feature Rob Childs’ speaking on “Writing for Children” at LWC

SB2 22/1/1985 Leicester Mercury profile Herbert Orton

SB2 8/2/1985 Leicester Mercury features talk at LAEC by Trude Dub, Valerie Moore and Ena Young

SB2 22/2/1985 Leicester Mercury feature David Campton playwright giving talk at LWC

SB2 21/3/1985 Leicester Mercury profile Ena Young

SB2 19/9/1985 Leicester Mercury profile Kellsye Finnie profile “William Carey, a Cobbler by Trade” published

SB2 23/9/1985 Leicester Mercury LWC holding short story competition judged by Doris Sutcliffe Adams, Jean Chapman, Richard Sherwood and Ena Young sponsored by Western writer J T Edson and Sue Townsend. Closing date 12/12/85.

SB2 16/11/1985 Leicester Mercury award winners photo Kellsye Finnie, Ena Young, Gay Swinton, Rosemary Hoggard, Valerie Moore President

SB2 11/1985 Writers’ Monthy feature on LWC’s short story competition. Judges Doris Sutcliffe Adams, Jean Chapman, Richard Sherwood and Ena Young. Closing date 12/12/1985

SB2 Undated November 1985 poem “The Post” by Joyce Stock

SB2 27/2/1986 Leicester Mercury obituary for Elizabeth Morris

SB2 12/4/1986 Leicester Mercury photo LWC short story competition winner Heather Bennett with Jean Chapman and J T Edson

SB2 10/5/1986 Leicester Mercury feature Ena Young “Yesterday’s Road” published

SB2 21/5/1986 Leicester Mercury feature on “William Carey, a Cobbler by Trade” by Kellsye Finnie

SB2 26/05/1986 Leicester Mercury feature Herbert Orton presented with Long Service Award by Leicestershire Constabulary

SB2 5/1986 Tally Ho Newspaper of the Leicestershire Constabulary feature on Herbert Orton’s Long Service Award

SB2 24/6/1986 Leicester Mercury feature “Yesterday’s Road” published by Mary Minton (Ena Young)

SB2 4/9/1986 Leicester Mercury obituary Mary Todd

SB2 21/9/1986 Leicester Mercury feature Kellsye Finnie commissioned to write biography of Henry Martyn, Cornish missionary who worked in India

SB2 22/11/1986 Leicester Mercury award winners photo Jean Chapman President, Colin Wiltshire, Ena Young, Ann Tate.

SB2 8/6/1987 Leicester Mercury feature Kellsye Finnie profile

SB2 16/7/1987 Leicester Mercury feature LWC’s short story competition for children, 2 categories under 16 and 16 or over. Sponsored by Leicester Mercury, Castles Dover St Ltd, IBM UK and Sherratt and Hughes.

SB3 10/1981 Leicester Mercury feature Margaret I’Anson’s family research with a mention of her membership of LWC and short stories using the name Margaret Manson

SB3 1984 Leicester Mercury feature on Ann Tate on publication of “Birdwatcher’s Year”

SB3 21/4/1984 Leicester Mercury feature Alex Patterson on publication of “Kirkconnel Folk” non-fiction book

SB3 1984 Guest speaker profile Sue Townsend

SB3 10/6/1987 Leicester Mercury feature Ena Young’s “Beggars would Ride” published.

SB3 6/8/1987 Harborough Mail feature LWC short story competition closing date 17/10/1987. Prizes will be awarded by Sue Townsend. Winners also broadcast on BBC Radio Leicester.

SB3 1987 Birstall Post feature “Write on Target” write-up of LWC short story competition presentation. Seniors’ 1st Prize Hope Bunton Under 16s: 1st Suzanne Molesdale of Birstall.

SB3 1987 Leicester Mercury feature Ena Young’s “Weeping Doves” published

SB3 14/8/1987 Leicester Mercury feature Jean Chapman’s “Savage Legacy” published

SB3 1987 Guest speakers’ biographies for J T Edson and Susan Gregory

BF1 18/11/1987 Letter to Club from Ena Young with copy of after dinner speech

SB3 19/11/1987 Leicester Mercury photo award winners Joyce Bell, Mike Brewer, Ann Tate, Jean Chapman

SB3 1988 Leicester Mercury profile Ena Young ‘Down Memory Lane’ feature

SB3 1988 Leicester Mercury feature “The Marriage Bowl” by Ena Young published

SB3 1988 Leicester Mercury brief feature how to join LWC with mention of Valerie Moore President and Alex Milloy Vice-President

SB3 27/5/1988 Tamworth Herald feature Joyce Bell (Gabrielle Ross) on publication of “The Calder Boats”

SB3 1988 “In their own write” feature and photos on LWC’s 35th birthday celebrations. Photos show Kellsye Finnie, Rosemary Hoggard and Doreen Sheppard; Joyce Bell, Barbara Porter and Elaine Allen; Grace Goodwin, David Dyer and Mollie Read; Marjorie Wing, Valerie Moore (Vice President), Jeanne Carswell (President) and Margaret York; Frances Clark (Treasurer), Alan Chapman, Jean Chapman and Ena Young; Chris Worthington, Mike Brewer, Alex Patterson and Terry Cooper; Audrey Willsher, Nancy

Milloy, Alex Milloy and Mary Watkins; and Jennie Morrey, Elaine Hunt, Barbara Harrington, Norman Harrington and Priscilla Shears. Separate photo of book shaped cake “Leicester Writers’ Club 35 Years”.

