Thriller Writer Mark Edwards visits Leicester Writers’ Club

Please note Mark Edwards’ visit has been postponed. New date to be arranged but likely to be in the Autumn.

 Phoenix Square,
4 Midland Street, Leicester LE1 1TG

£5 for visitors. All welcome.

Mark Edwards author photoMark Edwards is the author of psychological thrillers, each of which concerns ordinary people who encounter terrifying events and police procedurals with Louise Voss. Edwards lives in Wolverhampton, England.

Mark Edwards has, on occasion, compared his career to a rollercoaster: a ride with a long, slow, uneventful build up, followed by a dizzying and frankly scary series of plummets, ascents and loop-the-loops. He spent his twenties writing and submitting novels to agents and publishers. After writing three novels he finally signed with an agent but the book deal didn’t happen. In 2002, Mark Edwards and Louise Voss co-wrote a novel which also didn’t get published. In 2006, Mark took a break until 2011 when he and Louise published Killing Cupid, which was followed up with Catch Your Death. Self-publishing success led to a contract with an agent, giving Mark confidence to try a solo novel, The Magpies. He is now a full-time writer.

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