Nicola Monaghan Visits Leicester Writers’ Club

7 – 9pm Thursday 22 June 2017

Phoenix Square, 4 Midland Street, Leicester LE1 1TG
£5.00 to visitors.

Nicola Monaghan is the author of “The Killing Jar”, “Starfishing”, “The Okinawa Dragon” and most recently “The Troll” novellas, an Amazon exclusive.

Nicola Monaghan was listed in the Independent’s New Year 2006 List of Rising Talent, won a Betty Trask Award, the Author’s Club Best First Novel Prize and the Waverton Good Read Award for “The Killing Jar”. She’s also written screenplays for Council Child Productions and short stories. Nicola Monaghan delivers online writing courses and tutors at De Montfort University.

She also writes as Niki Valentine and has published two psychological horror novels, “The Haunted” and Possessed”.

She will talk to Leicester Writers’ Club on topics such as:

  • working across different genres in fiction
  • benefits of traditional publishing and indie/self-publishing
  • using social media and podcasts to build audience
  • making a living as an author in today’s industry
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