SB3 17/12/1988 Evening Tribune feature on Joyce Bell

SB3 22/2/1989 The Mail feature on LWC speakers, Gwyn Richards and Nigel Bryant BBC Radio producers.

SB3 30/3/1989 The Mail feature Gill Chilton, deputy features editor of Best magazine, talking at LWC.

SB3 4/1989 Writers’ Monthly feature on Leicester Writers’ Club by Alex Milloy

SB3 10/4/1989 Leicester Mercury feature 7 days with Ena Young

SB3 5/1989 Leicester Graphic photo of Oadby Writers’ Workshop attendees led by Jean Chapman, Peter Pitts, Peter Matts, Pauline Buttery, Brenda Belcher, Helen Bertwhistle, Pamela Broster and Eileen Gee.

SB3 4/5/1989 Oadby and Wigston Post feature on Audrey Willsher’s 1st novel “A Candle in the Wind”

SB3 1989 Unnamed Writing Magazine This Month’s Author features Joanna Neil (Leonie Horsley)

SB3 22/5/1989 Leicester Mercury feature on Dr George Fraser “X-Ray Detectors in Astronomy” text book published by Cambridge University Press

SB3 23/5/1989 Leicester Mercury Ian Watson, sci-fi author to speak at LWC

SB3 5/1989 Leicester Graphic feature on Gill Chilton (deputy featured editor at Best) talking at LWC

SB3 24/5/1989 Leicester Mercury profile Audrey Willsher’s publication of “Candle in the Wind”

SB3 1/6/1989 Leicester Mercury feature Ena Young “Spinner’s End” published after Ena broke her leg, ankle and collarbone in a road accident

SB3 6/1989 Leicester Link Ian Watson to speak at LWC

SB3 4/6/1989 Leicester Mercury Emma Tindall judging LWC poetry competition

SB3 15/6/1989 Leicester Mercury LWC member Arthur Kirby talks at Humberstone Junior School

SB3 30/6/1989 Leicester Mercury feature on Herbert Orton’s poem about a flu epidemic on the SS Bermina in 1916 (lack of space prevented publication of the poem)

SB3 12/7/1989 Leicester Mercury report on LWC officers Alex Milloy President, Alex Patterson Vice, Chris Worthington Secretary, Frances Clark Treasurer

SB3 13/7/1989 Leicester Mercury report on AGM Alex Milloy President, Alex Patterson Vice.

SB3 18/8/1989 Oadby and Wigston Post Justin Sbrensi comedy TV scriptwriter speaking at LWC

SB3 9/1989 LWC First Newsletter edited by Alex Milloy

SB3 11/9/1989 BBC Radio Leicester interviewed LWC President Alex Milloy

SB3 27/9/1989 Leicester Mercury feature LWC programme: Stanley Middleton, Susan Gregory, Brenda Courtie and Mary Cannell

SB3 8/10/1989 Leicester Mail feature Nancy Smith, described as “founder member”, speaking at LWC

SB3 1989 Leicester Mercury feature Stanley Middleton’s talk at LWC

SB3 4/11/1989 Leicester Mercury Susan Gregory speaking at LWC

SB3 4/12/1989 Leicester Mercury photo award winners Valerie Moore, Audrey Willsher, Alex Milloy President, Frances Clark

SB3 7/12/1989 The Mail Jean Chapman and Martin Faragher won 1st and 2nd prize in LWC article competition

SB3 1989 Leicester Mercury interview Ena Young after publication of “Every Street”

SB3 1989 Evington Echo feature on Herbert Orton

SB3 1/1990 Leicester Link listing Brenda Courtie to speak at LWC

SB3 22/2/1990 Leicester Mail feature on LWC speaker Mary Cannell

SB3 20/6/1990 Leicester Mercury feature Ena Young gives LWC a library trolley

SB3 22/7/1990 Service for Funeral of Gertude Frances Clark. Funeral held on 30/7/1990 at Gilroes

SB3 1990 Leicester Mercury photo award winners Chris Worthington, Joyce Bell, Jean Chapman, Cilla Shears (VP), Ena Young, Martin Faragher

SB4 1990 Photo Awards Dinner Chris Worthington, Joyce Bell, Jean Chapman, Cilla Shears, Ena Young, Martin Faragher.

SB3 1990 Leicester Mercury feature on Ena Young on publication of “Every Street”. Mercury implies novel named after Leicester’s Every Street on Town Hall Square

BF1 15/10/1990 Letter from Alex Milloy in Canada to Jean Chapman. Disappointed in local writers’ club but pleased with his class at Brock University. Nancy Milloy teaching Monday to Thursday. Alex has rented a Atari word-processor to work on articles and fitting in some sight-seeing.

SB3 2/1991 Leicester Mercury feature Jean Chapman on publication of “The Bellmakers”

SB4 5/1991 Photo Hamond Innes speaker with Jean Chapman, Valerie Moore, Trude Dub and Alex Patterson President

SB4 30/5/1991 The Mail article on Chris d’Lacey shortlisted in the Ian St James short story competition written by Jane Pearson

SB3 17/6/1991 Leicester Mercury feature Margaret York interview with Joan Stephenson

BF1 1991 date assumed from 3/7/1991 being a Wednesday. List of Writers’ Summer Workshops Wednesday 10am – 12pm with Rosemary Hoggard, Graham Joyce, Yana Novotny Hunter, Jean Chapman, Huw Watkins, Valerie Moore.

SB3 9/1991 Leicester Mercury photo Helen Johnson presented with Leicester Literature Festival Poetry Award

SB3 9/1991 Leicester Mercury photo of Brenda Belcher, Cilla Shears, Audrey Shields and Martin Faragher shortlisted in Leicester Literature Festival Poetry Award.

SB4 9/10/1991 Leicester Mercury report Leicester Literature Festival mentions Helen Johnson, Martin Faragher, Brenda Belchter, Audrey Shields and Cilla Shears.

SB3 11/1991 Leicester Mercury photo award winners Joyce Bell, Alex Milloy, Audrey Shields, Cilla Shears President

SB4 11/1991 Leicester Mercury photo award winners Joyce Bell, Alex Milloy, Audrey Shields and Cilla Shears, President

SB3 1991 Leicester Mercury feature speaker Ian Sommerville My Weekly’s Fiction Editor and Dr Alan McWhirr future speaker on 30/5

SB4 1991 Leicester Mercury feature East Midlands Arts bursaries awarded to Helen Johnson, Gillie Griffin.

SB4 1991 Leicester Mercury feature on the correspondence between Herbert Orton and Harriet Hill (nee Jackson) and visit from her son Fred Hill as the two still write letters.

SB3 1992 Patricia Wendorf guest speaker profile

SB3 3/3/1992 Isle of Man Examiner feature on Martin Faragher’s book “With Heart, Soul and Voice” a history of the Manx Music Festival. Title taken from a line of the Manx National Anthem written for the festival in 1907.

SB3 3/1992 Leicester Mercury profile Jean Chapman “Fortune’s Woman” published

SB3 11/5/1992 Leicester Mercury Huw Watkins wins Granada TV Short Story Competition

SB3 12/5/1992 Leicester Mercury feature Pauline McClelland “Cousin Harry” published as Paula Marshall

SB3 21/5/1992 Leicester Mail feature publication of Ena Young’s “Paradise Corner” (15th novel)

SB3 21/5/1992 LWC Ticket for talk by Simon Brett

SB3 21/5/1992 Leicester Mercury feature Simon Brett talking at LWC

SB3 5/1992 Evington Echo feature on Ena Young and “Paradise Corner” written by Alex Milloy

SB3 30/5/1992 Leicester Mercury feature Bridget Dunne “Journey into the Unknown” autobiography

SB3 30/5/1992 Leicester Mercury feature Debbie Beck (Melissa Lawrence) whose poem “Rap Guide to Leicester” is published in “Poet’s England – Leicestershire and Rutland” (Brentham Press)

SB3 6/1992 Evington Echo publish Marion Cooper Hilton’s poem “Metamorphosis”

SB3 1992 Leicester Mercury feature LWC’s Open Evening speakers listed as Doris Adams, Gay Swinton.

SB3 10/10/1992 Evington Echo reports Herbert Orton’s collection of letters, poems and accounts of events during the First World War was featured in the “Forces Sweethearts” exhibition at the Imperial War Museum

SB3 21/11/1992 Leicester Mercury feature Roberta Cassie’s prize in the Bella magazine’s short story competition

SB4 11/1992 Leicester Mercury Awards photo Debbie Beck (Melissa Lawrence), George Fraser, Ena Young, Chris d’Lacey.

SB3 26/11/1992 The Mail feature on LWC’s exhibition at Central Library

SB3 3/12/1992 Leicester Mercury award winners photo Debbie Beck (Melissa Lawrence), George Fraser, Ena Young and Chris d’Lacey

SB4 1992 Leicester Mercury feature on Catherine Byron just appointed Leicestershire’s Literary Development Officer

SB4 1992 Harborough Mail profile of Ena Young mentions Margaret York, Doris Adams, Audrey Willsher and Jean Chapman

SB4 1992 Leicester Mercury Profile Ena Young

SB3 27/1/1993 Herald and Post feature on Roberta Cassie 2nd prize in Bella magazine’s short story competition

SB3 1/2/1993 Leicester Mercury feature Raymond Blakesley wins Leicester Mercury Scroll as highest placed Leicester entrant in the Readers Digest Best Bard competition

SB3 4/2/1993 The Mail Roberta Cassie’s 2nd prize in Bella short story competition

SB3 15/2/1993 Leicester Mercury Letter from Readers Digest magazine thanking Leicester Mercury for their support of Poetry Digest Bard of the Year mentions Raymond Blakesley.

SB3 18/2/1993 Leicester Mail Valerie Moore and Alex Milloy speaking at LWC

SB3 1993 Original Copy of Roberts Cassie’s “Missing from Home” published in Bella

SB4 2/1993 Leicester Mercury feature Brenda Belcher and Maimie Henderson win LWC’s romantic novel competition judged by Leonie Horsley and Ena Young.

SB4 1993 Leicester Mercury reports Ena Young’s latest novel “The House of Destiny”

SB4 1993 Leicester Mercury reports Herbert Orton’s prose piece on his First World War correspondence with Harriet Hill has been accepted by the Imperial War Museum

SB4 10/2/1993 Leicester Mail Leicester University’s Bard of the Year competition saw Raymond Blakesley awarded Leicester Mercury Scroll on achieving 15th place

SB4 4/3/1993 The Mail reports Herbert Orton’s correspondence accepted by Imperial War Museum

SB4 16/6/1993 Leicester Mercury mention of Paula Marshall’s 6th novel “An Unexpected Passion”

SB4 6/1993 Evington Echo review “The House of Destiny” by Mary Minton (Ena Young)

SB4 6/1993 Leicester Mercury report Ena Young’s “The House of Destiny” published

SB4 1993 Leicester Mercury feature on Writing for Pleasure and Profit courses at the LAEC taught by Jean Chapman, Trude Dub, Rosemary Hoggard and Huw Watkins.

SB4 26/6/1993 Leicester Mercury report “Reluctant Rebel” published by Joanna Makepeace (Margaret York)

SB4 19/8/1993 The Mail feature on Margaret York on publication of “Reluctant Rebel”

SB4 1993 Leicester Mercury feature on Jane Pearson festival administrator for Leicester International Music Festival

SB4 7/10/1993 Poster for LWC Open Evening with guest speaker Dominque Jackson, editor Guardian Europe and Leicester Poet Gillie Griffin

SB4 1993 Clipping of profile on Debbie Beck (Melissa Lawrence). Newspaper not named

SB4 1993 Clipping of report on publication of Ena Young’s “A Tracing of Angels”. Newspaper not named

SB4 1993 Evington Echo review of Jean Chapman’s “A World Apart” by Alex Milloy

SB4 11/1993 Leicester Mercury award winners photo Helen Johnson, Richard Barlow, Joyce Bell, Chris d’Lacey President, Debbie Beck (Melissa Lawrence) and Alex Milloy

SB4 22/3/1994 Leicester Mercury report Richard Barlow shortlisted in Bridport Short Story prize

SB4 1994 Leicester Mercury John Glen, Maimie Henderson and Alex Milloy win diplomas in the Scottish International Open Competition

SB4 1994 Leicester Mercury report Neil McKay, TV scripwriting to speak at LWC

SB4 13/10/1994 Leicester Mail “A Groat’s Worth of War” poetry anthology features 4 Leicester Poets 2nd Prize Maimie Henderson, Alex Milloy highly commended and Claire Sparrow and Emma Gleadall (Tindall) shortlisted

SB4 7/3/1994 Leicester Mercury feature on George Thorpe on his 95th birthday

SB4 1994 Leicester Mercury report on new officers President Jane Pearson, Vice Chris d’Lacey, Helen Johnson secretary, Treasurer Alex Milloy

SB4 1994 Leicester Mercury “Return to Learn” feature on Leicester Writers’ Club courses at LAEC mentions Trude Dub, Jean Chapman, Rosemary Hoggard and Huw Watkins

SB4 1994 Annual Awards dinner photos 11 photos subjects not named

SB4 1994 Leicester Mercury photo Jill Bernhardi winning Trude Dub award

SB4 1994 Evington Echo review of Jean Chapman’s “The Red Pavilion” by Alex Milloy

SB4 1995 Speaker programme: 1/6/95 Grace Young, 8/6/95 Claire Tomalin, 2/3/95 Jay Ramsay and Rosemary Duxbury

SB4 1995 Leicester Mercury report Ena Young’s 18th book “The Long Road” published

BF1 24/7/1995 Letter from Charlotte Hindle of Lonely Planet to Chris d’Lacey agreeing to speak at the Club on 14/3/1996. She also expresses interest in judging a travel writing competition but is concerned that Lonely Planet don’t publish articles so suggests teaming up with the local newspaper.

BF1 25/9/1995 Letter from Jane Pearson to Jean Chapman re: LWC event during the Leicester Literature Festival which Jean was taking part in. Order of reading: Margaret York, Huw Watkins, Ena Young, Mike Brewer, Joyce Bell, Valerie Moore, Chris d’Lacey, Huw Watkins, Mary Mestecky and Jean Chapman.

BF1 18/10/1995 Letter from Chris d’Lacey to Emma Lee (Hooper) confirming membership of LWC.

SB4 21/11/1995 Leicester Mercury report on LOROS Poetry Competition with 90 entries. 1st Prize Helen Johnson 3rd Prize Maimie Henderson 2nd Prize Dorothy Court.

SB4 1995 Leicester Mercury report on LWC’s speaker programme

SB4 1995 Leicester Mercury obituary for George Thorpe

SB4 1995 Evington Echo obituary Herbert Orton with “Back in My Childhood” poem by Herbert Orton

SB4 7/12/1995 Leicester Mercury award winners photo Jill Bernhardi and Helen Johnson with Audrey Willsher President

SB4 1995 Leicester Mercury feature Ena Young on publication of “Dark Waters”

SB4 5/1995 Evington Echo publication of Marion Hilton’s poem “Where Have I Gone?”

SB4 1995 Evington Echo report on Leicester Writers’ Club visit from Maitreya

SB4 1995 Press Clipping of Audrey Willsher’s “Inherit the Earth” possibly Oadby and Wigston Post

SB4 1995 Leicester Mercury report on publication of “Thoughts from Within” by Marian Cooper Hilton to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Disease Society

SB4 Speaker Programme October 1995 to June 1996 Open Evening, Michael Tolkein, Jane Judd agent, Gwen Grant, Charlotte Hindle, Iris Gower and Sally O’Sullivan (editor Good Housekeeping)

SB4 Speaker Programme October 1996 to April 1997 Open Evening, Luigi Bonomi agent, Audrey Ardington programme maker, Ann Tate, Storm Constantine, Linda O’Byrne and Allan Ahlberg

BF1 Undated (assumed from contents January 1996) Letter from Chris d’Lacey to Jean Chapman suggesting Allan Alhberg as a potential speaker. Letter refers to committee meeting on 22 February.

SB4 8/2/1996 The Mail “The Red Pavilions” by Jean Chapman shortlisted RNA Award

SB4 22/3/1996 Leicester Mercury feature “Red Pavilions” by Jean Chapman on RNA shortlist

SB4 31/1/1996 Leicester Mercury report Jean Chapman’s “Red Pavilions” shortlisted for RNA Award

BF1 10/4/1996 Letter from Linda O’Byrne, Fiction Editor of Bella agreeing to speak at Leicester Writers’ Club in 1997.

BF1 1/5/1996 Letter from Elizabeth Fairbairn of John Johnson Author Agency declining to come and speak at the Club. Suggests Sally Christie (Walker Books), Chris Kloet (Gollancz).

BF1 13/5/1996 Letter from Karen Bird, Charity Coordinator at Next declining to give LWC sponsorship.

BF1 14/5/1996 Letter from Sheila Dalton (Cybunlyk) to Jean Chapman agreeing to judge the LWC poetry competition. Requests at least a month to adjudicate and a maximum length of 50 lines.

SB4 28/6/1996 Leicester Mercury obituary for Ena Young

BF1 28/6/1996 Letter from Linda O’Byrne Fiction Editor Bella to Jean Chapman confirming she will speak at the Club on 6 March 1997. Encloses biography.

BF1 10/7/1996 Letter from Joan Stephens Leicester Mercury to Jean Chapman agreeing to speak at LWC’s Annual Awards dinner. Asks for a small book token for payment. Also mentions Ena Young obituary.

BF1 Undated Letter (from contents assumed July 1997) from Chris d’Lacey to Jean Chapman enclosing 6 newsletters, requesting Jean write an obituary of Ena Young for September’s newsletter, a reminder that the President provides announcements for Club nights and agendas for committee meetings, Jill Bernardi’s idea for a loose leaf booklet with information about markets, a second suggestion from Jill that established members could ‘sponsor’ newer members and confirming attendance at next committee meeting.

SB4 25/7/1996 The Mail feature Dr George Fraser 2nd Place Radio Scotland’s Best Dramatic Performance award

BF1 28/7/1996 Carbon Copy Letter from Jean Chapman to Edwin Buckhalter of Severn House asking for sponsorship of the Ena Young Memorial Competition.

BF1 30/7/1996 Letter from Edwin Buckhalter Severn House to Jean Chapman confirming Severn House will contribute £250 towards Ena Young Memorial Competition.

Also suggests approaching Ulverscroft.

BF1 5/8/1996 Letter from Jean Chapman to F A Thorpe Publishing asking for sponsorship of the Ena Young Memorial Competition.

BF1 5/8/1996 Letter from Pat Henderson, Chief Executive Ulverscroft Large Print Books enclosing a cheque for £50 in support of the Ena Young Memorial Competition. Ulverscroft had printed 1 of Ena’s books in their Ulverscroft series, 7 in the Magna series and 1 in the Story Sound audio list.

BF1 6/8/1996 Letter from Edwin Buckhalter Chairman Severn House Publishers enclosing a cheque for £250 for the Ena Young Memorial Competition.

BF1 9/8/1996 Letter from Jean Chapman to Edwin Buckhalter Severn House with a thank you for their cheque for £250 for the Ena Young Memorial Competition.

BF1 Undated Letter (assumed from contents August 1996) from Chris d’Lacey to Jean Chapman concerning the programme (Luigi Bonomi, Ann Tate and Allan Ahlberg), suggestions re: the Open Evening, ideas on forthcoming events, price for printing the Ena Young Memorial Competition entry forms, suggestions for judges for a short story competition and a nudge about deciding this year’s annual awards (at this point, some awards were engraved by the Club – a practice since abandoned).

BF1 16/8/1996 Letter from Jean Chapman to Diana about the Ena Young Memorial Competition asking if the RNA would provide an adjudication form (similar to existing RNA form) to give entrants some feedback.

BF1 15/9/1996 Carbon Copy Letter from Jean Chapman to Stan of Nottingham Writers’ Club about the Ena Young Memorial Competition.

BF1 15/9/1996 Carbon Copy Letter from Jean Chapman to Jean Stephens at Leicester Mercury about the Ena Young Memorial Competition and asking for publicity.

SB4 11/1996 Saga Magazine article on Jill Bernhardi’s book “First Memories of the Famous” published to raise funds for Macmillan

SB4 1996 Uncredited clipping Audrey Willsher’s new book “All Shadows Fly Away”

SB4 1996 Uncredited clipping Chris d’Lacey wins LWC’s Children’s Award

SB4 1996 Uncredited clipping Jean Chapman’s “The Soldier’s Girl” published

SB4 10/10/1996 Poster for Open Evening with readings from Joyce Stock, Mary Mestecky, Cilla Shears, Audrey Willsher, Melanie Wakeley, Bead Roberts and Michael Forster

SB4 5/12/1996 Annual Awards Dinner photos Joan Stephens, speaker; Mary Mestecky with poetry prize. Emma Lee (Hooper) with short story award, general photo of dinner

BF1 5/12/1996 Leicester Mercury photo of Award Winners: Jean Chapman President, Joan Stephenson (LM Journalist) speaker, Chris d’Lacey Children’s, Mary Mestecky Poetry, Emma Lee Short Story, Joyce Bell Novel, Roger Whiteway Non-fiction.

SB4 11/12/1996 Leicester Mercury photo launch Jill Bernhardi’s book “First Memories of the Famous” to raise funds for Macmillan

SB4 20/12/1996 Leicester Mercury article on Kate (Kathleen) Eyre left with a broken collarbone and three broken ribs after a mugging but determined to “fight back”

SB4 1996 Uncredited clipping “First Memories of the Famous” by Jill Bernhardi

SB4 Entry form for Ena Young Memorial Competition 1st prize £150 2nd £100 3rd £75 entry fee £3 Closing Date 9/1/97. Enter first 2000 words plus 250 word synopsis

SB4 6/2/1997 Flyer for Storm Constantine speaking at LWC.

SB4 Ena Young Memorial Competition photo winners 1st Rod Duncan (Roderic Maude), 2nd Malcolm Garbett, 3rd Dave Martin; photo commendeds Alex Milloy, Phillip Sayers Smith and Charles Geach with highly commendeds Kathleen Scott and Willa Betts

SB4 7/12/1996 Leicester Mercury award winners photo Jean Chapman President, Chris d’Lacey, Mary Mestecky, Emma Lee (Hooper), Joyce Bell and Roger Whiteway

SB4 Poem “W 3 N (or what we’re writing now)” by Jill Berhardi

SB4 14/2/1997 Leicester Mercury feature Jean Chapman’s opinion piece on Romantic Writing

BF1 10/3/1997 Letter from Edwin Buckhalter Severn House expressing hope to attend the Ena Young Memorial Competition prize-winning evening.

BF1 3/4/1997 Letter from LWC member Dave Martin to Jean Chapman thanking her for letting him know he’d won 3rd prize in the Ena Young Memorial Competition. Letter also contains baby news: son arrived on 23 March (new father doesn’t mention son’s name).

BF1 26/4/1997 Letter from Malcolm Garbett to Jean Chapman after attending the awards evening for the Ena Young Memorial Competition. He mentions wishing to purchase of copy of the winners’ photo taken on the night. Handwritten note from Jean to Audrey [Willsher] to say “Have answered and said you will forward photo in due course”.

BF1 29/4/1997 Letter from Pat \Henderson Ulverscroft Large Print Books apologising that no one from the company attended the Ena Young Memorial Prize-giving. Publishing Manager Jeanette Toone had been due to attend but was prevented by a family emergency.

BF1 30/4/1997 Letter from Edwin Buckhalter Severn House to Jean Chapman thanking her for an update on the winners of the Ena Young Memorial Competition (he wasn’t able to attend).

SB4 4/7/1997 Leicester Mercury feature Audrey Willsher “So You Shall Reap” published

SB4 Programme of Events October 1997 to March 1998 includes Open Evening, Linda Newbery, U A Fanthorpe, Rose Impey, Steve Bowkett, Diane Pearson

SB4 1997 Annual Awards Dinner Photos 6 photos of guests (unamed) final photo of award winners Bead Roberts, Pamela Daniels, Michael Forster, Mary Mestecky and Audrey Willsher. Elizabeth Buchanan was the speaker

SB4 29/1/1998 Leaflet and photo of Rose Impey speaker

SB4 19/2/1998 Leaflet and photo Steve Bowkett speaker

SB5 20/4/1998 Environmental Trust Poetry Prizes competition judged by Martin Holroyd. Winners photo: Ray Blakesley, Rod Duncan (Maude), Ken Berry, Pauline Pollin (1st prize), President Audrey Willsher, Martin Holroyd, Huw Watkins, Chris d’Lacey.

BF1 26/8/1998 Copy Leicester Mercury clipping Dick (EB) Chapman received British Chess Federation President’s Award (Dick was previously the LM’s chess correspondent)

SB4 17/9/1998 Leaflet Chris Thompson scriptwriter speaker

SB4 1998 Words Hour Festival Brochure Cover. Included Leicester Writers’ Club Showcase with Leonie Horsley (Joanna Neil), Audrey Willsher, Dave Martin, Nigel Hewett, Emma Lee (Hooper), Mary Mestecky, Mike Brewer, Pam Daniels, Rod Duncan, Mike Forster, Paul Lee, Roger Whiteway, Valerie Moore, Bead Roberts, Gill Lovett, Jean G, Mel Read, Chris d’Lacey

SB4 1998 Programme and photo Sue Bentley and Jo Blackwell speakers with Chris d’Lacey

SB4 1998 Programme and photo Jacqueline Cameron speaker

SB4 1998 Annual Awards dinner photo of Roger Sanderson speaker

SB4 12/1998 Annual Awards dinner winners Jeanne Carswell President, Rod Duncan (Maude), Emma Lee (Hooper), Audrey Willsher, Chris d’Lacey.

BF1 12/1998 Leicester Mercury photo of Award Winners: Jeanne Carswell President, Rod Duncan (Maude) Non-fiction, Emma Lee (Hooper) Poetry, Roger Sanderson (novelist) speaker, Audrey Willsher Novel, Chris d’Lacey Children’s.

SB5 4/12/1998 Leicester Mercury feature Chris d’Lacey reading at Cosby County Primary School.

SB5 11/2/1999 Leaflet and programme talk by Leicester Mercury editor Nick Carter at LWC

SB5 26/5/1999 Leicester Mercury feature on Chris d’Lacey’s “Fly Cherokee Fly” shortlisting for the Carnegie Prize

SB5 15/7/1999 Uncredited clipping showing Carnegie Prize shortlist including Chris d’Lacey “Fly Cherokee Fly”

SB5 26/7/1999 Uncredited clipping Chris d’Lacey highly commended in Carnegie Prize. Winner was David Almond

SB5 Programme September 1999 to May 2000: John Cunliffe, Mark Goodwin, Joan Marysmith, Raymond Flynn Open Evening, Derek Fox

SB5 1999 Leicester Mercury clipping on John Cunliffe’s LWC visit

SB5 26/10/1999 Leaflet Steve Humphries writer & TV producer speaking at the Club

SB5 25/3/1999 Leaflet Charlie Ellerington children’s fiction editor Random House speaking at LWC with Leicester Mercury clipping

SB5 15/5/1999 Daily Telegraph crime novel listing includes “The Chess Men” by David Hood (Dave Martin)

SB5 6/5/1999 Leicester Mercury feature on David Hood (Dave Martin’s) second novel “Fatal Climate”

SB5 Photo undated 1999 Judith Cutler and Roger Whiteway

SB5 2000 Leicester Mercury interview and profile on Daphne (Dane) Lalor by Pamela Daniels

BF1 7/11/2000 Leicester Mercury small feature Paul Lee shortlisted in Bridport Poetry Competition with “Farhenheit 451”. Also published press release for Hannah Griffith (Curtis Brown Literary Agency) speaker at the Club that month.

SB5 2002 Uncredited Clipping review of Jean Chapman’s “Danced over the Sea”

SB5 8/1/2002 Leicester Mercury feature Chris d’Lacey’s publication of “The Fire Within”

SB5 20/6/2002 Leicester Mercury feature includes Chris d’Lacey’s Honorary Doctorate for Services to Children’s Literature

SB5 26/2/2002 Leicester Mercury obituary for Trude Dub

SB5 27/8/2002 Leicester Mercury report on Trude Dub’s memorial celebration

SB5 2002 Image of book cover Margaret Kaine “Ring of Clay”

SB5 2002 Image of book cover Rod Duncan “Backlash”

SB5 2003 Leicester Mercury feature on Margaret Kaine’s publication “Ring of Clay”

SB5 10/7/2003 Leicester Mercury report on Margaret Kaine winning Sagittarius Prize for “Ring of Clay”

SB5 15/7/2002 Leicester Mercury feature on Rod Duncan’s publication of “Backlash”

SB5 15/8/2003 Leicester Mercury profile on Rod Duncan and “Backlash”

SB5 2004 25 thumbnail photos from the Awards Dinner

SB5 8/3/2004 Uncredited Clipping tributes in memory of Trude Dub’s husband Isidor Dub.

SB5 15/4/2004 Ticket for Colin Dexter speaking at LWC

SB5 15/2/2005 Leicester Mercury profile Rod Duncan (Maude) on publication of “Burnout”

SB5 26/8/2005 Leicester Mercury feature on World Record Big for largest number of people to read aloud at the same time. World Record attempt based on reading an extract of Chris d’Lacey’s “The Salt Pirates of Skegness”

SB5 21/1/2006 The Guardian piece “How to be a Merry Widow” by Mary Rogers

SB5 7/3/2006 Leicester Mercury feature on Margaret Penfold on publication of “Struggling Free”

SB5 2006 Leicester Mercury first person piece “Mozart RIP – not if science has its way” by Liz Ringrose

SB5 2006 RNA Christmas Dinner Party photo with Margaret Kaine, Liz Ringrose, Kazia Myers, Margaret Cullingford, Audrey Willsher, June Kearns and Jean Chapman

SB5 9/2007 7 photos from Garden Party unnamed LWC members

SB5 2007 Leicester Mercury First Person piece by Margaret Kaine

SB5 17/5/2007 Leicester Chronicle feature on Mary Essinger “In My Fashion” memories in the textile industry

SB5 2007 18 photos from Middle Stanley LWC members unnamed

SB5 2007 Programme Lowdham Book Festival featuring Mary Essinger’s “In My Fashion”

SB5 2007 Annual Awards Dinner 6 photos LWC members unnamed

SB5 2007 Annual Awards Dinner 18 photos unnamed LWC members

BF1 2007 Article from Mike Brewer about start of BBC Radio Leicester mentions Sheila Dalton (Cybunlyk), Dorothy Sully and Gay Swinton

SB5 2008 Siobhan Logan’s performance poetry at Richard Attenborough Centre photos with Maxine Linnell, Rod Duncan, Chris d’Lacey and Siobhan

SB5 2008 Programme for Colour Catchers Siobhan Logan’s poetry performance

SB5 Leaflet for guest speakers 21/2/2008 Oliver Munson and 24/4/2008 Stephen Booth

SB5 29/11/2008 Leicester Mercury feature annual awards dinner winners Andrew Sharpe, Lillian Butterwick, Jonathan Calder, Siobhan Logan, Maxine Linnell, Cathy Mansell and Rod Duncan

SB5 2008 Making a Mark anthology launch

SB5 2008 Leicestershire and Rutland Life article on Making a Mark

SB5 2009 Leaflet Write Off Challenge LWC team included Marianne Whiting, Siobhan Logan, Rod Duncan, Dave Martin, Liz Ringrose Margaret Penfold

SB5 19/6/2009 LWC Writers on the Road Richard Attenborough Centre featuring Dave Martin, Mahsuda Shah (Snaith), June Kearns, Gisela Hoyle, Margaret Penfold, Chris d’Lacey, Siobhan Logan, Marianne Whiting, Kazia Meyers, Morag Gornall, Jayne Stanton, Maxine Linnell, Kate Ruse, Mel Read, Mary Essinger, Rod Duncan and Nick Stead

SB5 2009 article on the Writers’ Circle Anthology Trophy run by Writers’ News

SB5 20/1/2009 Letter from Leicestershire Records Office acknowledging receipt of donation of Leicester Writers’ Club records, ref DE 7620

SB5 3/10/2009 Leicester Mercury National Poetry Day feature including Liz Ringrose, Maxine Linnell, Kazia Myers and Marilyn Ricci

SB5 2009 Awards Dinner photos winners Jean Chapman, Mary Essinger, Chris d’Lacey, Marianne Whiting, Kate Ruse, Alison Mott

SB5 22/05/2008 Letter from Chris d’Lacey, Club President inviting recipients to launch of Making a Mark.

BF1 1/10/2015 Press Release LWC Celebrates Everybody’s Reading

BF1 21/11/2015 Masterclass Flyer

BF1 11/3/2016 Press Release Lizzie Lamb speaker at LWC

BF1 19/5/2016 Social Media and Writers Panel Leaflet and Press Release

BF1 30/6/2016 Press Release LWC Celebrates Leicester Writes and Poster

BF1 11/2016 Copy Leicester Mercury article (no photo) on Annual Award Winners Siobhan Logan, Emma Lee, Carol Leeming, Andrew Bannister, Marianne Whiting, Rod Duncan, Chris d’Lacey Julia Wood

BF1 30/11/2016 Flyer and Press Release Farhana Shaikh at LWC

BF1 17/11/2016 Annual Awards Dinner Flyer

BF1 26/1/2017 Publicity for Chloe Seager (Dianne Banks Literary Agency) speaking at LWC

BF1 04/3/2017 Masterclass Overcoming Inertia to Marketing for Writers flyer

BF1 22/3/2017 Great Central interview with Carol Leeming

BF1 April 2017 Great Central interview with Rod Duncan

BF1 April 2017 Great Central article on Marianne Whiting at Leicester Writers’ Showcase on 19 April

BF1 11/5/2017 Copy Leicester Mercury article with photo Andrew Bannister appearing at Leicester Writers’ Showcase May 2017

BF1 22/6/2017 Publicity for Nicola Monaghan

BF1 13/7/2017 Great Central article on LWC’s Summer Open Evenings 6 July – 31 August 2017

BF1 20/8/2017 Flyer for Garden Party

BF1 17/09/2017 Copy Leicester Mercury article (no photo) Maxinne Linnell appearing at SoundsWrite’s Leicester Writers’ Showcase September 2017

BF1 23/9/2017 Flyer for Masterclass Plotting Your Story Pathway

BF1 5/10/2017 LWC’s Everybody’s Reading event flyer

BF1 09/11/2017 LWC Annual Dinner Menu

BF1 21/11/2017 Copy Leicester Mercury article with photo Annual Award Winners Siobhan Logan, Emma Lee, Judith Cooper, Marianne Whiting, Rod Duncan, Kris Freer and guest Lin Leach. Carol Leeming listed but not in photo.

BF1 10/02/2018 Flyer for David Martin’s Advanced Masterclass ‘The Russian Doll of Chapters’

BF1 06/02/2018 Copy Leicester Mercury notice James Wills speaking at LWC

BF1 15/02/2018 Flyer for James Wills, Watson Little Agency, speaking at LWC

BF1 14/04/2018 Flyer for Mastclass on How Contemporary Poets Tell Stories

BF1 10/05/2018 Flyer for speaker Gav Thorpe

BF1 2/06/2018 Flyer for Masterclass on Editing led by guest Richard Sheehan

BF1 21/6/18 Flyer for Carys Davies speaker

BF1 5/7/18 Flyer for 2018 Summer Open Evenings

BF1 8/09/18 – Flyer for Garden Party

BF1 29/9/18 Everybody’s Reading 2018 Brochure

BF1 12/10/18 Annual Awards Dinner menu flyer

BF1 12/10/18 Flyer for Masterclass on Dialogue by Emma Lee

BF1 & SB5 19/11/18 poem “After You, Mr Willoughby” by Gabrielle (Gay) Swinton donated by Katharine Lewis (Gay Swinton’s grandson’s wife).

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